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Love and Romance, the singles version


Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope the information within will help expand your current view on romance in today’s day and age. As always please use your own discernment to see if the information rings true for you. With that said, let us begin.

date 1Valentines Day is upon us, and many of us are making our dinner reservations, making our plans for our moonlit romantic escapes, buying our significant others presents, and trying to figure out what it is that they want, all with the hopes of reaffirming our interest in the other person with our inventive little gestures. Yet, so many of us will be single and alone this valentine’s day, or are we?

We are never truly alone, and this many a spiritualist already understands, but how much do we live by this when the tests arise is another question? When you find yourself without a spouse/partner in your romantic life, it can sometimes be difficult. After all, it’s our spiritual instinct to connect with others. But sometimes it’s not in the stars, so to speak. It’s at these times I find it extremely beneficial to re-evaluate, and recall, that the most important relationship we will ever have, is the one we tend to neglect the most.  It’s the subtlest, yet the most profound, and as you may have guessed, it’s THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSEF.

love yourself 3

I have found being single and looking around, that all you see are couple’s having a goodtime in love. Conversely, when in a relationship, all you see are single people achieving their goals and dreams, (the old the grass is greener on the other side) we have all been there. So when you find yourself alone and see other couples celebrating their connection/romance, be happy for them. All to quickly we become sad and sometimes even jealous, wishing for a partner of our own. But we must understand profoundly, that another person will not completely fill the void that we experience. Furthermore, another person will not be your salvation from your worries or troubles.

In a healthy relationship, they can, and will, provide support, healthy feedback, and new insight. In a negative relationship, they can, and will, bring out your karma and perpetuate it down deeper in the vibrations. But in either case, the other partner is never the end all be all. When I see other couples together I sometimes think, I would like that, and then quickly I say to myself, but what would that cost me right now in terms of my spiritual expansion or growth, and I swiftly shrug it off, thanking the cosmos that I am blessed with this opportunity to be single and have all this extra free time to devote to my growth. This reminds me that there is time and place for everything. love yourself2There is a time to rejoice in being single, while focusing on a spiritual path through solitude. And there is a time to celebrate life with a partner, focusing in a spiritual journey through unity.

As mentioned earlier, it’s our relationship with ourselves that is most subtle and profound. Subtle in the sense that its not always as exciting and hormone driven romantic night with your partner. It’s actually a lot more like a gentle breeze that gradually builds in strength. It’s profound in the sense that the achievements and obstacles you overcome in your spiritual life have a lot more depth and more transformative & longer lasting effects than hot nights with your partner.

That which has started as a gentle breeze has built up and up and crescendos into a transforming sea of change within you. If you find yourself alone this Valentines day, or any day, do not fret, take a moment be grateful for what you have, cherish the relationships that are in your life (friends, family) and do something you have always wanted to do, take up a dance class, learn a new language, enroll in in school, perhaps take a up a hobby. Even utilize more of your free time to meditate, and you won’t be disappointed. For to have constant communication with you’re higher self is like having your imaginary friend with you all the time. love yourselfBe certain that you are truly never alone, follow the path of your highest joy, and never neglect you’re most valuable relationship. With or without a spouse beside you in bed, when you go to sleep at night, you always go to sleep with yourself. As the old saying goes, no matter where you go, there you are.  For when you follow the path of your soul, you never feel isolated.

Now this is not to say that there cannot be great spirituality and growth through a partner or relationship, but that is a different perspective and viewpoint and a whole different story for another day and another time. Take care and remember, love is in the air.

-Igor Rybchinskiy,

 All is connected, all is in communion, & So it Is

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This is so beautiful and important for people to understand, myself included. There is a time and place to enjoy from life from both places, as a single and as a partner. Very nice words here. I think its great that we can get this out in the...

This is so beautiful and important for people to understand, myself included. There is a time and place to enjoy from life from both places, as a single and as a partner. Very nice words here. I think its great that we can get this out in the open and share what the true meaning of life is. I like being in a relationship too, but taking time to realize the beauty of being single sometimes is súper important too.

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