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Balance Within

Leana 1 healthI was reading on of Dr. Wayne Dyre’s books and was reminded how we in ourselves co exists for lack of a better explanation. So when we refer to health, the manifestation of disease should be linked to all that is happening around us. Here are some thought on disease and perhaps you will agree with me perhaps not.

If you find yourself unwell with an aliment of sorts, it is often a good idea to search your life, space, environment and the general feeling about yourself. Where you are in your life at that particular point and time, has an impact on your body. If you find yourself in a space that is not ensuring that you live your best life, and does not make you smile or leaves you feeling discontent or in despair, your body responds to those emotions and thoughts many times leaving you feeling ill. When we experience trauma, or extreme differences between our loved ones, these have a tendency to manifest making the body ill to enlighten you that all is not well and balanced within your space. Illness is the body’s way of screaming at us to make a change so that we can bring into alignment the mind, body and spirt/soul.

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Looking at Modern Health Like Never Before

Velvet banner July

Spiritualists International had the opportunity to sit down with Healing Touch practitioner Velvet Star Chong last week to talk about the realities of this thing we call health. Of course velvet is one of our gifted SIM writers who had brought us countless insights on healing and health over the last year, but what we receive in here spoken words here is far more than even we expected. Velvet holds nothing back here in discussing the realities of living in the modern world and striving to remain health conscious. As a truly holistic healing and medical practitioner, her perspectives are not only highly educated, but also extremely balanced in all branches of health.

Perfectly blending the practices of physical and spiritual health, along with sharing the absolute best methods to choose and consume healthy foods, Velvet gives us much to consider here. She also shares in greater detail the intricacies of the Healing Touch method, and passes some key information about the history of this now accredited modality of medicine.

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OBE Basics -Part II, Off You Go!!



If you have not read my column from last month, please do so before you attempt any methods written here. Please keep in mind what I wrote about in last month’s column was not an OBE method, simply a standard meditation technique that is necessary to bring your physical body to the point of falling asleep.  In this column, I am covering the next step: techniques that will keep your mind awake as your body falls asleep.  In this way, you are out of body, you are free.

There are many, many out of body methods to choose from, and I will cover a large number of them as this column continues. In this installment, I will cover two of my favorites.  Each month following I will cover another one or two.

Most, if not all of the many techniques I know of and have utilized, while seemingly different, are all doing the same basic thing: they teach you to let your body fall asleep while your physical consciousness stays awake.

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The Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise

EE1 julyWith the increased emphasis on health and fitness there has been an increased emphasis on the beauty of the body. Our inherent competitive, ego-driven natures come into play and unspoken standards of beauty make us measure ourselves against one another. For men the emphasis is on physical strength and muscle definition. For women the emphasis is lean and slim figures with proper tone - that is to say - no flap beneath the arms and certainly no cellulite!

It’s no wonder that many spiritual aspirants, apart from trying to eat healthy, may reject the notion of exercise, as they desire to identify more with the spirit and less with the body.

So the question is - are there truly any spiritual and psychological benefits to be gained from exercising? The answer is yes!

Here are some major benefits that the spiritual seeker should consider as they ponder the question: To exercise or not?

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Health and the Soul Body Fusion


While taking an in-depth look at health this month, we could not ignore the work of one of our valued SIM authors. Jonette Crowley has developed a highly innovative method of balancing both spiritual and physical health with her Soul Body Fusion method. The book and program developed have both been translated into ten languages, and have spread around the world to help many thousands achieve a higher level of healthy existence. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jonette this month and hear from her own mouth what this process is all about, and just how we can reach an elevated plane of spiritual and physical health when properly aligned with our higher self.

We’ve included here the complete overview of the Soul Body Fusion method for your convenience.

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If Only We Could Live Forever!

James HymanJuly

Life is a mystery.  Our existence as physical beings is beyond comprehension.  Mind and consciousness are perpetually attempting to unravel the great mystery, or at least come to terms with it through the belief in science and the application of technology on the one hand, and a blind, almost superstitious, childlike belief in mysticism and fantasy on the other hand.  The belief in science is as faulty and blind in its attempt to describe the nature of reality today as once was the Catholic Church and its philosophy in the time of the dark ages.  And, reliance upon a false mysticism is like a terrified child in the night telling itself that Superman will be here soon.

