L•B•T Daily Spiritual Practices

Our daily spiritual practices deliver simple methods to begin literally, living out your divinity. Our daily spiritual practices serve as an ongoing method of nurturing higher connections, acceptance, and ultimately reaching a perfect universal balance within yourself and your environment. 

We recommend these exercises to all who are sincerely dedicated to their spiritual growth. 

For an extended, and more in depth practice of daily spiritual exercises, please visit our Daily Hermetic Exercises section.

Sincerity in Service

Sincerity in Service

Focus on service to others.

dspImage6It's no secret that the quickest way to feel good about yourself is through helping someone else. In fact, with a genuine application, this spiritual practice never fails.

Constantly be aware of how much time and attention you give to your own needs in comparison to the needs of those around you. 

This does not mean that you must completely abandon your own needs and endeavors, but simple maintain a balance between serving your needs and the needs of others. A simple example of this exercise might be waking up a half an hour earlier than usual, just to serve a quick breakfast to those you live with. Or perhaps taking an hour or so of your free time, just to listen to a friend or loved one talk to you. 

dspImage7Realize also that throughout most established spiritual traditions, the Sun, the brilliant star that constantly gives life on planet Earth, directly corresponds to the heart of the human body.

Unselfish service, through the form of life giving energy, is indeed the work of the Sun. For it never fails to provide sufficient solar energy to every plant, creature, and organism on earth, while requiring nothing in return.

So what does this really mean to us? This means that the more we embrace our own unselfish love residing in our hearts, the brighter we become through acts of sincere service. Understand that this fountain of love is literally unlimited. This fountain never runs dry; therefore, we can never give too much love from this unlimited source. 

Furthermore, as begin to make patterns to form habits of serving others unselfishly, we inevitably walk in the footsteps of the divine. And to know this divinity first hand will inevitable result in the funeral of all sorrows. Strive daily to take actions, weather great or small to serve humanity in some way. It's true too, that even small acts of kindness often have a huge impact on others, so keep it simple. Weather it be your husband/wife, family, community, city, state, country or planet, give of yourself unselfishly each day. Walk this path with dedication and it will not fail you.

Affirmation: "I am universal love manifested into action. As I serve others, I serve my own spirit, and walk the path of divinity."


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