Leana forgivenessWhat is your story? What is the one you tell the world, and the one you tell yourself? Do you even realize that the story you tell has a very big impact on the life you lead?

            If the story you tell is of hardship and pain, that is what you live, and if it is of joy and happiness, that is what you live. You may ask the question, if I have been hurt, damaged, and experienced pain for most of my life, how do I live a life filled with happiness and joy? It’s hard work, but honesty and forgiveness are a good start. Changing your life is never an easy task, because it entails letting go, learning new habits, and being honest with yourself and forgiving yourself. I think I have mentioned before, that forgiveness is a rather selfish act, because you do it for yourself not the other person or event.


 Leana forgiveness 2           Have you ever thought what un-forgiveness does to you and your space; have you ever truly looked at it? You become resentful of the person or the event, so whenever you speak what is told, it is a very ugly and unflattering tale, not true? When this is your communication, then it usually spills over to other persons in your space, and now they become so much easier to judge, and sooner or later, you have no good thing to say to any one including your loved ones. The result is so noticable, that the people around you start to leave, or decrease their presence as much as possible. You on the other hand, experience the hurt, pain, and neglect, more intensely, and created more un forgiveness ……notice how you create your own space?

            I must be honest and tell you that it is very important you heal yourself and forgive yourself for all the events in your life. We all have a tendency to blame ourselves for the actions of others, and the events we had no control over. You cannot blame yourself for the things that happened to you when you were young or small. You need to forgive yourself for the things that were out of your control. You have to allow others to carry their own responsibility for their own actions, and let go of doing it for them and feeling guilty for them. Allow other people and events their own KARMA. Please let go of what is not yours to carry, even if you were told it is your fault and have been blaming yourself since forever.

 Leana Forgiveness 3           I urge you, as challenging as it may be, to please go and have a look at the truth of what ever happened to you. Once you do, you can truthfully decide what is yours to carry and what belongs to someone else. Please spend some time with yourself and forgive yourself…for everything, for being so hard on yourself, for not allowing other people to love you, for not allowing yourself to love, for thinking you are not enough and believing the lie. Know this YOU are enough, you are worth it and you deserve only the best. The past reminds us only of where we had been it does not have to dictate our future. 

Forgiveness is for you to change your story and for you to have a beautiful life. Forgiveness is the most powerful gift you can give yourself, value yourself enough please.

Love and blessings




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