L•B•T Daily Spiritual Practices

Our daily spiritual practices deliver simple methods to begin literally, living out your divinity. Our daily spiritual practices serve as an ongoing method of nurturing higher connections, acceptance, and ultimately reaching a perfect universal balance within yourself and your environment. 

We recommend these exercises to all who are sincerely dedicated to their spiritual growth. 

For an extended, and more in depth practice of daily spiritual exercises, please visit our Daily Hermetic Exercises section.

Be the Change

   What does it mean to you, to be the change? This may be something different for each of us, but no matter    what your particular vision of a better world may look like, you are here invited to simply, be this change. Not to shout and protest for it, not to argue or defend it, not to fight and go to battle for it, not to preach and judge others for it, simply be it. 


   One of the many brilliant spiritual quotes given to us by Mahatma Gandhi, were his words “be the change you want to see in the world.” They continue to remind us that the most effective changes in the world begin at the individual level. Bear in  mind that this daily spiritual practice is in fact so effective, that an entire nation was once transformed through the dedication of “being the change”. May we never under estimate the power we have as individuals to take actions toward change. For when we dedicate to this, every decision we make, each action we take, should be one that reflects this change that we want to see.


Within your meditations this week, begin to precisely envision what your better world would be like. Note: Keep it small at first; most of the time, it’s the little things make the biggest impact in this world. Again, this may vary from one person to the next, so make it your personal vision. Having then authentically defined the changes needed to create a better world, begin to live them out, every minute, every day, every month, every year. If this change you are living seems to bother or confuse others, do not be ashamed of the positive actions you are living out for their own good, and certainly don’t defend or debate your positive actions. To be the change is not always the easy road, but the master of this spiritual practice knows that the greater good, and the higher cause, far exceed the opinions and social trends that may counter the positive changes we choose to live out each day. May you be the change you want to see in the world fearlessly, knowing that you are not alone in your path to make a magnificent world.


Affirmation: “ I am a living example of the beauty that exists in all things. I am empowered to be the change I wish to see in the world.”

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