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LET GO. GIVE LOVE. BE FREE. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”~Buddha A proud mother of four healthy children, a devoted wife, lover, and friend! Rev. Natalie is an ordained minister from the University of Metaphysics Ministry School, a Certif...ied Reflexologist, Reiki Master, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona, AZ and has a qualification in Hospitality and Tourism Administration. As a Spiritual Life coach, Natalie has led Goddess Circles for women for the past five years, empowering and enabling her participants to take ownership of their lives and master their realities. Her personal journey has led her through most of the alternative practices, and she has studied with many masters in their respective fields. Natalie discovered her gifts at an early age, and has used them to assist others on their healing journeys. As a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer,” Natalie is also the proud mother of four beautiful children, who inspire her to walk with unconditional love and empathy in everything she does. I believe I am a student for life and have ALOT more coming! More
Angela Louise Catton was born as a natural healer, and has shared this gift throughout most of here life.  Additionally, she is a gifted psychic medium, Intuitive, and provides professional services as an Angel guide. She is rapidly progressing in here community in the UK as healer and medium. Angie is a mother of three, and understands... the true essence of this life through her personal experiences. As a dedicated spiritualist and healer of humanity, she works diligently to restore the balance within herself, as well as the world she lives in. You may contact her directly through [email protected], and through Facebook at the Angie Angel Medium page. More
Andrej Tisma was born in 1952 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1976. He has had solo exhibitions since 1972 (Novi  Sad, Belgrade, New York, Milan, Seoul, Munich, Naples, San Francisco, London, Budapest, Tokyo, Bremen), and since 1969 has taken part in some 600 collective exhibi...tions in Yugoslavia and about 40 other countries. Tisma is concerned with concrete poetry, mail art, rubber stamp art, photography, performance art, electrography, video art, web art, and music. He has been involved with the international mail art movement since 1973 and has organized about ten international mail art projects in Yugoslavia and Canada. He is the author of two mail art monographs: “Private Life” (1986) and “Nature Gives...” (1992), and the fax art monograph “FAX HeART” (1995). Two books on his visual works have been published: “Alter – Alternative Works 1972-1982” and “Vrsac” (1987), as well as “Andrej Tisma” (San Francisco, 1996) a collection of his rubber-stamp art, articles, and essays on art.  He is the founder of The Institute for the Spreading of Love (1991) and of the "Ljubav/Love" magazine. In 1991 he was a guest lecturer at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques in Paris. In 1992 Tisma started the "Embargo Art" campaign and organized the "Anti-embargo Congress" of artists in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. He created the website “Spirit Art”, a guide to the past, present and future of the nonmaterial, mental and spiritual art (with Arleen Hartman) in 2005. Since 1996 Tisma has been working in the field of digital graphics, and since 1997 in the field of web art. His web art works are included in the Net Art Idea Line, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA; Rhizome Artbase, USA; Net Art Guide, Stuttgart, Germany;  the Net Art Collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland; and Media Practice Collection, Museum of Contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. He took partin the Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (section for expanded media); the International Association of Art Critics; the Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina (section for theory); and  the International Writers and Artists Association, Bluffton, USA.    Tisma has published art criticism and essays since 1976 in numerous newspapers and magazines, and has given talks on radio and TV (over 1,600 bibliographic units) in Yugoslavia and abroad (France, USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Brazil). From 1981 till 2008 worked as an art critic for the Novi Sad "Dnevnik" daily newspaper. Since 2011 works as an editor for digital arts in Cultural Center of Novi Sad. He has published a book of art criticism and essays “Druge te(rit)orije” (Other Territories), Sremski Karlovci (1992), a collection of his articles on art "Andrej Tisma" in San Francisco (1996), a monograph “Sublime Objects – Examples of Fine Art in Yugoslavia at the End of 20th Century”, Novi Sad (2002) and “Interfaces Of Limitless – Digital And Internet Art At The Turn Of Millenia”, Novi Sad, (2008). Tisma has curated several exhibitions of contemporary art including: "Alternative NS83", 1983, Novi Sad; "Art and Ethics", 1988, Sombor and Novi Sad; "Sublime Objects", 2003, Novi Sad; "Outdoors - International Digital Art Show", 2004, Novi Sad; and from 1984 to 1999 about twenty international mail art and telefax art shows countrywide in the former Yugoslavia and in Calgary. He was co-curator of “October Salon”, Belgrade, 1996 and curator of "Critics Have Chosen", Belgrade, 1998. Awards: 1995 International Writers and Artists Association Award, Bluffton, USA 1995 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad 1999 "Artmagazin" Annual Award, Novi Sad 2004 "Golden Mortar" Annual Award, "Podrum" Gallery, Novi Sad 2005 Center for Visual Culture "Golden Eye" Annual Award, Novi Sad 2007 “Planet Earth” Annual Award, Novi Sad 2010 “The Clear Brooks Family” Annual Award, Belgrade Under the pen-name Andrej Zivor he has been publishing poetry and prose since 1976, and since 1980 he published thirteen books in Yugoslavia, USA and France. He has been a member of the Writers Association of Vojvodina since 1981. Published books of poetry include: "Dokument" (Document), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1980; "Ponasanje" (Behaviour), Strazilovo, Novi Sad, 1981; "Reklamni panoi" (Billboards), Matica srpska, Novi Sad, 1983; "Brondogvas", Razvigor, Uzicka Pozega, 1987; "Quadro de avisos", International Writers and Artists Association, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Billboard Poems", University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 1988; "Panneaux pubricitaires", La Page et la Plume, Paris, France, 1994; "Apaurin", Zajednica knjizevnika Panceva, Pancevo, 1996; "Svi u prirodu" (Let's Go To Nature), Prosveta, Beograd, 1999; and  "Reklame besmrtnosti" (Advertizing Immortality), Orpheus, Novi Sad, 2006. Published books of prose include: "10", Knjizevna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1982, and "Za laku noc" (Good Night), Knjizevna zajednica Novog Sada, Novi Sad, 1989. He edited the anthology "Pitanje zvota - ekologija u poeziji savremenih novosadskih pesnika" (Question of Life - ecology in contemporary poetry of Novi Sad) (with D. Matovic), Gradska biblioteka, Novi Sad, 1994. Andrej Tisma lives in Novi Sad, Serbia. Address: Modene 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Homepage: Spirit Art: More
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi teacher in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order. Born in London in 1953, he has followed the Naqshbandi Sufi path since he was nineteen. In 1991 he became the successor of  Irena Tweedie , who brought this particular Indian branch of Sufism to the West and is the author ofDaughter of Fire: A Diar...y of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master    He then moved to Northern California and founded The Golden Sufi Center.     Author of several books  and articles he has specialized in the area of dream work, integrating the ancient Sufi approach to dreams with the insights of Jungian Psychology. Since 2000 his writing and teaching has been on spiritual responsibility in our present time of transition, and an awakening global consciousness of oneness ( More recently he has written about the feminine, the anima mundi (World Soul), and  created  the book :Spiritual Ecology, The Cry of the Earth  (  He was featured in the  Global Spirit TV series and was interviewed by  Oprah Winfrey as a part of her Super Soul Sunday  series. His latest published book,For Love of the Real (Fall 2015), is regarded as a completion of over twenty-five years of his writing and teaching, as it draws together many of the threads  of his work.  Click: to see his highly recognized published works. And click here: to visit his events calendar. You may also visit:  and to follow and study the works and teaching of the Sufi traditions through Vaughan-Lee More
My interest in writing began at an early age after reading "Hardy Boys" novels. I wanted to tell my own stories. At the age of 16, I had what I call my first awakening, my first awareness that there was more to my existence than just this flesh and blood. My writing turned to stories of unicorns and humans and their interactions with one another. ...Most fantasy tales tell of a child experiencing wonder and magic while the adults around them continue to live a life by the paycheck, oblivious to everything beyond. Two years ago, at the age of 40, I learned such tales are just that: fantasy. Children are not the only ones who have magic. Magic lies within all of us, waiting to be remembered, regardless of age. I, too, must earn a paycheck, and so I work as a geographer for the Siletz Indian Tribe in Oregon. If I must earn money, what better place than helping a Native Tribe who is also in touch with the spiritual realms? This is my day job, while writing is my hobby (for now). I also operate a streaming music station where I try to share Love in sound. Music Station: More
