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Out of Body -An Old Friend

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Sometimes I wonder how my life would have gone, how it would have ended up if I had never found out of body experiences. (OBE)

            I discovered OBE almost twenty years ago. Looking back on those twenty years, I now see OBE as an old friend. She has changed my life in so many ways. I wonder how my life would have gone without her: would it have been an average life, the same as everyone else’s? Would I have had a wife, four sons’, nine grandchildren, worked hard, retired, and passed away before seeing what life is really all about?

            When I turned forty-four years old I first heard about the OBE and got interested; then I tried it and presto: life had forever changed in only a second, a moment in time.  I would never be the same again, not ever.  My heart spills out with thanks and appreciation, because in finding OBE that day, my life was transformed.  My life became exciting, revealing the answers to my questions.  Through OBE I would see the world and outer space, observe my past lives, and learn the truth of who I am and where I am going. I have visited my deceased father, as well as other family and friends. I have been to countless realms; seen God(who I call Father); all the fears of my death have now left me. You see, OBE is more than just an interesting topic: it is a life giving, life changing force.

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How our authors at SIM really make a difference


SIM authors: Living to make a difference

SIM May banner1Select authors from SIM wanted to share what they do on a daily basis to make a difference in their own lives. Throughout the month, this particular column will be added to as authors tell their own special way of changing the world for the better. It is a vital part of the process here; that each reader shares a comment to also describe what they do to make a difference in their world. As you may have guessed, this is a wonderful way to make a small ripple of positive change around the world, as each of us inspires others who come across this page.



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Understanding Your Souls Purpose through Service to Others

            Lynn 1A great new awakening is happening throughout the world, and you are right in the middle. More and more people are waking to the realization that there is only Oneness in the universe. This realization may be expressed many different ways, but it boils down to the fact that we are all a part of a fabulous Consciousness, the Source of all there is. Thus, the consciousness of you and I has taken an active role in creating the world we see today.

            The realization of Oneness is not new, it has been around even before Jesus’ time. The difference now is that the magnificence of you and of me is being not only recognized, but we are free to practice that understanding in whatever way we like.

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The Power of Compassion

Joseph banner may

It would simply be an injustice to do a monthly issue discussing living to make a difference, without mentioning a few truly magnificent men and women in our history that made amazing positive impacts. Realizing that this material may be a review to some, and new to others, I ask that no matter where you come from; use these words to inspire a positive meaning in any way, shape, or form, that you see fit.

            I, as you may too, feel a bit outdone, and even at times, discouraged, when considering the amount of good that someone like mother Theresa accomplished in her lifetime, or the message of peace spoken by the Dali Lama, in spite of an endless repressive rule over his religion and people.  And most of us cannot even imagine what it would be like to liberate an entire nation through non-violence, as did Mahatma Gandhi. As spiritualists, we go about our day with a certain level of awareness, that we may feel is somewhat advanced, but how do we really apply this? And to speak directly, how do you, apply your spiritual lifestyle and awareness, to make a difference each day? I ask that you let this question circulate in you mind as we explore some amazing stories now.

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The Heart of Service


On any spiritual path, we come to a point when we discover how important service is. There is this still, small, voice that whispers within all of us, asking us to share and give back what we can. There are millions of ways to share our gifts with others.  Some choose to give a tithe, some start non-profits, some go to third world countries to work with those in need.

            The path of service is based on an understanding of the true heart of compassion. We all are in truth one. When we really grasp that, we see when we give to others, we are giving to ourselves.

            When I was in my teens I had an experience with God that changed my life.  I reached a place and a great unconditional love that is alive within all of creation. When you experience the love and light of God, it is so powerful that all you can do is wish to serve and give back some of that love you receive. God's love and light tends to change everything.

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Livihg to Make a Difference

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What do you do to make a difference? How does your life affect others in a positive way? These are possibly some of the most meaningful questions that we can ask ourselves, once we’ve gotten past the obstacles of our own needs and desires. It is for this very reason, that Spiritualists International Magazine is dedicating the month of May to the topic of “Living to Make a Difference.” 

