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Spiritualists International Magazine

At Spiritualists International Magazine we are dedicated to function as a central hub for advanced, interactive, spiritual learning. We are a destination where reliable and creditable wisdom is shared from expert spiritual teachers and masters from around the world.


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”~Buddha

A proud mother of four healthy children, a devoted wife, lover, and friend! Rev. Natalie is an ordained minister from the University of Metaphysics Ministry School, a Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona, AZ and has a qualification in Hospitality and Tourism Administration.

As a Spiritual Life coach, Natalie has led Goddess Circles for women for the past five years, empowering and enabling her participants to take ownership of their lives and master their realities. Her personal journey has led her through most of the alternative practices, and she has studied with many masters in their respective fields.

Natalie discovered her gifts at an early age, and has used them to assist others on their healing journeys. As a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer,” Natalie is also the proud mother of four beautiful children, who inspire her to walk with unconditional love and empathy in everything she does.

I believe I am a student for life and have ALOT more coming!

Angela Louise Catton was born as a natural healer, and has shared this gift throughout most of here life.  Additionally, she is a gifted psychic medium, Intuitive, and provides professional services as an Angel guide. She is rapidly progressing in here community in the UK as healer and medium.

Angie is a mother of three, and understands the true essence of this life through her personal experiences. As a dedicated spiritualist and healer of humanity, she works diligently to restore the balance within herself, as well as the world she lives in.

You may contact her directly through [email protected], and through Facebook at the Angie Angel Medium page.

Andrej Tisma was born in 1952 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1976. He has had solo exhibitions since 1972 (Novi  Sad, Belgrade, New York, Milan, Seoul, Munich, Naples, San Francisco, London, Budapest, Tokyo, Bremen), and since 1969 has taken part in some 600 collective exhibitions in Yugoslavia and about 40 other countries.

Tisma is concerned with concrete poetry, mail art, rubber stamp art, photography, performance art, electrography, video art, web art, and music. He has been involved with the international mail art movement since 1973 and has organized about ten international mail art projects in Yugoslavia and Canada. He is the author of two mail art monographs: “Private Life” (1986) and “Nature Gives...” (1992), and the fax art monograph “FAX HeART” (1995). Two books on his visual works have been published: “Alter – Alternative Works 1972-1982” and “Vrsac” (1987), as well as “Andrej Tisma” (San Francisco, 1996) a collection of his rubber-stamp art, articles, and essays on art.  He is the founder of The Institute for the Spreading of Love (1991) and of the "Ljubav/Love" magazine. In 1991 he was a guest lecturer at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques in Paris. In 1992 Tisma started the "Embargo Art" campaign and organized the "Anti-embargo Congress" of artists in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. He created the website “Spirit Art”, a guide to the past, present and future of the nonmaterial, mental and spiritual art (with Arleen Hartman) in 2005.

Since 1996 Tisma has been working in the field of digital graphics, and since 1997 in the field of web art. His web art works are included in the Net Art Idea Line, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA; Rhizome Artbase, USA; Net Art Guide, Stuttgart, Germany;  the Net Art Collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland; and Media Practice Collection, Museum of Contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. He took partin the Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria.

He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (section for expanded media); the International Association of Art Critics; the Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina (section for theory); and  the International Writers and Artists Association, Bluffton, USA.   

Tisma has published art criticism and essays since 1976 in numerous newspapers and magazines, and has given talks on radio and TV (over 1,600 bibliographic units) in Yugoslavia and abroad (France, USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Brazil). From 1981 till 2008 worked as an art critic for the Novi Sad "Dnevnik" daily newspaper. Since 2011 works as an editor for digital arts in Cultural Center of Novi Sad. He has published a book of art criticism and essays “Druge te(rit)orije” (Other Territories), Sremski Karlovci (1992), a collection of his articles on art "Andrej Tisma" in San Francisco (1996), a monograph “Sublime Objects – Examples of Fine Art in Yugoslavia at the End of 20th Century”, Novi Sad (2002) and “Interfaces Of Limitless – Digital And Internet Art At The Turn Of Millenia”, Novi Sad, (2008).