Dr. Rev. Stacye Branché residing in Los Angeles is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner Life coach, Public Speaker, Singer/ Songwriter, Author, Ceremony and Wedding Officiate and Founder  She was awarded her ordination and Master’s degree from The University of Metaphysics and The University of Sedona in ...Metaphysical Studies. She received her Doctoral Degree from the same institution. She presently has a thriving practice in the healing arts of Spiritual and Reiki healing. she has been a Reiki Practitioner since 1996. Taking her message of love world-wide Stacye had a large following via the World Wide Web helping others to deal with the sorrows and appreciate the joys in their lives through her spiritual counseling.  As a Spiritual Life Coach Stacye works with clients to uncover what is holding them back. Always coming from a place of Love she provides her clients with the tools to help them change their perspective, which in turn, changes their reality. She also teaches clients how to change their thoughts, and feelings about themselves, their past and others, to quickly improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Stacye is the author of “It’s All In How You Look At It (thought and questions bout life) and she is in the process of writing the “It’s All In How You Look At It “ series on different life subjects as well as a the healing through forgiveness.  Author of the inspirational book "It's All In How You Look At It (Thoughts And questions about life)  Follow at on Facebook  Follow on [email protected]> More
About Sophie (In her own words) I’m a journalist and spiritual activist who recently quit writing the news to focus on more creative and uplifting projects. I spent over ten years working for the independent press, with most of my time spent wallowing in the fear being continuously pumped out by the corporate media. I tried to remind myself ...(while researching and reporting on war, economic crashes, ecocide, political corruption and social injustice) that focusing on the negative will only boost the probability of its manifestation in our current reality, but despite my spiritual beliefs I frequently got dragged into the matrix of despair.  We all want to make a positive difference in the world, but is reporting all the lies, war and inequality really the way to go about it? I'm not so sure any more. Rather than blame the oppressing powers, humans need to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. Let’s end this cycle of victimhood: stop wanting to be rescued by a higher power, whether it be a government, person or even extra-terrestrials. You are the higher power, the divine energy that created all is within you. I’ve come to the conclusion that spiritual evolution is needed far more than political revolution, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my break from mass media bombardment.  In addition to writing, I’m passionate about plant medicine, Shamanism, Druidism & Gnosticism, smallholding and permaculture gardening, mindfulness and meditation, hiking, yoga, energy healing & tarot reading, guitar & singing, languages, dance, travel, theatre, music & festivals, organic food and drink, painting and crafts, and a deep interest in subcultures & alternative political models with freedom and respect for all life at their core.  You can visit my portfolio for past society/politics features here: (Note: I am currently writing my second book so the blog won’t be updated anytime soon).  More
Elizabeth Energy is a woman embarking upon her awakening experience in the lovely tropical warmth of the Caribbean. She believes the matrix is allowed to challenge us and emerging from the matrix is as necessary to the realization of our true selves as the cocoon is necessary to the beautiful emergence of the butterfly. For Elizabeth, awakening is... the life-long process and objective of the soul that the mind may or may not be conscious of. She believes that the ultimate goal of the awakening experience is the achievement of self-actualization, namely Christ Consciousness. So far, the most significant experiences in her journey have always been accompanied by dreams and visions. She believes that she has a task of assisting in the recognition of the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine and uses her blog to spread this message. While her blog targets women, she truly believes that it is the balanced union between the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine which will birth the Unity or Christ Consciousness. Elizabeth also has a passion for energy work and while never attuned in Reikhi or exposed to any other energy practices, Elizabeth developed the ability to sense energy in her hands which she is currently exploring. To access Elizabeth’s personal blog: To access Elizabeth’s Facebook: More