     Living to make a difference, means serving humanity in a valuable way with your presence here on earth. How do you spend the time in your day, and when it ends, how did your actions directly effect your world? What differences do your actions make? It matters not the size of the task: each day we should remain aware of just how we are making a difference. 

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Understanding Money


Mat banner april2Ahhh money, what an epic conundrum.

On one side of the proverbial coin we have the qualities that align with our ego, and on the other, we have qualities that align with our purer nature. 

The conventions of which the monetary system operates can cause a tendency to look at it as somewhat evil; we’ve all heard the saying ‘more money more problems’.

The question posed here would be - Is the invention of money itself a bad thing? Or is it the conditions within which it operates?

We know quite well that money serves as a blockade to the things we need, rather than a means of access to them. The resources we pay for come from the Earth, which possesses an abundance of these materials.

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Money, and its Place in Human Evolution

April bannerSIM

     Greetings all, and thank you for taking the time to read this, as always, this article is but my own opinion and perspective on the matter of money. Only take what resonares within you as your own truth. If you follow my articles, you may notice an underlying theme in them. No matter what the topic of discussion and the theme is, YOU, the individual, always has the power to change your own life. This article will be no different. Please always use your own discernment, and with that being said, let us begin.

     MONEY!!! Oh money money money. We either love it or hate it, or anything in between. We often hear money makes the world go round and round, but no matter our view on it, or our personal feelings/attitudes towards it, one thing is for certain, if we live in “CIVILIZED” society, we rely on money for our survival. But why do you think that is? After all, we can’t eat it, it doesn’t make us grow, it doesn’t provide us with shelter, and it’s just paper or metal coin with a stamp on it. So to me, money is merely a value that we as humanity subscribe to, and we only value it due to our faith in it. If diamonds started raining from the sky they would no longer be considered as valuable as they are today due to the increased supply of said diamonds. For example, when there is excess of a currency, we suffer inflation, and the supposed value of this currency goes down because our faith in it decreases.

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Jack BannerAprilThe out of body experience has been around for thousands of years. Time has shown us the ancient Egyptians did out of body. The Shamans, the Yogis, the American Indians, the African natives, the Buddhists, and many more, all shared in the out of body experience. Here in the States, out of body (OBE) has been slow growing, but gaining.

I feel privileged to have found out about the out of body experience so long ago, and I cannot relate the magnitude it has brought to my life.

Both the worry of death, and the wonder of if we go on, can be answered with the OBE. We can also discover where our loved ones and friends who have passed on are, visit to see if there alright, and if they are happy. The out of body experience can answer the questions of why are we all here, and where do we go? What about our pets, are they still alive? All this can be answered.

What about the God factor? Is any religion right? How do we know, how do we find out? These questions have plagued humanity since the beginning. When a son, daughter, husband or wife dies, or any other, in grief we want to see them again, speak with them, to still love them. The questions still continue to pile up. Have I lived before, if so, who was I, how many times have I been here? Do I have a home on the other side; is there an “other” side?

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Reiki at all Levels


katy 22Learning Reiki. You can learn Reiki. This will allow you to do it on yourself, others, including children, and pets. You can also learn how to send Reiki over long distances and to world events or geographical locations, past, present and future.  When Reiki is taught in three degrees, it generally follows the following format:

First Degree - Reiki I Certification. In a Reiki I certification, you will learn how to do Reiki on yourself, directly on others, children and pets.  You will learn the hand positions series and also receive a Reiki attunement.  We all have been prewired to have access to Reiki; however, it lays dormant in our system until we receive an attunement from a Reiki Master.  The attunement process enables you to permanently open and connect to the universal Reiki energies.  It also clears and balances many important energy channels, including chakras within the body. 

