L•B•T Daily Spiritual Practices

Our daily spiritual practices deliver simple methods to begin literally, living out your divinity. Our daily spiritual practices serve as an ongoing method of nurturing higher connections, acceptance, and ultimately reaching a perfect universal balance within yourself and your environment. 

We recommend these exercises to all who are sincerely dedicated to their spiritual growth. 

For an extended, and more in depth practice of daily spiritual exercises, please visit our Daily Hermetic Exercises section.

Find Silence

How many times do we become aware of our thought once we have already spoken it out loud?  Conversely, how often do we actually reflect on our thoughts, to understand them, before speaking them? Most would agree, that our unfiltered words are more often than not, what get us into conflicts, struggles, and even wars. In some cases, we do process thoughts internally prior to speaking, but generally in conversation, we speak out our thoughts without first knowing them internally. While this is not a bad thing, it does begin to bleed us of our ability to communicate with higher thought and understandings.

This spiritual practice is titled “find silence” to assist us in first becoming aware of our emotion which spawns a thought, and then using our inner judgment to decide weather or not it even requires to be spoken. To listen to ourselves internally as we process the thoughts that from our emotional responses, before we speak out and respond, takes but a fraction of a second when practiced with regularity. This simple daily spiritual practice is a pivotal one in maintaining awareness within your communications and thought patterns each day.

And so, if you are sincere in elevating your communications with the world, and seek to remain in a place of constant spiritual awareness as you interact with others, I invite you to do the following. When you hear others speaking, weather directly to you or not, first, find your inner silence. Then, feel the internal emotional responses as they create your opinions, thoughts, and even the words that you plan to respond with. You need not over analyze the emotions, simply be aware of the fact that they are the root of your reactions and responses to the words of others. 

As your thoughts become words, solidifying to the surface, ask yourself if your words really need to be spoken at all. In most cases the answer here is yes, as communication is a vital part of interacting within our world. However, simply by first finding silence, and then being aware of the emotion that gave rise to your response, you are ninety percent more likely to respond from your true spiritual essence than from your auto programmed human essence.

This practice requires and deserves much repetition. As you begin to regularly incorporate this act of finding silence into your day, you will notice remarkable changes in both your communications, as well as your state of being. You will begin to reside in a place of far less internal and external conflict, you will react with greater empathy to others, and you will ultimately remain in contact with your true spiritual essence as you go about living each day.


Affirmation: “In finding my inner silence, I find my spiritual presence. I remain aware of both my emotions and thoughts, by regularly pausing to acknowledge them, prior to speaking.”

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