Jack Seccombe has been studying and practicing out of body for nearly 20 years. He has written two books dealing with out of body and has been a guest speaker on the nation wide radio talk show, Darkness Radio as well as others. He speaks at the worldwide organization, IANDE (International Association of Near Death Experiences) as well as numerous ...out of body and near death experience groups and organizations. Jack has read and studied over 40 books on out of body, been a teacher of out of body for over a decade and has his own Google Plus community called “Out of Body Experiences.” Jack is also fluent in near death experiences, past lives and aura’s, which he also writes on and speaks about. Jack discovered his love affair with out of body at the age of 44. He became entirely obsessed with the topic and started having his own out of body experiences immediately afterward. His craving for out of body has dominated his life ever since. Jack and his beautiful wife Connie have been together for 44 years and have 4 wonderful sons and 9 grandchildren. They have lived on their remote 40 acres of land located in the Sierra Mountains in California for about 35 years. Jack is retired now and spends his time working on his property, restoring classic cars and writing, speaking and teaching out of body.   Jack's works include his book "The Other Side Cometh" and can be viewed right here:   "The Other Side Cometh, by Jack Seccombe is a powerful book that has changed my beliefs and taken away some of my pain. Learning that life goes on takes away the fear of death, and the fear that we are subject to a timer that could end any day.The story of love is so unbelievably touching, reading about how these soul mates were able to be together always, has given me hope. I am excited to learn more about out of body experiences and can’t wait to read Jack’s next book." More
As a modern day Catholic, Stephen Jay Boettcher is a Eucharistic Minister at St. James Catholic Church where his son also attended school. He’s also a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 2883at St. James, and a sits on the Board of Education at Plainfield Public Schools.His son is currently a junior at St. Bernard High Schoolin Uncasv...ille, CT., which is a member of the Diocese of Norwichand the Xavarian Brothers. With a passion for life and the beauty of the Universal truths within religion, Stephen shares his faith and experiences openly and honestly. A leader in his parish and community, a dedicated father and husband, and an all around interesting man to be around, Stephen expresses the beauty of living as a modern-day Catholic through example. For more information or further research about the Catholic Church, visit: More
About ten years ago I was researching a novel and in the process I went to NDERF (Near Death Experiences Research Foundation). I, like many people, was fascinated with the near-death phenomenon and twenty minutes later I was hooked. I became involved with their chat group and that was when Dr. Jeffery Long asked for a volunteer to do research for and I agreed. After I had researched a couple hundred cases I started to see hidden messages. As I continued these messages became clearer I and decided these messages were for everyone, thus my book, THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself. I respect and appreciate all the people who have had experiences and come back to talk about them. Without them we would not have their amazing new information. Although there are many book written by NDErs, each one can only talk about their own individual experience. THE WONDER OF YOU, What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself talks about a very wide range of experiences. It takes the reader through all the different aspects of the experience, explains them in detail and tries to put them together to a clear conclusion. The main thrust of THE WONDER OF YOU is to show the reader what magnificent creatures they are and shows how they play an active role in the creation of all they know. And finally, the book looks at a bit of science, although not a lot. I peek at how scientists are discovering a new paradigm for the universe. As Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe explains, it appears the universe is a hologram. This understanding has put everyone into a spin because it goes against all we know. If everything is a hologram where does that leave us? The conclusion is, we are consciousness and it is that same consciousness that is the spirit that enters the body and lives the life as a human. While there are still some physicists who argue the holographic hypothesis, the concept has gained main-stream acceptance. If we are One with the Loving Light NDErs talk about, then we are indeed amazing creatures.  There are still a thousand questions. Every new understanding opens a door and ten more questions come along with it. Human beings are curious creatures and we don’t rest until we have our answers. We will continue to ask, probe and study to find answers that will lead to new understanding and probably new questions.    Get direct access to Lynn's Book here:     “THE WONDER OF YOU:  WHAT THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE TELLS YOU ABOUT YOURSELF” by Lynn Kathleen Russell.  Ivey Enterprises, Lethbridge, Canada. "Lynn does something in this book nobody else has done.  She shows you how near-death experiencers, in sharing what happened to them and what that meant to them, are actually describing the truth, the real truth, about each and every one of us. . . anywhere in the world!  She gently and relentlessly, puts the full-brunt of the near-death experience in your lap, right where you live and love and have your being.  Near-death states strip away the trappings of the mind, to reveal the substance of soul. Thank you, Lynn, for helping to awaken" us. More