Tisma has curated several exhibitions of contemporary art including: "Alternative NS83", 1983, Novi Sad; "Art and Ethics", 1988, Sombor and Novi Sad; "Sublime Objects", 2003, Novi Sad; "Outdoors - International Digital Art Show", 2004, Novi Sad; and from 1984 to 1999 about twenty international mail art and telefax art shows countrywide in the former Yugoslavia and in Calgary. He was co-curator of “October Salon”, Belgrade, 1996 and curator of "Critics Have Chosen", Belgrade, 1998.


1995 International Writers and Artists Association Award, Bluffton, USA

1995 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad

1999 "Artmagazin" Annual Award, Novi Sad

2004 "Golden Mortar" Annual Award, "Podrum" Gallery, Novi Sad

2005 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad

2007 “Planet Earth” Annual Award, Novi Sad

2010 “The Clear Brooks Family” Annual Award, Belgrade

Under the pen-name Andrej Zivor he has been publishing poetry and prose since 1976, and since 1980 he published thirteen books in Yugoslavia, USA and France. He has been a member of the Writers Association of Vojvodina since 1981.

Published books of poetry include: "Dokument" (Document), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1980; "Ponasanje" (Behaviour), Strazilovo, Novi Sad, 1981; "Reklamni panoi" (Billboards), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1983; "Brondogvas", Razvigor, Uzicka Pozega, 1987; "Quadro de avisos", International Writers and Artists Association, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Billboard Poems", University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Panneaux pubricitaires", La Page et la Plume, Paris, France, 1994; "Apaurin", Zajednica knjizevnika Panceva, Pancevo, 1996; "Svi u prirodu" (Let's Go To Nature), Prosveta, Beograd, 1999; and  "Reklame besmrtnosti" (Advertizing Immortality), Orpheus, Novi Sad, 2006.

Published books of prose include: "10", Knjizevna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1982, and "Za laku noc" (Good Night), Knjizevna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1989. He edited the anthology "Pitanje zvota - ekologija u poeziji savremenih novosadskih pesnika" (Question of Life - ecology in contemporary poetry of Novi Sad) (with D. Matovic), Gradska biblioteka, Novi Sad, 1994.

Andrej Tisma lives in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Address: Modene 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


Spirit Art:

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi teacher in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order. Born in London in 1953, he has followed the Naqshbandi Sufi path since he was nineteen. In 1991 he became the successor of  Irena Tweedie , who brought this particular Indian branch of Sufism to the West and is the author ofDaughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master    He then moved to Northern California and founded The Golden Sufi Center.
    Author of several books  and articles he has specialized in the area of dream work, integrating the ancient Sufi approach to dreams with the insights of Jungian Psychology. Since 2000 his writing and teaching has been on spiritual responsibility in our present time of transition, and an awakening global consciousness of oneness ( More recently he has written about the feminine, the anima mundi (World Soul), and  created  the book :Spiritual Ecology, The Cry of the Earth  ( 

He was featured in the  Global Spirit TV series and was interviewed by  Oprah Winfrey as a part of her Super Soul Sunday  series.
His latest published book,For Love of the Real (Fall 2015), is regarded as a completion of over twenty-five years of his writing and teaching, as it draws together many of the threads  of his work. 

Click: to see his highly recognized published works.

And click here: to visit his events calendar.

You may also visit:  and to follow and study the works and teaching of the Sufi traditions through Vaughan-Lee

My interest in writing began at an early age after reading "Hardy Boys" novels. I wanted to tell my own stories. At the age of 16, I had what I call my first awakening, my first awareness that there was more to my existence than just this flesh and blood. My writing turned to stories of unicorns and humans and their interactions with one another.

Most fantasy tales tell of a child experiencing wonder and magic while the adults around them continue to live a life by the paycheck, oblivious to everything beyond. Two years ago, at the age of 40, I learned such tales are just that: fantasy. Children are not the only ones who have magic. Magic lies within all of us, waiting to be remembered, regardless of age.

I, too, must earn a paycheck, and so I work as a geographer for the Siletz Indian Tribe in Oregon. If I must earn money, what better place than helping a Native Tribe who is also in touch with the spiritual realms? This is my day job, while writing is my hobby (for now). I also operate a streaming music station where I try to share Love in sound.

Music Station: