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The Magic of Yoga


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          yoga post 2     It can sometimes be vague, misinterpreted, or completely overlooked, but there is a very real magic to this ever so popular thing called Yoga. With its undeniable worldwide appeal, now extending into cultures far beyond the continent of India, Yoga is often perceived initially as a physical or mental challenge to the student who seeks physical and mental balance in life. These physical and mental aspects are no doubt vital, and serve as one of, if not the most effective methods of physical and psychological exercises known to humanity. These two benefits must be fully understood and embraced, but not allowed to become the distraction, or primary focus of the ego as it attempts to push and conquer its perceived limitations in physical abilities through the Asanas.

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The Ten Steps for Channeling


Channeling post


The Ten Steps for Channeling

 Jonette Crowley is an internationally known channel of White Eagle and Mark – both are high Masters from the White Brotherhood.  She has been channeling since the late 1980’s and has taught hundreds of people how to connect with their own guidance.  She gives talks and private readings with White Eagle.  She teaches regular courses in being a multi-dimensional human with her guide Mark. 

 In order to encourage you and support you in strengthening your own guidance Jonette is providing these steps/guidelines for channeling.  There is so much more that can be said, but this can begin to help you along your way.

 Jonette is author of The Eagle and The Condor: A True Story of An Unexpected Mystical Journey

 1.  Create an Inner “Meeting Space”

Create a neutral, beautiful, clear and high vibrational meeting place in your mind/imagination in which to invite your guide(s) or highest self.  In the beginning it may be easiest to do this at a regular time and place in your day.

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The Faces of Tibet

tibet 3All of my life I have wanted to go to Tibet.

Just the name Tibet. conjured up mystic images of wise monks offering their secrets of enlightenment to me. I had read so many books about Tibet and it’s long hard history and could only imagine the spiritual energy that existed there on the rooftop of the world. I have also seen His Holiness the Dali Lama speak at least eight times. I consider him to be on the highest teachers on this planet.

I have watched at least five films about Tibet. Some were documentaries and some were tales of this strange land with Lamas and Masters who had achieved states of consciousness I longed to know.

So when the opportunity to go there with a small group from Maui in 1997 I was determined to go. The group was organized by Documentary  filmmaker Tom Vendetti and some of his friends, including  Lama Tenzin, and Paul Horn 1997 .

Lama Tenzin was the teacher at the Maui Dharma Center. He had family in Tibet and wanted to try to see them again. He had patiently been teaching the new age residents of Maui the teachings he had from most respected teachers in Tibet.

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Special Feature with Mark Amaru Pinkham


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 If there’s one man who understands the rich spiritual history of humanity, and its authentic heritage, its Mark Amaru Pinkham. Grand Prior of the International Order of the Gnostic Templars, author of numerous books including World Gnosis, Return of the Serpent, Conversations with the Goddess, Guardians of the Holy Grail and others, his intense research into the gnostic human legacy and its progressive spiritual practices has guided spiritual seekers from around the world.

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LBT -Featured Member!

LBT -Featured Member!

Each month, the Light Body Travelers Society features a special member in our community. Our mission here is to share the talents, gifts, and presence, of each beautiful human being within our spiritual community.

Through this special SIM feature, we share spiritual experiences and inspirations from members around the globe, remaining interactive, authentic, and in service to our members. We invite you to share your own light here by contacting us directly.

(All are welcome equally to share their spirit through this SIM feature)

This month, we feature Julie from our Light Body Travelers group in Florida, USA. She shares her amazing art and words to inspire us all.

Puddle, Push and Pull


me and dichro 003“Unable to sleep, I began working on a new fused glass project at 4:00 am this morning. The words puddle, push and pull kept coming into my head. Partly because this is the way the technique is done. You drop a small amount of paint onto the glass and with caution, not letting your miniscule brush touch the glass surface you puddle, push and pull the paint.

teds clock 2 002

I am getting familiar with this technique so I repeat these words often. There was also the buzz of adrenaline I was feeling from not getting enough sleep, my mind already in overdrive and my body latching onto that as well.   Whatever the reason they sang to me like a mantra and while I painted I thought more about these 3 words.

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Magical Sedona



sedona1Soaring in the vastness of infinite blue sky of Arizona you feel streams of fragrant air caressing your body. This sweet aroma of pine needles, butterscotch of ponderosa and wild flowers is so relaxing and soothing. It makes you want to inhale deeper to make sure you enjoy every aspect of it. Breathe. The birds are singing, celebrating a happy beginning of a new sunny day. Feel their joy spinning in cheerful chirping all around you. Magic is everywhere: faces of red rocks, spectacular views, vibrant greenery of various cactus plants, diverse and fascinating flora of high desert. Ahh, Welcome to Sedona, the spiritual Mecca of North America!