  My journey started while I was a youngster. I always had this very intense knowing that there is something “else”, something that I am not in line with, something bigger. This constant nagging took me quite a few years to sort out considering I grew up in a Christian God fearing home where God and the Bible were not questioned. So my teens I had an unfortunate experience with my local church and friends and this “unfortunate experience” turned into the greatest blessing!   I studied psychology and was a trauma counselor for many years, counseling whoever needed some guidance. Personally, my journey was one step at a time, and I needed to learn a new way of thinking and experiencing life. Living a positive life is one of my cornerstones of existence. From that space I can take on more or less anything, and my understanding of life has changed.   I have also come to the conclusion that a good way to learn is to take on the challenges as they come and then learn the universal principals connected to that particular problem. This was the only way I was able to learn and change my space. I functioned much better when I was able to sort out one issue at a time and understood why it was there in the first place. What made these lessons interesting was that, when you understand your issues, you can embrace them; and if you embrace them, you recognize them. The thing with issues is that they come around more than once in our lives:  Once to learn and get to know them (please get it the first time); and the second to remind us of them. So it depends on you how many times you choose to learn a particular lesson.   Most important in my world, is to want, to grow; and from wanting to learn and grow, I lovingly will guide. I can tell you all the challenging things that happened in my life and how bad it was for me.  However, I feel that I started living the day I chose to grow. Life prior to my “new life” is of no consequence.   If you feel that I may assist and guide you on your journey, contact me, and I will gladly serve.   Dr. Leana Pretorius, PhD
Email: [email protected]/* */ More
Katy Simmone is a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond. She is founder of Soul Evolution Center in Boca Raton, Fl., . Its mission is to help you evolve into your best life. She is an advanced channeler, Reiki Master, evolution coach, light & energy worker & speaker.  &...nbsp; Katy had a spiritual awakening in the Spring of 2009. From that, she experienced extraordinary and psychic phenomena and developed heightened extrasensory perceptions. She has been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body (OOB) experiences, receiving messages from light beings that exist in different dimensions, including the angelic realm & beings in spirit, interacting with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena. Katy developed extrasensory perceptions, including the ability to receive information telepathically.She developed the six “clairs” – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance and clairsentience.  To date, Katy has channeled over 16 interdimensional beings of light and love. Some of these include Mr. Edgar Cayce, Ghandi, and the Archangels. She has been guided to chronicle her awakening adventures and shares beautiful inspirational and technical channeled messages in her website blog and on the Facebook page for Soul Evolution Center LLC. She is unique in that she does direct voice channel. In a very light trance state, she channels directly, word for word, guidance from high level beings such as Mr. Edgar Cayce or her own group of guides, The Channel of 5-8, to answer people's life's questions. It is as if they are directly talking to you through her. They act as gracious and compassionate teachers & high level advisers.  Readings, evolution coaching and all services can be booked online at her website. Sessions are available by phone/Skype/email and in-office. You can listen to Katy's direct voice channelings as she shares samples of them on her website. Her website also has free gifts and free readings.    Website: Blog: FB page: LinkedIn: Twitter: Utube:   More
