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Its science and technology month at Spiritualists International Magazine and we couldn’t be more excited! We gallantly dedicate the month of March to the forces of Science and Technology to examine how they have influenced our thought patterns, and shaped our societies. The presence of these two factors are an undeniable influence on modern societies, and some would say they have developed into such powerful forces, that we would not understand our existence without them. Our authors will examine the effects of science and technology at a very deep level this month to open new perspectives and insights for you. We are very excited to plunge into these two subjects and openly discuss them with our readers through the comments section.

To kick off the conversation right now, we ask you to answer the following in the comments section below.

In your opinion: 


1.     Why have we become so fashioned into technological and scientific living patterns, and how have we evolved as a race through their presence?

2.     What inspires us as a race to explore and discover through science and technology?

3.     Where are we going on this journey as we advance at such rapid speeds?

On behalf of all of our authors at SIM, we look forward to discussing and exploring science and technology with you this month!