This mystery, this unfathomable, haunting uncertainty, this almost unnoticeable sense of emptiness, sometimes bordering on a subtle sense of doom, is embodied in the idea of our impending fate, i.e. our Death.  Everyone that has ever lived has died.  Everyone living today, every baby that is born in this world today will grow up and will eventually meet the same fate.  And for the most part, there are only two ways to die.  One, you have to get very, very sick, or very, very old.  The second way is that one-day, you just find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and some kind of accident or tragic event occurs that ends your life.  Even in the reading and speaking of these things, one tends to experience a slight tremble in the innermost recesses of their being.

Okay, we get it, and on some level we accept it, even if we don't understand it or what any of it really means.  We will die someday!

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We’ve geared up for an exciting month here as Spiritualists International.  In this coming issue, we will be focused on health. Indeed, health is a massive word, full of various aspects from the mental, physical, and of course, spiritual. In the weeks to come, we will be hearing remarkable information from our authors, regarding the balance and importance of health on all levels. The need for healing remains one of the strongest in the human mind, and throughout time, humankind has searched for the antidotes that created healthier states of being through the gateway of health. Weather we are looking to better our physical health through natural diets and exercise, or seeking to elevate our spiritual health through meditation and spiritual practice, we must realize that the interconnection of our physical and spiritual aspects are simply two sides of one coin.

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Youth Culture in South Aferica, With Dr. Leana Pretorius

JuneSIMbanner SIM: Dr Leana, to begin, lets break the Ice a bit. In your youth, what were some activities that

you and your friends were involved in, that helped to build your identities as young


Leana: I think depending on the way you were brought up, you are automatically drawn to certain energies. As you grow, you may outgrow some energies and find attraction to others. That being said, when it comes to me I had quite the variety of energies around me, I had “good” friends and then what will be considered “bad”. I can honestly say I am very grateful for each person that has shared my life till date because I was taught balance. I had the best of both worlds in my opinion and knew I always had a choice. Our space was different when I was a youngster, electronics did not form part of my world so we spent a lot of time finding things to do, from movies, dinner, coffee’s, parties without drugs to telling scary stories in strange places (cemetery, dam, parks) in the middle of the night. Trust me walking to the car after these stories was quite the event. Each of the interactions builds who we are.

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Gnostic Horoscope -June

Pinkham astrologyDuring the month of June the Sun will first transit through the Zodiacal sign of Gemini, and then Cancer. While it's in Gemini the focus will be on the objective intellect, short journeys, siblings and communication of ideas, and when it moves to Cancer the focus will switch to the subjective mind, the home, family and the communication of feelings.


One of my favorite lunation’s, the Sagittarius Full Moon, will occur on the June 2nd. This lunation has been called the Christ Full Moon because of its potential for spiritual revelations and philosophical insights. This is an excellent time to engage in any kind of spiritual work, and it is especially good for receiving guidance from the inner and/or outer guru.    

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Youth Culture in the UK -With Mat Wood

JuneSIMbanner Spiritualists International Magazine had a chance to speak with one of our favorite authors last week about youth culture in the UK. Mat Wood, from Derbyshire United Kingdom, gives us the truth of matters regarding modern lifestyles of western European youth, their global influences and impacts, as well as share his brilliant spiritual insights with us in this special interview. As a highly spiritually advanced young adult, Mat’s influence within his social circles is constantly expressed. His work both personally and professionally are sure to impress, and we invite you to enjoy his charm and wisdom right here.

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How Technology is Shaping Youth Culture

elizabeth 1In reviewing the definite impact technology is having on our youth, our minds can easily become fixated on the negatives because of how prevalent they are. Sexting, virtual sex, streaming pornography and the easy ability to meet strangers online are all new realities made possible by the technology era.