Joe Boyer is an artist and writer based in Illinois. He is a graphic designer and director of new media at Adventures Unlimited Press and the World Explorers Club. Much of his time is spent in peaceful rural living with his family. Joseph also played a major roll in the development of the L*B*T astral projection mastery and self-illumination cur...riculum, as he worked closely with Dr. Joseph Kenneth, developing the stunning meditation images found throughout the book. Many of Josephs meditation and inspirational images are in fact present throughout this website. As an open minded and advanced spiritual explorer, Boyer brings a fresh approach to spiritual matters through his personal experiences and extended knowledge. Get to know Joe Boyer better by leaving a personal message below his articles, or through his Facebook today: More
William May is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Formerly a college professor, William left academia in order to pursue his interests in human consciousness through the study of hypnosis and meditation. He has been certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), has cr...eated certification materials on advanced clinical techniques for the accreditation of hypnotists, and has worked with patients as a hypnotist within a medical/clinical setting. Ironically, Williams’s explorations into hypnosis actually began subsequent to his interest in astral projection. As a high school student, he read Robert Monroe’s Journey’s Out of the Body and became fascinated with the possibilities the book explored. Subsequent reading suggested the possibility that guided meditation and/or hypnosis could provide a path for cultivating the states of consciousness associated with Astral Projection, lucid dreaming, and other unique experiences of mind. In both college and graduate school he continued pursuing these interests, though they were outside his direct field of study. He eventually became interested in NLP, and in the work of Dr. Milton Erickson (whose work informed much of NLP’s core concepts). While William was still intrigued by astral projection (and continued a personal exploration of the field), it was not until he met Joseph Kenneth and realized his early thoughts of utilizing techniques from the hypnotic field with the goal of eliciting out of body experiences. Williams’s contributions to Life is But a Dream have played and important role in the Curriculums’ development, and particularly within the areas of self-inducing trance states. William is also a co-founder of the Light Body Travelers Society and has played a major role in it's developments over the last few years.  More
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Igor Rybchinskiy is a typical young adult in today’s society, yet he has rather unordinary spiritual experiences. As one of the original Light Body Travelers residing in South Florida, his spiritual path of evolution has taken him to the extremes. His spiritual awakening began only recently in 2011, and culminated in events that catapulted his co...nsciousness very rapidly from a low vibration to a much wider perspective of the greater reality. Over the course of the years following 2011, he began to assimilate more and more information that was given to him through crystal clear telepathic messages, and then confirmed these true through first hand experience in his day to day activities. He very quickly he learned to listen and trust his own inner guidance by developing his link to spirit. He has been guided and inspired to both practice and impart what he has learned. His desire to share the messages that transpire through him is that others may listen, and realize how to find the master within, and how to truly realize without a shadow of a doubt that we are god in a most real sense. His wish is to inspire others to become more empowered in their day-to-day lives by connecting the dots of the bigger picture. Igor is quite gifted at breaking down what can be complicated spiritual messages, transforming it into layman’s terms, and presenting the information in a way that the typical person in today's society will be able to understand and relate to. His gift of sharing the higher wisdom he attains, allows us to make authentic connections with our higher self through our own means. More
Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham is a modern day Knights Templar who has dedicated his life to spirituality, Gnosis and uniting the brotherhood through the various secret societies under one united front. Life Experience Mark has been gathering the wisdom contained within his books since 1976 when, at 21,he traveled across Europe and Asia to India.He resid...ed for seven years within the ashrams of the yoga and meditation master Swami Muktananda. During that time Mark intensively studied the Hindu scriptures, as well as the wisdom compiled by the Theosophists of India regarding the secret history of Earth. Since 1996, Mark has been a devotee of the famous Indian saint Mata Amritanandamayi and has resided in her ashram in south India on numerous occasions. Since 1990 Mark has been involved in intensive research regarding the secret mysteries of the Earth’s history. During this time Mark has been initiated into two Andean esoteric societies, apprenticed to a master shaman in Peru, and helped lead an expedition in search of a secret monastery in the Andes.While leading tours in Peru, Egypt, England, Tibet/Nepal, India & Sedona and the Southwest,Mark is continuously gathering new information about the esoteric origins and the lineages of spiritual teachers that have guided humanity’s spiritual destiny.   More
