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Science and Tecnology Month at SIM

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Its science and technology month at Spiritualists International Magazine and we couldn’t be more excited! We gallantly dedicate the month of March to the forces of Science and Technology to examine how they have influenced our thought patterns, and shaped our societies. The presence of these two factors are an undeniable influence on modern societies, and some would say they have developed into such powerful forces, that we would not understand our existence without them. Our authors will examine the effects of science and technology at a very deep level this month to open new perspectives and insights for you. We are very excited to plunge into these two subjects and openly discuss them with our readers through the comments section.

To kick off the conversation right now, we ask you to answer the following in the comments section below.

In your opinion: 

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Are We Truly Connected?

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I ask you, are we truly connected?

L1I, for one, am so very thankful for technology.  Personally, I think we are so privileged to have such a vast amount of information available, literally at our fingertips.  As with all things in life, too much of a good thing is also not conducive.  We have those souls who use technology for the more negative and darker side of life, souls operating from a more Ego centered space, rather than from spiritual connectedness, who are causing great destruction in the process.

As positive and productive as technology can be, I do think that it is the cause of great disconnectedness.

L2However, in the same breath, it has given us the opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  With all the social media, we can connect with long lost friends and family, we have been enabled to search for family who, perhaps, we have never known. We are able to make friends with people who we would probably not even have glanced in a “real life” setting.  We have been empowered to grow more successful businesses as our audience has become global.  We now have the capacity to logon anywhere in the world, and to still be productive in terms of Employment Contracts. Medicine has excelled and information of new techniques can be shared globally; goodness, some organs can even be printed!  We are all connected all the time…aren’t we?

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Love as a Time Machine

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Welcome lovers. This is Mark.

Lovers and magicians are actually very close in context, so tonight is about love as a door to magic, and magic as a door to change and to potential.  This course is taking the energies of the 8th dimension and bringing them into a place that you can call home, helping you with these higher dimensions, creating the life that you choose.  The words we are working with are love as a time machine.  Love is access to places that you can use to change your life.  The canvas for this class is your life.  Sometimes the canvas is all of humanity.  Sometimes it’s the entire galaxy, but we’re going to narrow it down to your life.

We’ll begin by having you move into that beautiful breathless expansive portal of love that is your heart, letting your consciousness move there until it finds the waves or the ripples of expansion.  Like a surfer, ride those waves out and out and out.  Out beyond the physical world, effortlessly beyond time and space. The wave just carries your awareness out.

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A Love From Beyond the Body


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What would we do with no love in our lives? Those without love paint a sad and lonely picture in our minds. Love is not only the most important feeling in the world; it is also a cure for many ills. Shakespeare focused much of his writing on love and many famous operas have love as the theme of their stories.

Years ago people struggled to find a reason why little babies placed in orphanages died more frequently than babies placed in homes. What was going on?  They were being clothed, fed, and their basic needs were cared for, yet they continued to die. They eventually discovered that these babies had simply given up living because they were not receiving any personal, loving attention. It was called, “failure to thrive.”

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Love and Romance

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          When thinking about Valentine’s Day, my mind naturally becomes focused upon questions regarding the nature of our relationships with others.  Over the years of a life, we all find ourselves involved in relationships, some platonic, others romantic in nature.  No matter the tenor of a relationship, there are certain qualities that seem to be reflected between all of them.  For example, in all relationships, a reciprocal influence is exchanged that integrates both conscious and subconscious characteristics from each party in the interaction; whether it be a conscious evolution of the belief system or a subconscious absorption of mannerisms, without realizing it, we adopt numerous aspects of those with whom we have a relationship, and, equally, transmit characteristics and qualities which they adopt from us.

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Honor Thy Mother

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Love means so many things to different people and different relationships. I love my parents and friends in a different way than I do my husband and children. The love I felt when I first met my husband and the way we celebrated while dating, engaged, and, now, married has changed on the outside, but on the inside it has just blossomed into a beautiful union that cannot be replaced.

I love that my husband, after 14 years together and two kids, can come home from a long day at work and praise me for being an awesome mom and wife. He even said, as I was thinking the same thought, that he doesn’t need to wait for a holiday to express his love for me.  Even though we may play along with the traditional Hallmark holidays for our own fun, we don’t actually need them to express how we feel all year.  We focus more on showing love and appreciation for each other year round and more spontaneously. 