Second Degree - Reiki II Certification. In a Reiki II certification, you usually learn three powerful Reiki symbols to amplify the energy healing.  This includes the symbol for the physical level, the symbol for the emotional level and the symbol to send Reiki long distance to people, places and events. These symbols have many other practical and useful applications.  They can be used to bless your food and water, clear yourself and physical spaces, and clear and charge your crystals.  In Reiki II, you also receive another powerful Reiki attunement for energy healing on an emotional level.

Third Degree - Reiki III Master/Teacher Certification.  In a Reiki III certification, you learn how to pass attunements yourself and two more additional Reiki symbols.  You will receive another powerful Reiki attunement for energy healing on a spiritual level. Your title is denoted as Master.  When you have obtained the confidence needed and experience, you will be able to teach Reiki to others and pass attunements. Learning how to do attunements will not only be used for Reiki students during certification courses but can be passed to those who are critically ill or in hospice.

katy 33About a Reiki Session. A private Reiki session is typically 30 to 60 minutes.  The receiver lies clothed on his or her back on a massage table or in a chair.  It is best for the receiver to be in a meditative, relaxed state, with eyes closed and to embrace the process.

The practitioner places their hands in various positions over the body where the organs, glands and chakras are located from head to foot.  Practitioners may also use mental visualization, including colors, to send healing energy to the receiver.  The practitioner's hands may be held just above the body without touching it, and the Reiki energies beamed to the recipient.  

Practitioners may use their intuition to determine which areas of a body need the most energy healing.  Crystals, aromatherapy oils and sound healing, through crystal bowls or tuning forks, may also be integrated into the session.

What the Receiver May Feel During a Session. During the session, depending on the sensitivity of the receiver, sensations of warmth or cold, pressure changes, tingling, seeing images or memories, or seeing colors behind your closed eyes may be experienced.  If you experience any of this, simply observe it in a neutral way and know that it is part of the energetic healing process and safe.

Because the Reiki works on your energy field and may work on conditions that have not manifested yet in your physical body, you may feel sensations in areas of your head & body that you did not even think you had healing issues with.  This is perfectly okay.  It is also normal not to experience any sensations as well.  Many people experience deep relaxation & fall asleep during the session. 

After a Reiki Session. Immediately after a session, people feel at peace and have a sense of well-being.  Some people experience instantaneous relief in certain area.  For others, it is more subtle.  Some people may need multiple Reiki sessions over time depending on their specific situation. 

Directly after the session, you should “lay low”, relax, and avoid crowded areas and overstimulation. It is important to stay properly hydrated with water, rest and eat wholesome, preferably organic, in the days following the session. You may still be “releasing” or “detoxing” after the Reiki.  You may experience unusual dreams or memories from your past may surface for release. This is normal and part of the energy healing process.  Note them and use these to further understand yourself and your life.

Importance of Reiki.  Reiki should be an integral and regular part of everyone’s life for energetic hygiene, balance and maintenance.  Good energetic health correlates to good physical health. Reiki enhances your state of mind. Even short durations of Reiki of five to ten minutes will be beneficial. At the minimum, a monthly Reiki session is recommended to keep your energetic body tuned up, replenished and refreshed. Upon learning Reiki I, you can do Reiki daily on yourself. 

-Katy Simmone


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How Money Comes Easily!

April bannerSIM

Yes, it may seem a bit left field as a spiritual topic, and as our Editor William mentioned in the opening column of this month, money does seem to be the root of materialism, or at very least, the fuel that drives the vehicle of material necessity. However, as long as we exist within societies that subscribe to the reality of food coming from grocery stores, water coming from the faucet, entertainment coming from electronics, and shelter requiring four solid walls, a sturdy roof, and electricity, we have chosen too subscribed to a necessity for money.

money1As we take a closer look at money this month, I want to personally take you through a mini course on how to not only make money, but how to do it in a way that is spiritualty sound, and remains in sync with your true desires and passions.

