L•B•T Daily Spiritual Practices

Our daily spiritual practices deliver simple methods to begin literally, living out your divinity. Our daily spiritual practices serve as an ongoing method of nurturing higher connections, acceptance, and ultimately reaching a perfect universal balance within yourself and your environment. 

We recommend these exercises to all who are sincerely dedicated to their spiritual growth. 

For an extended, and more in depth practice of daily spiritual exercises, please visit our Daily Hermetic Exercises section.

See yourself in others

Lets be honest, even the best of us can be judgmental towards others, and more often than not, we have already categorized, or made a silent statement about someone quicker than we even realize. The human being is actually a master of quick unconscious categorizations. This is how our brain rationalizes information being received through the senses. However convenient this may be to our survival from day to day, the purpose of this daily spiritual practice is to pause, with awareness, before compartmentalizing someone, and then actually see us in that person. I realize that not all readers here have had the same spiritual experiences, and that this may seem imaginary or even bogus to some, but follow theses basic steps in your daily life and you might just experience the beauty of this universal reality of our oneness.

Today, first begin to focus on appreciating those around you, weather they are strangers, family, of friends. Weather it’s the person that cuts you off in a line, or even if it’s the person who disagrees with you on a personal or business matter. Appreciate distinct age groups, cultures and nationalaties. Appreciate other languages and customs, fashions, options, dialects, and every other aspect that your mind would normally use as a tool to quickly separate yourself from another person. As cliché as it may sound, when I look at another person while practicing this, I use a quick affirmation that internally states, “I love you, your perfect” before my mind can separate itself from my brothers and sisters. This literally eliminates any judgments when stated firmly and sincerely.

Secondly, do not be shy to look into the eyes of these people. And in these ever so brief seconds, actually feel them as your own reflection,

just as if you were looking into a mirror. Focus on your beautiful reflection, no matter what shape or size it appears to be physically, and invoke the deepest and sincerest love you’re capable of. Herein lies the challenge, as we are so good at creating a quick distance through our thoughts and emotions.  I encourage you to go beyond the programing of separation and division, and look into the eyes of each amazing reflection, feeling such      immense love for your fellow human beings that you reach the brink of tears. See and feel the inner beauty of each person around you and begin to understand the miracle of each creation. As you do this, realize that at a much deeper level, you are spreading this immense love into, and throughout yourself.

To further this exercise, I welcome you to go to a public place, sit somewhere comfortably, and breath into an open eye meditation. Begin using your new practice as you look around causally at people who pass by. First appreciate their presence, then begin to literally feel their inner beauty that is truly your own. You will know when you have invoked the authenticity of this love when you begin to shed a tear of joy. Focus with intense love as you see yourself in them, realizing that we cycle through each life as part of one collective human body. Use your compassion to understand that each of us comes into this world with the same confusions, fears, uncertainties, and pains, and no matter how a person appears to you; they are doing the best they can to make it through this lifetime carrying all of these facets.


As you evolve in this daily spiritual practice, understanding oneness, and sincerely loving each of your human reflections, some of the deepest shifts that can possibly occur in you will be set in motion. By seeing yourself in others and developing this new sense of oneness, you literally begin to rewire the neural network of your brain, and ultimately shift an entire paradigm through the power of your own love.


Affirmation: “ I exist in all things, and all things exist in me. Through my own true love, I awaken and evolve this one collective human body.”

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