Yet technology brings positives as well. Remote and online education programs are typically more flexible and more feasible. The large availability of data from various resources leads to more comprehensive research and more conclusive findings.

The exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking leads to greater tolerance and there are countless income generating opportunities for young writers, programmers and online entrepreneurs.

Let us look at the different facets of a teenager’s life and consider technology’s influence and try to identify the picture that is developing.

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OBE Basics, Let's Get Started

JackBannerJuneFirst off I wanted to point out, at least in general terms, how my column is going to be laid out.

This entire column is going to tell you how to prepare yourself mentally and physically to have an obe. From the next month’s column on, about half the column will be about out of body methods, things that deal with obe such as fear, the vibrational state and what to expect on the other side, etc. The other half will be my personal out of body experiences, etc.

With that said, I will occasionally write about or include writings that may deal with Near Death Experiences (NDE’S), Past Lives and possibly Aura’s. Another point I want to speak of is that as each column is written, it is a good idea that you copy it and keep it for your reference. In each column will be a wealth of information dealing with obe. As you try your out of body attempts, you may find you will have questions. Many of these questions may be covered in depth in previous columns. So please keep that in mind.

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Youth Culture. (A One-On- One With Velvet Star Chong)


JuneSIMbanner Spiritualists International Magazine sat down with Velvet Star Chong Last week to talk about this thing called Youth Culture. How are young adults shaping the world today? What is it like to experience the world today as an adolescent? It’s a complicated subject, and Velvet helps make sense of it all with her insights, both as an evolved spiritual healer, and a recently new mother. Don’t miss this fantastic interview from Spiritualists International Magazine from our June 2015 Youth Culture issue. 

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All About Out-of-Body Experiences

astral women. copyI share the below based on the multitude of my own personal experiences with out-of-body experiences (OBEs) since my spiritual awakening in 2009. 


What is Out-of-Body?

There are many terms to describe OBEs.  This includes soul travel, astral travel, astral projection, spirit walking or lucid dreaming.  OBEs happen when a level of human consciousness is able to leave the physical body and travel to another non-physical dimensional reality or plane of existence.  Telepathically, I have heard that this level of human consciousness referred to as “Spirit.”.   It has also been referred to as the soul, the subtle body or the etheric body. For purposes of this article, it will be referred to as “consciousness”.

OBEs can occur spontaneously or be induced with intention.  The application of the phrase “Mind awake, body asleep” is commonly used in preparing for OBEs. OBEs usually happen in an altered state of consciousness, where deep relaxation is reached, and the physical body is inactive, such as in sleep or during meditation.  Because the consciousness is not encumbered by the physical body, it is able to travel more freely and readily in this relaxed state, where inhibitions and fears are lifted.

The sleep state is the most common way that I experience OBEs.  Specifically, the optimal time for me to initiate an OBE is immediately upon waking up from sleep in the early a.m. between 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. before rising for the day. During this time while still in bed, I am very relaxed and in a hypnogogic state, making it very conducive to facilitate an OBE.

OBEs can also occur if one is drugged, medicated or even when one is more active during the day. To date, I have not experienced these type of OBEs. 

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Youth Culture: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

James Hyman JuneBanner

james 1As I write this short article, I have the great privilege to be on the other side of the wall to my daughter's room.  What makes it significant is that there are seven teenagers, ages 15 to 18, in her room right now enjoying the living presence of Youth Culture: music, conversation, and the things a teenager might do to enhance music and conversation… especially since school is out in a week and a half.  For the moment this will address the youth culture of today.

            As for the youth culture of yesteryear, (anywhere from 500 BC to my own youth in the 60s), I will tell a story.  One day in humanities class during my freshman year of college, the professor was reading an essay written by a mature adult writer “of the time” written about the current youth culture “of the time”.  You must remember that this was in the mid 60s, and the youth culture of that era was smoking pot, protesting the Vietnam War, dressing like flower-children, and rebelling against anything of the established, prescribed order.  Music and free expression were far more important than grades and deciding upon your life’s profession or career.


