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Ask Leana -Exploring Your Own Spiritual Path

Ask Leana LogoDr. Leana Kreil PhD shares her wisdom with a reader regarding following your own spiritual path. Many of us find it challenging to explore our spirituality without insulting our friends and family who practice more traditional religious paths. Leana explains just how we can carry out our own spiritual callings, while still respecting and loving those who may not see eye to eye with our own practices. Don't miss this highly insightful presentation with Leana, and be certain to leave your comments and questions below. It is very possible that she will address your question in her next month's feature.

Thank you for joining us at Spiritualists international Magazine, and helping make our community so great!

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Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose through Outdoor Recreation and Meditation – a Look at the Inspirational Aspects of the Outdoors.


Spiritual purposeLiving a modern lifestyle, especially if you live in a big city, imposes a great deal of challenges: doing many things at once, running from one place to another, commuting to work, taking care of family, etc. Before you realize it, your day is over and you feel drained of energy and exhausted, ready to curl up and sleep on the floor. This way of living can easily lock you up indoors, and despite all the seeming comfort, it may tax your wellbeing. Anxiety, chronic fatigue, and depression might very well move in that cozy place with you. 

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SIM Nature 2016How deeply is the human being really connected to the natural world? Why do we instinctively gravitate to the great outdoors when we seek clarity and inspiration? What forces are actually present within the vast oceans, and unspoiled lands on this earth? It could be said, that many human beings spend a lifetime, never quite realizing their connection with the energies of mother earth, and the cosmic influences of the greater Universe.

            As we enter the month of August 2016, we wanted to take this opportunity to share just how nature shapes not only our thought patterns, but also how it’s energies can actually influence our entire existence. Why is it that the closer we become to the natural world, the more connected we feel with our spirituality? Countless examples of great thinkers throughout our history demonstrate that the natural world has a way of clearing the mind, and nourishing the soul.

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Ask Leana

Ask Leana LogoWe could not be happier to announce that Dr. Leana Kriel PhD is now extending here services internationally. Leana lives in South Africa, and works as a life coach, trauma counselor, and metaphysician. We are honored to be extending here gifts and knowledge to you now through Spiritualists International Magazine in an exciting new way!

            Beginning this month, we introduce “Ask Leana”. You are welcome to ask any and all questions you have about life, spirituality, love, and everything in between. Leana is quite literally one of the most openhearted humans on the planet, and her guidance is unfailing. 

            Ask Leana, and she will personally address your questions in her beautiful new video series. It’s like free counseling and spiritual guidance from one of the best in the world!

           Post your questions here below, or send your private questions directly through our contact forum. Then be sure to watch Leana's video column each month in SIM for your personal guidance. Also, please indicate if you prefer to remain unanimous.

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Rising Above Hate And Frustration

Spiritualists International Magazine Hate andfrustrationI was thrilled to hear that the Inner Peace issue was extended into the month of July, as much important information was still uncovered.  We have heard a variety of methods to find, and establish inner peace this month, but how do we maintain inner peace when our actual belief structures and fear-based reactions are so deeply rooted into our subconscious, that they eat at us daily like a cancer?

            Who among us would be bold enough to admit their underlying prejudices? Who can say that they were not somehow driven to frustration when hearing about the most recent shootings in Orlando Florida?  How do you think that today’s Jewish population feels when hearing racist Holocaust humor? And how do Native Americans feel when European immigrants celebrate their heritage on the forth of July, in a country taken through the literal massacre of their recent ancestors?  How does the American of African decent feel when they are constantly reminded of the horrors of slavery through racial slurs and a still present social discrimination?

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A World Peace Meditation

world peace meditation As we happily extend our inner peace issue into July, Cindy Paulos brings yet another beautifully guided meditation for world peace. One of the continuous messages throughout this inner peace issue is that of the importance of the morning meditation. We invite you to make this beautifully delivered world peace meditation a part of your morning ritual this month. Help create world peace by balancing your inner world before you begin each day of your life. You will come to find that this really works.

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Radiating Peace


Velvet Chong Inner Peace SIMStress is the number one cause of disease and aging. Many people do not have a daily regimen of releasing stress in their lives. Instead, they pile more and more on themselves until one of their bodies begins to signal a problem. Some may ignore the signal until more stress accumulates and another body becomes affected. Now they most likely have a physical and emotional issue going on. And, some may ignore those as well. At this point, they crave peace and calm so bad, but they have tipped the iceberg and now are just overwhelmed with stress and discomfort.

