We’ve geared up for an exciting month here as Spiritualists International.  In this coming issue, we will be focused on health. Indeed, health is a massive word, full of various aspects from the mental, physical, and of course, spiritual. In the weeks to come, we will be hearing remarkable information from our authors, regarding the balance and importance of health on all levels. The need for healing remains one of the strongest in the human mind, and throughout time, humankind has searched for the antidotes that created healthier states of being through the gateway of health. Weather we are looking to better our physical health through natural diets and exercise, or seeking to elevate our spiritual health through meditation and spiritual practice, we must realize that the interconnection of our physical and spiritual aspects are simply two sides of one coin.

Today, there can sometimes be an obsession in either diet or exercise, while neglecting the inner spiritual work. And by contrast, we can be so engulfed in our spiritual work, that we pay little attention to exercise and diet.

As we explore the great gift that is health this month, we invite you to learn, as well as share with each of our authors. The subject is immense, and we value each of your own thoughts regarding it.