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Youth Culture


Several months ago, when Joseph and I sat down together to discuss the idea of creating a topical theme for Spiritualists International Magazine, many of the ideas that came up we recognized the potential of immediately.  Last month, for example, we had great responses from our authors in discussing the concepts related to living to make a difference, and we know this was a topic that touched many of you in our audience.  We were moved and touched by the many responses and comments, and we were especially inspired to learn how some of our readers take action to improve the world in their own lives.  The concept of working towards a better world is, of course, an important consideration on any spiritual quest, and we knew that this theme would resonate deeply. 

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Living to make a Difference -A Conscious Shift

mat 1In realizing the greater nature of our reality, and wanting to pertain more towards it, we naturally gravitate toward ways that we can experience this kind of reality with a greater sense of ease, and stronger sense of accomplishment. 
In the same way we move towards and away from certain kinds of music, people and situations, because they effect us in certain ways, so to do the other influences in our lives. Being in a position of being more able to consciously control these, puts us in a greater state of effectively predicting our own future through having greater control over the experiences we receive.

      If we choose the experiences of our lives, such as deciding to go to the shop, we see how it is possible to cultivate an ability to make a conscious choice in deciding the way we respond to experiences we didn’t choose to receive; experiences such as confrontation that are not particularly favored. In this way, we develop a catalyst that refines the nature of the experiences we receive, in a similar manner that deciding to shop at certain places determines the nature of the products we receive.

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Global Impact from Spiritual Institution


As we come to a close in this months issue of living to make a difference, we observe a certain institution that has directly made a difference in the lives of many thousands, and indirectly spread light to millions. The University of Metaphysics, located in Sedona Arizona, has spread into one hundred and twenty countries worldwide through its student’s and graduates, all of whom maintain the highest level of spiritual practices within their communities. In fact, this very magazine can trace its roots back to the foundations of the University of Metaphysics.

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Living to Make a Difference, -An Untold Story

joe001This is my second column for this month, and you may wonder why.  After writing my column earlier this month, which looked at the message of Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama, and Mahatma Gandhi, my words still felt incomplete.  There was still one story I needed to share.  It is a story that will only be told if I share it now.  It’s a true story of one person who, through unbelievable acts of kindness and selflessness, has made a difference in this world; few people know who she is.  It’s a story of someone who lives each day filled with the Holy Spirit, and trusts so deeply in the power of God that she is nearly fearless.  The reason this story, like so many others that are similar, will never be told is that this person seeks neither recognition nor applause for the spiritual work of doing good.

            This “untold” person I refer to is my own mother.  I do not share this piece because she is my mother, indeed, it is easy to imagine how that could seem somewhat sycophantic or biased.  If anything, my awareness of how it might be perceived may have kept me from including this in my previous column.  I share this simply because I have not known, personally, anyone else who has served her fellow humans at the level my mother does.

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How Can We?

Leana1How can we “be the change”?

We so often want everything and everyone in our little world to change. If only the personnel in the office would be nicer to me…If only my husband would treat me better or do things for me …If only I had more friends… If only my children would listen to me…Does any of these statements sound familiar?Leana2

      I think we all struggle with attempting to align our lives with what we perceive to be our right way. The concern with this particular alignment would be to what you are aligning your world? The Ego, or the Source? In the questions I have asked, all have a very simple answer…Be the change you want to see. Doesn’t this sound easy! The truth of the matter is, change does take some effort, but like all things, it is doable. If the persons in the office are making your life difficult, identify what the action or the attitude is that is concerning to you. Once you have done so - be the change, once you become the change, your space willLeana 3

automatically change.  An example: Your colleagues are not greeting you or ignoring you or perhaps they take credit for you work. In that case; greet first, friendly, audible and with a big smile, you will notice it is very difficult for someone to ignore you when you greet them properly, even more so when there are other people around. The ego is a hungry beast. If someone is taking credit for you work, find an alternative way of submitting the work so that there is no dispute where it came from. Do this kindly and you will have no further issues. There are always alternatives for each and every situation that is positive, and will have a positive result for all parties involved. Remember we wish harm to no other being.

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