     We can also carry other people’s issues, attitudes, and moods, around with us, if we do not clear ourselves daily. Think of all the people you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis, starting with the people and/or animals in your home. 

If we continue on this self-destructing journey, whether knowingly or unknowingly, how can we ever connect to the peace within that we have been craving? How can we radiate that peace from within to help others around us? Through the law of entrainment, a higher frequency of peace and calm loving energy, attracts, and boosts those with a lower frequency. Stress can definitely lower your overall frequency, making your whole field diminished and ultrasensitive. You feel rundown, and you attract the same energies until it feels like you’re walking around with a dark cloud above your head. To avoid this negative accumulation, one must engage in a daily practice of clearing those inner clouds and allowing one’s inner light to shine bright and radiantly.

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Inner Peace -Finding Tranquility

SIM Inner PeaceStacye Branché brings us a truly eloquent message of finding inner peace. As we go through our days here, we often overlook our true potentials. We are so easily caught up in our life, that we forget what power we have to control and balance our thoughts with the simple gift of awareness. Stacye delivers a message to find this inner peace everyday, and to begin existing in a place of greater awareness as we go through the obstacles of life. You are sure to find her message both inspirational and applicable in your own life.

Enjoy this beautiful message from Spiritualists International Magazine today, and be certain to leave your comments directly below with Stacey. 

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Revenge -Let it Go!

Leana Kreil Spiritualists International MagazineSo what is internal peace, and how do you even get there. Well, I think it is a journey, and quite honestly, it is a daily thing. I think you have to take each moment at a time, and deal with that moment before you can take on the next.

            My thought for this month is slightly more sinister, as the discussion is focused more on revenge. How on earth do we move from Inner peace to revenge? In order to move into you space of peace, you need to first be able to release all that is taking up space within you. Usually there is quite a bit taking up space. When we look at revenge, it does seem to look so sweet, especially when we sit and create or formulate our revenge in our mind.

            I know that we can find ourselves in situations that make us feel so helpless, and sometimes they can incapacitate us somewhat. What do we do when we feel powerless….we imagine how nice it would be to get back at another person. In some instances, we even convince ourselves that it is just getting back to that person for hurting harmless or innocent counter parts. We all know a person that we look at and think… ”If only”…. The problem with these thoughts is that they sooner or later can become stronger than what you are, and once that happens, the thoughts and their negative result on your life will become over powering and consume your space.

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Radiating Peace Within and Without

Spiritualists International Magazine Inner PeaceWhat does it take to be a true light worker in a modern world? So many of us misunderstand this very important point when we begin our journey of spiritual awakening.  Quite often, people think it is their mission to wake everybody up around them, overwhelming a sleeping crowd with a downpour of New Age information. And even though you may have good intentions to do so, do not expect them to respond to your message with full acceptance. You will be disappointed if you do. This new amazing world that you are becoming aware of, is demanding your attention in the first place. It is your activation that is taking place now, and it is an awesome journey that is full of exciting experiences and discoveries. Yet, it is not without challenges.

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Inner Peace -Healing Meditation

Spiritual Cindy Inner PeaceKicking off our Inner Peace issue this month, Cindy Paulos delivers an inspiration and healing meditation for Inner Peace. Brilliantly spoken in a way that only Cindy can, inspiring us to recall the meaning of our true existence. Please enjoy this meditation today and be sure to leave your comments with Cindy directly below.

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Inner Peace

SIM Spiritual Inner Peace LBTWhat does inner peace mean to you? How do you feel that balancing your inner and outer existence can bring peace to your being? The human being has sought to achieve inner peace for centuries, as a means of avoiding pain and frustration. We all see the examples of Buddhist monks who renounce worldly possessions, appearing to be in a perfect state on inner peace. But what separates us from this experience? How has our perception of the world, somehow impaired our natural state of inner peace? Why are we still outraged by worldly events? Why are we sometimes unable to control thoughts and words of anger, even towards the ones we love at times?

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Pop Culture- Spiritual Tools of Global Transformation

Mat Spiritual LBTSo, Pop culture. As an ‘alternative’ kind of kid I never took too much interest within it. In truth, I always thought of it as a mirror of what not to become, lol… But the older I get, the more it fascinates me, especially in terms of its value throughout the course of human evolution as a tool for education and personal development.

            The umbrella of pop culture is essentially an overview of modern day popular phenomena, and we can look at this as a reflection of global opportunity, showing us where our ideas could be relevant in order to be beneficial in our actions.  It shows us how significant a particular thing is within a certain area of society, and gives us a guide towards asserting ourselves in a particular situation such as making lifestyle choices.