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Celebrate your love in one another

There’s an age-old Hermetic law that brilliantly displays the law of attraction, and its resilient current that constantly carries certain aspects into, and out of our lives. Weather you are aware of these Hermetic laws or not, they still perfectly govern your existence both physically and spiritually.

law of attraction 1As spiritualists, we realize that most of, if not all of what manifests into our life, is an integral part of our selves. As we honor love and romance this month in the magazine, I wanted to take this opportunity to really focus on the importance of the ones we love, and specifically, our romantic partner.

This Valentines Day I encourage you to begin by profoundly analyzing the relationship you have with you partner, and reflect on exactly why this beautiful individual once entered your life. Ask yourself, what circumstances within my own essence harvested the energy to manifest this extension of myself, to help me continue this journey from a state of greater balance, and why?

This must be clearly answered and understood before you continue into the following exercise. So be bold right now, stop, close your eyes, and find the answer to these questions.

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Learn about spiritual awakening

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I had a spiritual awakening in 2009 and my life changed in extraordinary ways.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions. I experienced lucid dreaming and regular out-of-body experiences. I learned that I had the ability to hear & receive information telepathically from beings, which exist in other dimensions including the Archangels.

As a result I made a drastic career change to becoming a psychic life adviser from being a CPA (Certified Public Adviser) in the accounting field. In 2013 I founded a spiritual center, Soul Evolution Center, in South Florida.  Its mission is to help you evolve into your best life.  

After my awakening, there was no going back to my previous existence.  Everything had shifted for me.  Before I explain my own spiritual awakening, it would be helpful to understand some general ideas & basic premises about the awakening process.

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Love and Romance, the singles version


Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope the information within will help expand your current view on romance in today’s day and age. As always please use your own discernment to see if the information rings true for you. With that said, let us begin.

date 1Valentines Day is upon us, and many of us are making our dinner reservations, making our plans for our moonlit romantic escapes, buying our significant others presents, and trying to figure out what it is that they want, all with the hopes of reaffirming our interest in the other person with our inventive little gestures. Yet, so many of us will be single and alone this valentine’s day, or are we?

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To Celebrate Valentines Day Spiritually

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We thought it would be a great idea to give our readers some spiritually based ideas on how to spend Valentines Day with their partners. The experiences of love and romance are certainly treasures for us to enjoy in this life, and celebrating these from a place of spiritual awareness keeps us appreciating the deeper meanings of these gifts. Here are some of our author’s contributions for you to look over and incorporate into your own Valentines celebrations this month.

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February Gnostic Horoscope

Our horoscopes in Spiritual International Magazine are not the common “Sun Sign” horoscopes given in daily newspapers. While these types of daily forecasts serve millions of people around the world at a basic level, we strive to bring you monthly readings drawn from the most ancient form of astrology, known as mundane astrology.

This ancient occult science has assisted in shaping world events throughout history, and is strategically utilized to this day by most governing institutions to orchestrate social movements and planetary events. It is our mission to deliver this level of astrological insight to you, so that we may all access this information on a regular basis, and live our lives according to these universal rhythms.

If you’re not already familiar with mundane astrology, we provide the video below as a wonderful introduction for you.

During most of the month of February the Sun will transit through the sign of Aquarius while the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus continues its march through the sign Aries and in square aspect to Pluto. 

Pinkham astrologyThis means that collectively we will think more globally and feel more altruistic. We will join together in groups whose activities will greatly benefit all those involved. We may also participate in movements that assist large cross sections of humanity and/or the planet as a whole. These movements will typically be grass roots and relatively new, and they will follow uniquely progressive agendas and goals. Their battle cries will tend to be in direct opposition to the existing power structures, which will seek to impede their progress at every turn. For many of us we are likely to feel as though we have stepped back in time and it is the 1960s all over again.

February will also have its share of fun. Jupiter will be in Leo, the sign of fun and creativity, while positively accepting Uranus. This will make the month an excellent time to come together with others for great fun, for renewing friendships, and for creating a better planet for all of us.  

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Do you LOVE Valentines Day?


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Do you LOVE Valentine’s Day?

The answer might be determined by whether you are in a relationship with a loving partner who you know will bring you special treats on February 14th.
The celebration of Valentine’s Day has a long history that goes back to the Roman Celebration of Lupercalia on Feb. 15th, which happens to be my birthday. The Romans celebrated Lupercalia by drawing the name of a woman who would be given to a man for a year. This was not kosher to the Catholic’s taste. LOL! So Pope Gelasius changed the lottery to have both young men and young women draw the names of saints to honor for a year.
The St. Valentine’s Day celebration then became a day honoring Valentinus. Several martyrdom stories were invented, adding some more power to February 14. A popular account of Saint Valentine of Rome states that he was imprisoned for performing the weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and for ministering to Christians(who were persecuted by the Roman Empire). According to legend during his imprisonment, he healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and before his execution he wrote her a letter, signed "Your Valentine", as a farewell.

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The February Editor's Column

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When the editorial staff here at Spiritualists International Magazine made the decision to utilize a monthly theme that would unify the articles and other offerings on this site, it was purely by coincidence that February happened to be the first month in which this new format would apply.  However, as many spiritual traditions remind us, coincidence is not the same as accident.  That February is the month during which we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, and by extension love, particularly romantic love, seems exceedingly appropriate.  After all, love is an important aspect of most all spiritual and religious traditions, and romantic love plays a pivotal role within this broader spectrum.  Consider how much ancient mystics made of the sacred energies embodied by male and female, and of the power that is unleashed when they meet.

And yet, Valentine’s Day is often not looked upon with any seriousness in our culture.  For some it is just a day when they are obliged to give gifts, if only to stay out of trouble.  Others may feel the pain of not having a loved one in their life.  Many look upon it as purely a “Hallmark holiday”, cultivated by the greeting card industry for the sole purpose of reaping profit.  Our culture tells us many things about Valentine’s Day, but it does not seem to speak to the heart of what we are told that day is about: love. 

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The Editor's Column

Editors column imageIt is an exciting time here at Spiritualist International Magazine, and we wanted to keep you, our readers, abreast of some of the developments we’ve been working on.  We also want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all of you out there who have been reading and enjoying the articles, videos and other features we’ve had the opportunity to share over the past several months.  The sites growth and success is due to your support, and we are so excited to have a growing and active audience who really seem to connect with our core message and values.

Starting with February, we will be exploring a new format. While you can expect the same caliber of articles and features, with contributions and columns by the writers you’ve come to know, from now on, each month will be focused on exploring a specific theme that is relevant to spiritual living in the modern era.  We are all aware of how complex an age we are living in, and in the world today, it is often the external elements of daily life which must be fully investigated in order to advance spiritually.  In the months to come, our regular authors will be joined by teachers from around the world in order to bring you diverse insights from their advanced perspectives.

Kicking off each month, we will be publishing an Editors’ column to give a brief overview of this months focus and some insights about why we selected it, as well as what you can look forwards to in upcoming articles and videos.

It remains our top mission to enlighten and awaken not only those within our Light Body Travelers community, but the entirety of humanity. We are all one, existing within a brilliant collective being, striving together to reach our own form of greatness and divinity.

 William L. May


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Understanding Near Death Experiences

The Near-Death Experiences (NDE) is teaching us a whole new way of looking at death, ourselves, and at least in part, what it is all about. They are telling us that we are far more beautiful and amazing than we had ever imagine. NDE1A fantastic book on the subject, THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself, shows the reader step by step how this is true using the material gained from intensive research coupled with science. For example it looks at the element of time in our everyday life is an essential element to manage our lives comfortably. Yet, our NDE friends tell us time does not exist beyond this physical existence. Albert Einstein also came up with this concept almost one hundred years ago.

Many people who come back from the experience tell us that what we experience in the physical world is not real.

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Opportunity is Everywhere!

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During the past 20 years I have spent most of my time learning who and why I am. I grew up in very religious meditation image hert glow copyhome and family however I always found that I understood very little of what was taught in the bible or in Christianity. Later in life when my journey to self discovery started I realised that only once I learned to love who I was, would I understand that all things are connected and life would make sense to me.  I have learned from great masters. During my journey I came to learn that there are so many who are also on a journey to self discovery. In learning, I was also taught that we are not all at the same consciousness at the same time. This was quite the lesson for me and the result was that I was taught patience.

