Evolving to Your Higher Self

Dr. Leana Kriel PhD. specializes in guiding humanity to accept the challenges in life, and use them to authentically evolve into higher states of consciousness. Through her own experiences, as well as her psychology and spiritual degrees, she shows us just how to evolve and exist as our own higher self.

Balance Within

Leana 1 healthI was reading on of Dr. Wayne Dyre’s books and was reminded how we in ourselves co exists for lack of a better explanation. So when we refer to health, the manifestation of disease should be linked to all that is happening around us. Here are some thought on disease and perhaps you will agree with me perhaps not.

If you find yourself unwell with an aliment of sorts, it is often a good idea to search your life, space, environment and the general feeling about yourself. Where you are in your life at that particular point and time, has an impact on your body. If you find yourself in a space that is not ensuring that you live your best life, and does not make you smile or leaves you feeling discontent or in despair, your body responds to those emotions and thoughts many times leaving you feeling ill. When we experience trauma, or extreme differences between our loved ones, these have a tendency to manifest making the body ill to enlighten you that all is not well and balanced within your space. Illness is the body’s way of screaming at us to make a change so that we can bring into alignment the mind, body and spirt/soul.


I remember when I was pregnant and had to go for my faithful visit at the hospital. I had to run to the loo. (a frequent occurrence at that time J). While there, I overheard a very load woman having a discussion over the phone. The complaint was that her husband was in hospital with kidney and liver failure. In the conversation she also confirmed that he will have to start drinking less, and also how GOD could let this happen to him etc. So by this time, I was almost sitting next to the loo in complete awe at what I heard. You know if you do not take care of your body it will tell you to stop, and it will use whatever measures are necessary until you listen. I have also learned that especially with substance abuse, we first need to heal before the symptoms of dependency will subside. OH and by the way GOD has nothing to do with it! Please take some responsibility in your own life for the events that occur.

Leana 2 healthIn order for us to live our highest best we need be remain in balance as much as possible. You know my mom always taught me that forgiveness is the most selfish action, because you forgive to release yourself form events and people, in order to attain healing and balance. Forgiveness is not done so that the other person may know how wonderful you are, it is done so that you may heal and move on. Forgiveness, or rather the lack thereof, can make a person very ill, unforgiveness lingers in your energy field and it makes it very difficult for the good things in life to enter your space when unforgiveness is blocking the doorway. Anyway, in my opinion why on earth would you want to hold on to hurtful things, they bring nothing but despair and they are so exhausting!

Leana 5 healthSo ponder the following, we have the power to change our current reality because we live in a different space than the EGO. We have two bodies, our energy body, and our physical body, which means that we need to always heal in the energy body and the healing will automatically filter to the physical body. This is what happens when you read all those miracles stories of healing that has occurred. I sometimes think that when we are confronted with possible death, we have an inherent desire to release that which no longer serves us. So when we release these happenings, we all of a sudden discover life and what it feels like to live and love. The body automatically responds to the new vibration and viola complete and full healing.

Leana 67You know we are created so astoundingly wonderful, ever notice that when you cut your hand, the body forms a scab and heals itself, all without any intervention? We know what to do, and we know how to heal, we just do not trust ourselves enough to let things go.

My challenge to you this week is search yourself and your space. See what serves you and what does not, emotional and mentally, then let it go and open the doorway to new beginnings! You deserve it.


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