This beautiful jewel is so dear to millions of visitors and truly has a special place in their hearts. You may wonder, why? Without a question, Sedona can easily win anyone's heart with its beauty alone but it is not just about breathtaking views. It has much more to offer. What is it then?

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Mystic Traveler -A Tribute to Paul Horn

This month Cindy Paulos shares with us a beautiful piece of spiritual inspiration. Its a truly moving video dedicated to the late Paul Horn. Please enjoy and share this feature from Spiritualists International Magazine.

 “I was directed by spirit to release a book and cd of messages that have come to me over the years. I have discovered it is always wise to listen to these inner nudges. So after a couple of years of work I gathered together over 300 messages I had written that relate to how life continues on, even after we have dropped our physical form.

The first part of the project is out as a CD called, Angel Blessings, and Benefiting Hospice. I worked with over 45 award winning musicians and distinguished spoken word artists in creating a release that has 40 tracks of spoken word selections from the soon to be released book. 

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Relative Harmony

relative harmony post Mat Wood


This article hopes to illuminate the principles of harmony and how we use them in everyday life. The intention is to address examples of harmony and disharmony within everyday life and in music, merging them together to create further holistic balance so that it might benefit our modern day lifestyle.

Harmony is a principle that has been used for eons. Whether we’re looking in terms of music or a journey toward world peace, harmonious balance is a recurring constant that highlights ways of progressive ascension in the most relevant manners possible.

As is with everything in reality, harmony is relative to the observer. Just as we create our own realities based upon what is relevant to us at the time of doing so, various harmonious compositions will be more attractive at some times than others.

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Healing in the Present



James Hyman (Healing in the Present


Hello, my name is James Hyman and I have been asked to contribute an article to this very fine and interesting publication.  As I write these words, it is five o'clock in the morning here in Los Angeles California.  It is mid-August, and the light of this new day is just emerging. 


We live in such an interesting time.  It is a demanding time.  It is a time that will require the highest, the best, the intuitive, the critical, and the love and patience that is in us all.  In case we haven't noticed, it is a great blessing to be here at this time, to be on a spiritual path, and to be committed to the awakening of consciousness that actually ensures that there will be future generations.

Many of us around the world have been on a spiritual path most of our adult life and yet many more people are just now emerging into this energy of awakening. It is important to remind ourselves that we are not actually doing the process of awakening.  The process of awakening is actually working us, moving us and molding us along the path of liberation, not just for our personal gain but for the evolution of conscious awakening on planet Earth.

Understanding this experientially allows us the great freedom of letting go so that we can relax and experience this "present-time” freedom of being.  “Letting go” you say, what does that mean and what does that look like.  When we look at and contemplate the world outside of ourselves, we can become very perplexed, almost paralyzed.  We can become discouraged, and often times feel powerless to affect any real change in the world in a way that supports the peace, the love, and the light of consciousness that we are so ardently looking for.  And so we look away pretending that if we don't pay attention to the world it won't affect us.

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Dream Journaling

The dedicated spiritual explorer will no doubt come to a point in his or her journey where the need to explore dream states is necessary for them. For many of us, this “mystery land” we experience while in sleep states is the cause of our initial spiritual curiosities. This article is being given here in Spiritualists International Magazine so that each reader, no matter where they are in their lucid dreaming or astral projection practice, might begin to realistically take steps toward crossing the bridge into normally unconscious states, and ultimately opening the gaps of what were once consciously unrecorded experiences lost to unconscious sleeping.

Keeping an accurate dream journal is an important practice in the development of personal understandings, as well as the initial step to begin lucid dreaming, astral projection, and ultimately receiving advanced spiritual wisdom regarding your souls purpose.

The following texts are direct excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum. The complete work can be found and studied through the following link.

 Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)

While the practice of recording one's dreams is most often associated with dream work, the use of a dream journal while learning the process of consciously inducing astral projection also proves to be crucial. Dream Journaling imageConsider for a moment   the use of such a practice as prescribed to those interested in lucid  dreaming; for these individuals, the goal is not about recording the   dream itself, but the development of a familiarity with the unconscious realms of the sleeping mind. The documentation of dream activity rapidly trains the conscious mind to focus within the dream realms, expanding awareness in a way equally useful for the astral traveler. The quality of dream recall improves rapidly with dedication to the journaling process.