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Pop Culture -All the World's a Stage

Boyer spiritual All the World’s a Stage: Media, Macrobes, and the Matrix

“All media are extensions of some human faculty - psychic or physical. The wheel is an extension of the foot. The book is an extension of the eye. Clothing, an extension of the skin. Electric circuitry, an extension of the central nervous system. Media, by altering the environment, evoke in its unique ratios of sense perceptions. The extension of any one sense alters the way we think and act - the way we perceive the world. When these ratios change, men change.”

-Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is The Massage

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Pop Culture Presence

SIM Cover April 2016Are you aware of just how much popular culture affects your living patterns? Whether we acknowledge it or not, social trends delivered through pop culture are as present as the daily Sun. Author and SIM Editor William L. May delivers an amazingly insightful video feature today that demonstrates just how deep these social phenomena really are. There is a wealth of information in this short video that is sure to bring a new perspective to you as a modern spiritual seeker.

     William brings his wisdom and charm as he casually speaks with Dr. Joseph Kenneth about everything from fashion, social psychology, the occult, modern film, music, and more! Please enjoy this special feature from Spiritualists International Magazine today, and be sure to leave your comments directly below with William. 

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Sophie spiritual Couch surfing is one example of a new exciting social movement that connects people around the world and costs nothing.

It’s 1am and there is a stranger asleep on my sofa, rucksack at his side, snoring gently.

Six hours earlier I’d been standing in Manchester bus station, scanning the crowd for a face I’d only seen in a few blurred photographs.

            Until now, Ashley Drew and I hadn’t even spoken on the phone. All I knew from our brief and infrequent emails is that he’s 28 and from Melbourne, he likes animals and snooker, and the location of my sofa is rather appealing.

            Ashley is a couch surfer, one of over a million members worldwide. The idea is simple: rather than jostling for expensive hotel rooms with other tourists, the couch surfing movement gives backpackers the opportunity to crash on sofas for free, with the added bonus of tasting real cultures and experiencing places other sightseers probably wouldn’t. As for the hosts, they receive the simple pleasure of helping somebody out.

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Pop Culture-Us and the Internet

Stacye Internet spiritual

Stacye Branché gives her unique perspectives about popular culture and the way we use the internet in the modern world. Showing us the absolute best ways to utilize our global capacity to connect, while at the same time maintaining our individuality.

Spiritualists International Magazine is also honored to share Stacye’s latest efforts through her newest book, now available directly to us!

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Illuminati Pop Culture- The Occult Presence

Thelema Pop CultureTo what degree are you influenced by your exterior world? How do music, television, and cinema, help create your perspective of reality? And finally, are you aware of just how much occult influence is embedded into each of these pop culture facets?

            Popular culture can be viewed as a paradigm of collective thinking based on the western worlds idea of entertainment and lifestyle.  And today, it’s no secret that an elite faction methodically guides humankind, through an injection of popular global trends through pop culture.  Yes, that’s a loaded statement, and some might almost find it offensive when told that their “individual” life is not entirely ruled by their own means. We may liken our existence through pop culture influences to the single fish swimming through the sea within a collective school of many thousands of other fishes. At the slightest shift in the waters current or environment, the entire school (or body) will collectively alter course in the blink of an eye, with complete agreement of the change in direction. We do maintain a sense of individuality on many levels, as we swim collectively within our communities and societies, but as stated in the editor’s column earlier this month, if you’re plugged into the world, you’re somehow under its influence.

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Pop Culture! -The Editors Columm

SIM Cover April 2016It’s not always realized, because it’s embedded so deeply into the fabric of everyday life. But the truth is, your plugged in, your tapped into a vast network of pop culture. Immersed in a constant field of global trends and collective thought patterns, channeled through television, music, fashion, foods, internet, sports, technology, language, currencies, markets, time, and every thing in between.

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Death and Rebirth- Coping With Death

SIM Cover March 2016 2Spiritualists International Magazine had a chance to sit down with the founder of Sacred Breakthroughs (Rev. Natalie Haig), and discuss the emotionally complex process of coping with death. Even the most spiritually mature individuals can be deeply affected with the loss of a loved one, and we didn't want our Death and Rebirth issue to conclude without some of the absolute best methods of dealing with loss.

            Natalie expresses her spiritual presence and gifts while speaking here with Dr. Joseph Kenneth, as a delightful conversation unfolds, giving us meaningful methods of honoring the deceased, and carrying their presence with us in a loving way. Enjoy this special video feature from Spiritualists International Magazine today, and be sure to leave your comments directly below with Rev. Natalie Haig.

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