Cindy Paulos Detachment Spiritualists Interntional MagazineOn the material plane, we create bonds and attachments to things that we need in our life. Attachments are all right if they are not our complete support system. When we hold on tightly to our attachments, we invest our heart and soul and our identity in them. We can be attached to many things like our loved ones, our pets, our car, our lifestyle, our homeand our career. The ego can get very possessive of things that support our sense of importance.

            If you take an intensive retreat, you can get an idea of what your life would be away from attachments. Attachments make us feel secure, yet they are always in danger of being taken from us at any time. In every life there comes a time when we experience a loss of a loved one. We can lose our nice things if our financial situation changes. We will all come face to face with the ultimate experience of having to let go of our attachments when we face death.

            Learning how to release our hold on things and people does not mean we cease to love them. It can mean we love them more because we come from a place of true Love, not need. Buddhism teaches us how to become detached, yet involved. With a focus on our inner awareness, the reality of our experience is brought up against the emptiness that is behind it. We learn from our illusions and dreams, but we are also prisoners of them. To become free, we must learn to see our life in a new Light and accept ourselves from a different perspective. The Objective Observer can be used to see the essence of our existence and why we choose our life experiences.

You can gain much by practicing these steps:

  1. Go into a state of meditation;
  2. Do deep clearing breaths;
  3. Call on the Objective Observer;
  4. Put your attachments in the Light;
  5. See where the need for them comes from;
  6. Feel how you would be without them;
  7. Bless them;
  8. Release them to the Light;
  9. Fill the space they occupied with Love and Light;
  10. Say “Thank you God.”

See how you feel toward them in your everyday experience after you have practiced letting them go. You should sense a freedom and a different perspective about them. Our society creates a fertile ground for having attachments in our lives. The ego identifies with what we think we need to feel good and to feel secure. The deepest security and feeling of goodness comes from our soul and God. That connection is life sustaining and will be with us always. Everything else will pass away. Invest in the eternal truth and practice releasing attachments so that you can be free to be.

Cindy Paulos Life to GodGive Your Life to God

I say give your life to God

For from God you come and

You shall return.

With every breath of life God is present

And it is for you to become present

To the consciousness of God.

When you give your life to God

The consciousness of God brings the gift of life

To your every moment of awareness

With the power of Light to hold as your own Source

And the grace of Love to know as your own heart

And when you give your self to God

Then all of the little distractions of

Life that take your time and energy

Are put into a different perspective.

The Light of now is the transforming moment

Of God’s breath of life

Breathe in this moment of life now

And feel the Divine Presence of the blessings

That will bring you to where the masters meet

This place is where the will of God is served

And in this service you may understand

The way to give your self to God.

In your heart there is a compass

That will guide you to Love,

In your mind is the power to

Choose your position and direction

To follow your heart and walk the path to the place

Where the circle of life is centered within your soul

Where you will find the truth of this circle

And in this circle that has no beginning or end

You will find me.

I am in all of the moments of life

In all the moments I am that I am

So give your life to God and know

That you are giving your self to life eternal

And to the Love that created you,

It is the reason you came here for

And your purpose for being

So give your life to God and be free to be with Me.

-Cindy Paulos


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