Mat is a tattoo artist/ owner of “Universal Flow Tattoo”, a spiritual guide and practitioner with a passion for all things science, contemporary, psychedelic and metaphysical. With his main spiritual areas of interest being Psychonautics, meditation and mindfulness, he aims to explore these fields in attempts to express the unity between scien...ce and spirit, and illustrate the benefit that comes from integrating expanded states of consciousness into daily living. In accordance with HH the Dalai Lama’s view of ‘Wise selfishness’, by putting ourselves in a position of being responsible for everyone; expanding compassion far and wide, we are universally equipped with the means of doing so, and by surrounding ourselves with influences alike, we receive the inspiration to harmonize this perspective firmly into reality. Mat loves cats as he feels they really have a grip on this one. If we wish to genuinely and lastingly excel in any area of life, be it within terms of spiritual or material success, then the area in which we choose to excel needs to be in alignment with the universal truth; the benefit of all. Mat aims to share his perspective with you throughout his words and invites you to connect with him on Facebook and Instagram. More
About Velvet:   Velvet Chong is a Graduate from Florida State University with her B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition. In her own words,   “I became an advanced personal trainer and student strength and conditioning coach for the FSU football and basketball teams. After moving to South Florida, I graduated from nursing school as... a Registered Nurse.  After working in Interventional Pain Management and Oncology for a few years, I worked at a holistic research institute that helped people restore harmony in their bodies and live healthier lifestyles.  I graduated from the Healing Touch Program, an accredited leader in energy medicine, and I became a Healing Touch Practitioner.    Over the years, I have successfully assisted many clients with issues in weight management, chronic illness, pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, prenatal women, hormonal imbalances, brain injuries, and many other conditions. I have attended many conferences and workshops, gaining more knowledge about therapies and healing philosophies from around the world.  Now, I understand the true value of CONSCIOUS LIVING!   My personal healing philosophy has been developed over the years through my experiences and knowledge of worldwide views of healing. I have studied Ayurvedic healing, Naturopathy, and Energy Medicine. I believe that all healing is self-healing, and we were all born with the same innate ability to heal others and ourselves.   Working in conventional medicine for years has opened my eyes to the areas in which they are lacking. In nursing school, we were taught about each body system separately, as if they were not connected internally. They barely touched on the possible emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of dis-ease. The dis-connect from our bodies and our own intuition is what I believe helps manifest our own dis-ease processes.  I believe we were put here to learn the lesson of re-connecting and becoming aware again.”   More
About Cindy:   Dr. Cindy Paulos is a minister, writer, speaker, teacher, artist, composer, lyricist and videographer, as well as a radio and TV personality.   Cindy has been writing inspired poetry and words of wisdom for most of her life. She began her spiritual connection at the age of 12, which expanded into a profound experience o...f Light at age 15. Since then, she has received inspiration and guidance from her spiritual source through messages and song. She has produced a CD series of her original poems set to music, entitled Inspirational Messages By Cindy.   In addition, she is an accomplished composer. Inspired by the transition of her mother, Paulos produced and recorded her first album of original songs entitled, There Is A Forever. For more information, go to Her new CD is called “Practicing Aloha” and it features many of Maui’s top artists singing songs of Aloha.   She has a new app called the Travel Angel which is available on android and iphone   Producer and host of hundreds of radio, television and live shows, and a renowned radio talk show host for over 30 years, Paulos now hosts the longest running talk show on Maui, interviewing celebrities, political leaders and spiritual teachers.   Her newest venture is the founding of a non-profit, The Metaphysical Media Network, which will feature a 24/7 inspirational internet radio station. She will have Metaphysical talk and music and shows available for people to use to share their messages. More