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Multidimensional Clearing

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Channeled from ‘MARK’

(Note: Jonette wishes for all to leap into the ease of awakening our multidimensional self. This transmission was channeled from ‘MARK’ from the recent audio course series: The 9th Dimension Part 1 – Multiple Parallel Realities, class 7.) 

Do you notice that your dreams have been somewhat prophetic and perhaps more interesting with strange twists of time and space happening? You can trust those dreams more and more. You are moving to a place where your dreams are not just the garbage of your mental processing from that day but are actually indicating pathways for you to take or pathways that you’ve already taken. We’ve introduced you to the 9th Dimension—Multiple Parallel Realities; and we want you to be able to feel the 9th dimension interspersed with your normal life so that you can feel yourself and know yourself in many seemingly impossible dimensions and realities at the same time.

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 dark sistractions2


Hello and welcome to the first of many blogs that I wish to share with you, to aid you on your spiritual Journey.


Before we begin I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to read this.  I also wish to be clear on one point, everything in this article is my opinion and my truth. I am not trying to change anyone else’s idea of reality or their version of truth. I encourage everyone reading this to use discernment and their own heart and intuition as to whether or not the information presented within rings true for them. As an inspiring figure of mine says, if one piece of this information inspires you to seek out your own truth, then I am deeply honored.

Let us begin then.

As one awakens from the material world slumber, beginning to see a greater reality that lies beyond their five senses, their base consciousness begins to expand, as does their perspective on life. (Perspective = Reality)  Please take note of that, as it will be very important later on in the article.

As the individual is awakening, and their perspective shifts, new information is being presented to them at a rapid pace. The human perspective begins realizing that there might be life after death, there might be ET's, that maybe history wasn’t quite right the way they taught in schools, and that maybe the political system doesn’t exactly serve their best interests. The individual may be contacted by spirits, might experience ESP phenomena, and the list goes on and on, as the way in which we awaken is unique to every individual. Some may even awaken rapidly through drugs, or a near death experience, or a traumatic event.

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A Holiday Story -Celebrating our Traditions, History, and Unity


holiday copy


I have to admit, that when first asked to write this article, I had a certain amount of trepidation.  The intended goal, clearly, was an article that not only provided a historical perspective on the customs of Christmas, and the significance and traditions of Chanukah, but also to provide a vision of this time of year’s religious and spiritual significance to all mankind.  In some ways, I can understand this perspective.  The winter solstice, on Dec. 21, is a date that seems to have been significant even in ancient times.  A number of monolithic structures including Stonehenge were erected along an axis that aligns with the rising of the sun on the solstice.  There is, it seems, an ancient attunement to this date, and perhaps to the rhythms of the heavens that it represents.

My concerns about this task stem largely from the fact that, as a Jew, my relationship with Christmas is somewhat strained.  The obsession in American media with Christmas doesn’t resonate with me, and the few, strained attempts at inclusion within our culture can come across as pandering, or even offensive.   For instance, when I was in third grade or so, I recall a music teacher who decided we should learn “holiday” songs.  Her curriculum included a plethora of Christmas songs, but the only nod to Chanukah was “Dreidal, Dreidal, Dreidal.”  Don’t get me wrong, the dreidal song is cute, and I would have nothing against it as an example of one song about Chanukah, but as the only song, it leaves a lot to be desired, especially since there are many other Chanukah songs, some of which are quite beautiful.  The teacher argued that “Dreidal, Dreidal, Dreidal” was the only one that she knew.  This isn’t a major incident in my life, but it’s not the only time I have felt as if Chanukah was looked down upon in our culture. 

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Christopher Nolan's Interstellar -A Spiritually Fueled Bolckbuster



I left the theater here in Viña Del Mar last week filled with much spiritual inspiration having just watched the film Interstellar. It’s a rare occasion for me to go out to a Hollywood blockbuster, but I was invited, and my interests were a bit sparked due to some previous knowledge of the plot.

The general premise of the film is that of finding a new home for humanity, as Earth becomes uninhabitable. Granted, this story line is nothing new for Hollywood, but this film took a magnificent philosophical, and even spiritual turn that I did not anticipate.

And so, if I may take a plunge into pop culture with you this week, lets explore the deeper significance of this film, and how it actually serves humanity in its irreversible conscious evolution.

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