So lets get right into it. How do we make money? How do we gain financial security? Without sounding sarcastic, I give you first, the simply answer, which is, work! Yes, if we take a position under another, and perform the duties required to win our wage at the end of the day, we will be making some form of currency. However, lets take a superior look at what work should do for us. Work, in many cases, is not always as gratifying as it should be, and granted, not everyone on earth is in a position to pick and choose what they do by day to provide for themselves and those in their lives. But work, or the task we do by day to earn currency, should be at least, at some level, spiritually gratifying, and in some way an extension of our own passions. This is not my philosophy alone; it is in fact an age-old understanding that maintains our mental, physical, and spiritual health, while remaining productive within our societies.



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April Gnostic Horoscope

Pinkham astrologyOur horoscopes in Spiritual International Magazine are not the common “Sun Sign” horoscopes given in daily newspapers. While these types of daily forecasts serve millions of people around the world at a basic level, we strive to bring you monthly readings drawn from the most ancient form of astrology, known as mundane astrology. 

This ancient occult science has assisted in shaping world events throughout history, and is strategically utilized to this day by most governing institutions to orchestrate social movements and planetary events. It is our mission to deliver this level of astrological insight to you, so that we may all access this information on a regular basis, and live our lives according to these universal rhythms. 

If you’re not already familiar with mundane astrology, we provide the video below as a wonderful introduction for you.

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Jesus Christ! The Man, The Mystic, The Sun

Joe banner april

In light of both the Suns observable position in the sky this time of year, as well as Christian religious traditions now celebrating Easter, I felt more than inspired to share some insights into the life of the a brilliant man and mystic who pertains to both.

Regardless of where you come from in your religious and spiritual background, you have probably heard of this man who fueled the entire New Testament in the Catholic Bible.  While we will be focusing a bit upon the message of Jesus in this New Testament in just a bit, I wanted to first take you through his earlier life and possibly reveal a few insights that aren’t as well recognized.

horus est jesusNaturally, most of us know that Jesus of Nazareth was born the son of Mary and Joseph, in Bethlehem, in a stable, on December 25th. Now, to gently touch on the matter of timing of birth, as well as many other Solar Messiah coincidences, I will say that today, as we can recognize a plethora of additional “solar messiah” mythologies, we find there are similar birth dates, and chain of events surrounding each of their lives, right down to the numerology of their social circles, the number of years alive, and the list of course goes on. However, this is not a reason to dismiss the actual presence of any one of our solar messiahs on this planet, and in no way an excuse to ignore the brilliantly profound spiritual teachings handed down to us, specifically through Jesus.

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Manifesting Abundance with Our Spiritual Gifts

Katy banner April

Intuitive Manifestation

Human beings have the ability to manifest for themselves on the planet Earth. This is part of our endowment. Manifestation is based on purity of intention and energy principles.  Your Higher Self is a crucial part of this manifestation process, as an important guide and connection and as your authentic, all knowing, complete self. Access to your Higher Self resides within, and you do have the ability to connect with it.  It speaks to you through a wonderful spiritual gift, your intuition.

About Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the real you: your total soul consciousness that transverses current, past, and future lifetimes.  The Higher Self knows your spiritual contract, which is the life plan you made for yourself before you incarnated on this earthly plane. It has the instruction manual for your life as well as for all your other lives.  The you that is living this life here on Earth is just a single projection of the consciousness of your Higher Self.   You are a multi-dimensional being who exists on many other levels of frequency/dimensions as well. 

Your Higher Self is the most complete and authentic you. It isn’t behind the veil that shrouds us when we incarnate, causing us to forget where we came from and what we agreed to do in this life; your Higher Self works with your guides, your Angels, and your own levels of consciousness to keep you on your life’s plan.

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MONEY, the Editors Column


April bannerSIM


This April at Spiritualists International Magazine, we are happy to be presenting our Money issue. You may ask, why “Money” in a spirituality based publication?  This is certainly a valid question , and, to be honest, when we began discussing this topic, there was initial a bit of resistance.  After all, money seems to be at the root of materialism, and we are often taught that money is the exact opposite of spirituality.  Compare a monk who has taken a vow of poverty to the multibillionaire who is adamant that the minimum wage should not be raised.  But, in looking at the issues that surround money, it became apparent that the very reasons for our hesitation in covering this topic were actually the reasons that make it so important, especially within this context.