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Healing From Mother Nature


     After taking several courses in pharmacology and not feeling “right” with the information, I researched other forms of healing. Our bodies were not deficient in these chemicals, so why take them to find balance? Western medicine primarily treats symptoms rather than healing the original cause of disease. Our bodies are designed in perfect divine order and naturally have a defense system lined up to prevent illness. Symptoms are the body’s way of alerting us to a malfunction, such as the little light in your car going on when your tires are low. When we quiet these alerts by suppressing with medications, our bodies stop alerting us when new imbalances occur and we go on feeling “okay” for a while or accept that this is how you feel when you age.

Since pharmaceuticals contain active and inactive ingredients, the additional chemicals that are not absorbed can be stored over time in the muscles, joints and fat. Your liver has to detoxify everything you encounter so this organ often becomes overworked and allows more chemicals to slip by. This can lead to chronic illness, which is much more difficult to treat. Plus, to add more fuel to the fire, you will most likely experience a number of side effects or adverse reactions with each medication. Common effects from medications are headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, hair loss and impotence. When you return to the doctor with this new list of symptoms, you may leave with a new list of medications to suppress these so you can feel “okay” again.

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First Spiritual Experience

Spirtualists International Magazine Monthly Feature




It is a genuine pleasure to present our monthly feature with Jonette Crowley via SoulStories.Tv in Germany.

There are few individuals on this planet who have the gift of authentically hearing what exists within the astral light, and then directly channeling messages back to humanity. Jonette Crowley is one of these few individuals who have continuously brought messages from beyond, back to humanity. Her gifts allow us jimge001to realize that the reality existing just beyond our physical senses is most real, and completely accessible, should we choose to step just beyond our conditioned perceptions.


She brings brilliance to us all, demonstrating that the veil separating our human experience from the astral and spiritual realms is thinner than we could even imagine.In this brief interview, she discusses her magnificent initiation into modern Shamanism through direct planetary voices, as well as her amazing spiritual journey over the years. In revealing these intimate conversations with Native American spirit guides, as well as planetary voices from the Andean Mountains, Jonette brings us closer to our ultimate reality through her most charming presence.

On behalf of Jonette, Spiritualists International Magazine, and the entire Light Body Travelers Society, we encourage you to continue in you your spiritual journey to manifest the courage to step into your greater reality. There exists a realm of unimaginable beauty and potentials just beyond your self.


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Reprogramming the Earth’s Crystals

The Three Cosmic Geometric Solids:

Twenty-five years ago when I first began channeling Mark, I was constantly surprised by what came out of my mouth. Now he still comes out with astonishing insights— but I’m used to it. ;-)

JC Rep0001

 All those years ago Mark told me that great epochs of time – many millions of years — are ‘governed’ or are controlled by certain geometric shapes. The period we are in now is associated with the cube. That makes sense as we live in a limited but relatively stable 3-D world within time and space. It is constrictive. A cube has an up and down-there is polarity/duality—which often leads to conflict.

 The transitional Platonic solid or shape that moves us from the world of the cube is the three-sided, equilateral pyramid or tetrahedron. The Greek letter ‘delta,’ signified by a triangle, is used even now to signify change. I believe that the 4-sided pyramids of Giza, Mexico and elsewhere— with their square bases and triangular faces— are shapes meant to move us out of the cube and into the triangle of transition.

JC Rep0002

 Ultimately— in millions or billions of years — we will be in the realm governed by the sphere, a shape in which all points are equal, there can be no hierarchy or duality and it is expansive, not limited.

JC Rep0003




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Conversation With The Sun

When I think of your presence, I am reminded of what I am and what I am to become. 

mat 1     When you migrate for the winter, the energy I experience whilst within your magnificent presence I must then reproduce, providing the internal fire to serve throughout the winter months, proceeding through spring back into summer again in order to realize a more accurate portrayal of your divine presence, radiating outwardly the god presence within.

 Accordingly, this information gave me further understandings on the methodologies behind the preservations of body heat exhibited throughout the animal kingdom and I thank you for such wisdoms.

 I understand more accurately now how we truly must BE the change we wish to see as teaching these methods alone will not quite work, a leader leads by example, exactly like you do.

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Levitation? Yes You Can!

b2ap3_thumbnail_sip01.jpg  Did you know that every human being actually does have the ability to physically levitate? Yes, this is an intense spiritual practice accomplished by spiritual masters over the course of many years, but try these initial levitation techniques and you might see results in your personal levitation abilities in just a few weeks. 