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Technology Do's and Don'ts

SIM March Banner


Hello and Thank You for taking a moment to read this piece on technology. As always, the information presented within is my own perspective on this matter. I only wish that this article would inspire you to find your own truth and experience it for yourself.

Let us begin with what is technology. We hear the word, and to mind comes forth images of airplanes, machines doing complicated tasks, the Internet, and men in labs discovering new things.

Technology is defined as: the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, etc. or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, which can be operated by individuals without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things.

Going by this definition of technology, we can say that something as simple as washing a stain off the kitchen floor using gloves, soap, water, sponge, heat, and friction, (rubbing action) is technology, “collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the accomplishment of an objective.” Then there are the common known examples, cars, planes, computers, machines etc. In essence, technology helps us achieve a desired outcome. “I wish to travel from point A to point B I can walk, ride a bike, drive a car, fly a plane, and so forth.” The human vehicle itself is a technological marvel, allowing souls to incarnate and experience life in this dimension using a body that was made from this dimensional frequency. We use technology every day and in ways that we never even think of.

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Science and Spirituality



It could be said that one of the most exciting developments of our time is the union between spirit and science. These two aspects of the human experience, while being seemingly disconnected share more connections than they do differences, being more like counterparts than conflicts. Many discoveries within modern science are coming to document the songs that the spiritual wisdoms of ancient cultures have been singing for millennia, broadening the scope of general human understanding as a result of this union. 

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March Gnostic Horoscope

Pinkham astrology

Our horoscopes in Spiritual International Magazine are not the common “Sun Sign” horoscopes given in daily newspapers. While these types of daily forecasts serve millions of people around the world at a basic level, we strive to bring you monthly readings drawn from the most ancient form of astrology, known as mundane astrology. 

This ancient occult science has assisted in shaping world events throughout history, and is strategically utilized to this day by most governing institutions to orchestrate social movements and planetary events. It is our mission to deliver this level of astrological insight to you, so that we may all access this information on a regular basis, and live our lives according to these universal rhythms. 

If you’re not already familiar with mundane astrology, we provide the video below as a wonderful introduction for you.

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The Cyber Soul


     As a user of the internet, I ask you to consider: how many times have you liked, tagged, followed, posted, tweeted, downloaded, commented, written, viewed, streamed, clicked, searched, shared, joined, or favored, within the realms of cyberspace? Chances are you can’t even guess; the number could be somewhere in the tens of thousands or even more. And, while there is nothing wrong with all of this cyber activity, it must be acknowledged; cyberspace has become a nearly faultless reflection of our own conscious thought patterns, both at the individual level, and as a collective hub. Simply through the aggregation that occurs in our use of a search engine, the traces of each personality and thought are imprinted into a gestalt of cyber activity. And when we include all of the methods of adding and altering data represented by the more specific activities listed above, we can almost see how it could be possible to impeccably observe the mind of any individual engaged in cyber space.

     As we focus deeper on technology this month, I invite you to take a journey with me into the realms of cyberspace, undoubtedly a collective human psyche, and, perhaps, the very soul of the world, to examine exactly what is happening as a result of this technological explosion.

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Science, Technology, and Spirituality

SIM March Banner


cindy 1

As a student at Beverly Hills High, I wrote a paper entitled Religionvs.Science which brought up some points about how our connection with God plays out in our lives, asking what empirical evidence would science need in order to prove the religious concept of creation, and exploring the mystical and inspirational aspects of faith based religion. My teacher asked me if I was proselytizing some new religion. LOL! 

Actually, the paper was bringing up an age-old question.  For a long time, religion and science have been at odds overcreation, faith and many other important points about life.There has been quite a bit of evolution of science and technology since then; many more people have also discovered their own inner connection to God since then.

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