Now, to even begin discussing what is considered miraculous or supernatural by the masses, we must first recognize the limitations in the perspectives of our modern times. We must address that between 95 to 98 percent of what is considered reality, is based on what our five physical senses are capable of detecting within the electro-magnetic scope of frequency, i.e., the third dimension, or physical plane, with its composition of the elemental properties of air, fire, water, and earth. And without putting the cart before the horse, it must be grasped that the manipulation of these very elemental properties, which create the architectural fabric of the third dimension, is the key to levitation or any other “supernatural” process for that matter. 

  To be clear, this is by no means an article dedicated to debating the fundamentals of modern day supernatural philosophies and the scientific data, which supports or rejects such phenomena. What this is however is an article revealing effective techniques for those sincerely devoted, to begin accomplishing physical levitation. It bears mentioning, that to really accomplish this, it matters not what you believe in, or worship. And I personally encourage you to follow whatever you feel best suits you in your current spiritual perspective. The only requirement here, should you read further, is to approach this subject matter and practice from an unlimited, or elevated awareness so to speak. Some may be reading this as merely entertainment, and that’s fine too, however there are those who will begin achieving this act of levitation should they remain dedicated to the practices given.

Before getting into the meditation practices that induce your physical levitation abilities, lets mention a few of the great men and women throughout our history who defied the laws of gravity by levitating in plain sight before large crowds, and had such a deep devotion to their spirituality that they accomplished the "miraculous" on a regular basis. 

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What We Do in the Quietness of our Soul Does Make a Difference!



Jonette Crowley-


b2ap3_thumbnail_jonette-article-pic-1.jpgI do my best meditations when I can’t sleep.(I’ve finally quit fighting the  sleeplessness, taking it as a ‘call to service.’) But several weeks ago, it was different. I was guided…demanded?… to sit up, go to the highest initiation-like space I’ve ever been, and pray as big as I’ve ever prayed. It has been over 5 years since I’ve had a similar request from Spirit. So that night, sitting up in my bed, I deliberately transmitted from that space to everyone I have ever connected to in the world…doing nothing specifically but knowing that somehow people were receiving exactly what they needed.

While I was doing this, my phone in the other room sounded an incoming text message. I NEVER get texts in the middle of the night. “This text will be confirmation for what I’ve just been doing,” I said to myself. After all, I love to expect magic!

Finishing the meditation, I padded out to the other room to read the text. It was from a dear spiritual brother: “My dear dear Jonette. You are so intuitive and so here for me… It is just past 4 am. The  body pain is so much less and the Blessings… are so magnificent. I am so grateful my dearest Jonette. You found me. You prayed. I healed. I bow to you and the Supreme Holy Ones for such Love, Grace, and Compassion.”

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Your Relationship With God


What is your relationship with God?

To answer that question you would also need to ask yourself

What God is to you

What is your relationship with yourself?

And what is your relationship with others?

For me God is the source of all. For all of life is animated with a single source from creation. Every atom that we are is alive because of that energy.

And since God is alive in everyone and everything we realize that we have that resource in us to connect to the God within us.

Take a moment to ponder the power that is right there within us to tap into.

We have access to an unlimited supply of light and love. So it is natural to wish to use this light and this love to feed our heart and soul. To merge with it to become one with it.

I have found it is a blissful way to start everyday to be bathed in this pure energy that we can tap into through by connecting to our soul as we look within the silence.

So every morning before dawn I get up and go into meditation. There are always teachings or a message I find there. So I write down whatever message comes to me after meditation.

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Conventional Nurse to Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Nurse

-Velvet Star Chong 

b2ap3_thumbnail_nurseImages1.jpgI have been a Registered Nurse for almost 10 years now and have shifted from conventional medicine to a more complementary and alternative approach over the latter part. I had exposure to natural home remedies as a child, but being of a science mind, I looked for “proof” of such remedies.

I trusted what my nursing books said and the studies the pharmaceutical companies did because they sounded very valid. However, over time, I learned that there is more to a human than a physical body and that there were missing pieces to the puzzles that were presented at these medical institutions. Many times, I would hear the doctors saying to patients statements that did not seem right, but were easier than explaining that we were all different and that we didn’t all fit in the same square box that the studies said we should.

I also learned that many of these books and studies were funded by companies that were benefiting financially by the information they were “selling” to us. Things were no longer as black and white as they once seemed. For example, I remember one solution that the doctors would inject in a body part that would sometimes result in a side effect that was not listed on the label. The doctor would just say their adverse reaction had nothing to do with “his shot” and send them home. However, the patient was certain it did, as they did nothing else out of the ordinary. I finally inspected the tiny insert that came with the medication (that no one ever seems to look at and comes with all medications), only to find that they had only studied roughly 700 patients with this solution.

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