Mind Body and Spirit Wellness

With Velvet Star Chong (Florida,USA)

Rediscover the Power of Nature!

Velvet Spiritual Velvet Star Chong joins us this month at Spiritualists International Magazine, to share just how to get the most of nature! Learn how to use the forces of the natural world to find a state of balance and inner joy. From healthy eating tips, to outdoors activities with the whole family, Velvet give a ton of awesome ideas when it comes to staying in tune with nature.

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Radiating Peace


Velvet Chong Inner Peace SIMStress is the number one cause of disease and aging. Many people do not have a daily regimen of releasing stress in their lives. Instead, they pile more and more on themselves until one of their bodies begins to signal a problem. Some may ignore the signal until more stress accumulates and another body becomes affected. Now they most likely have a physical and emotional issue going on. And, some may ignore those as well. At this point, they crave peace and calm so bad, but they have tipped the iceberg and now are just overwhelmed with stress and discomfort.

     We can also carry other people’s issues, attitudes, and moods, around with us, if we do not clear ourselves daily. Think of all the people you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis, starting with the people and/or animals in your home. 

If we continue on this self-destructing journey, whether knowingly or unknowingly, how can we ever connect to the peace within that we have been craving? How can we radiate that peace from within to help others around us? Through the law of entrainment, a higher frequency of peace and calm loving energy, attracts, and boosts those with a lower frequency. Stress can definitely lower your overall frequency, making your whole field diminished and ultrasensitive. You feel rundown, and you attract the same energies until it feels like you’re walking around with a dark cloud above your head. To avoid this negative accumulation, one must engage in a daily practice of clearing those inner clouds and allowing one’s inner light to shine bright and radiantly.

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Death and Rebirth- The Space in Between

Velvet Spiritual Death Oh, the afterlife! One of the most fascinating subjects for me since I was a child. As a mind, body, and spirit balancer, I teach others (and, I am still learning, as well) to live in the present. I guide them to release the worries of the future and the past, but what about past lives or past karmas. Or even, future lives. My daughter and my nephew were born a few weeks apart, and seem very much like brother and sister from a previous life; or possibly some other familiar relationship. They seem to have decided to come through together and have remembered each other from before. All of her stories about her castles and her daughters could be memories or could be complete imagination. Either way, I love to hear the stories and the wonderment is exciting to say the least.

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Change -The Human in Motion

Velvet spiritual 1As humans, we need to move. Not just to lose weight or to get somewhere, but we actually would stop existing at some point if we stopped moving.  All of our internal and external processes need motion. When one of these processes slows down too much, something begins to accumulate and then, a blockage occurs. In our physical bodies, you can see this happen with a blood clot. What happens when the blood flow stops circulating? When stagnation sets in? Well, eventually, life itself stops.  In the same way, our minds constantly move.  When you resist thoughts or emotions that you are feeling, you create a different kind of blockage but it is still a blockage. This is why people can feel stuck in old limiting patterns and beliefs: a blockage was created in their subconscious at some point in their lives.  In my work, I have encountered patients with blockages in their arteries, chakras and spiritual paths.  These blockages may have a different clinical makeup, but essentially they are all the same.  When there is flow in our bodies and our lives, there is ease.

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The Recipe for Success

Velvet spiritual 1Have you ever noticed that some people are successful with positive personal change and some are not? What makes these people so special? Did their parents raise them a certain way, or did they grew up in a certain part of the world? Over my career in empowering people to shift away from unhealthy habits, I have found that there are three essential factors, that when in alignment, can make the difference between personal success and stagnation. Once you integrate them into your healing journey, you will find how easy it is to succeed.

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Looking at Modern Health Like Never Before

Velvet banner July

Spiritualists International had the opportunity to sit down with Healing Touch practitioner Velvet Star Chong last week to talk about the realities of this thing we call health. Of course velvet is one of our gifted SIM writers who had brought us countless insights on healing and health over the last year, but what we receive in here spoken words here is far more than even we expected. Velvet holds nothing back here in discussing the realities of living in the modern world and striving to remain health conscious. As a truly holistic healing and medical practitioner, her perspectives are not only highly educated, but also extremely balanced in all branches of health.

Perfectly blending the practices of physical and spiritual health, along with sharing the absolute best methods to choose and consume healthy foods, Velvet gives us much to consider here. She also shares in greater detail the intricacies of the Healing Touch method, and passes some key information about the history of this now accredited modality of medicine.

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Youth Culture. (A One-On- One With Velvet Star Chong)


JuneSIMbanner Spiritualists International Magazine sat down with Velvet Star Chong Last week to talk about this thing called Youth Culture. How are young adults shaping the world today? What is it like to experience the world today as an adolescent? It’s a complicated subject, and Velvet helps make sense of it all with her insights, both as an evolved spiritual healer, and a recently new mother. Don’t miss this fantastic interview from Spiritualists International Magazine from our June 2015 Youth Culture issue. 

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Honor Thy Mother

velvet feb 2

Love means so many things to different people and different relationships. I love my parents and friends in a different way than I do my husband and children. The love I felt when I first met my husband and the way we celebrated while dating, engaged, and, now, married has changed on the outside, but on the inside it has just blossomed into a beautiful union that cannot be replaced.

I love that my husband, after 14 years together and two kids, can come home from a long day at work and praise me for being an awesome mom and wife. He even said, as I was thinking the same thought, that he doesn’t need to wait for a holiday to express his love for me.  Even though we may play along with the traditional Hallmark holidays for our own fun, we don’t actually need them to express how we feel all year.  We focus more on showing love and appreciation for each other year round and more spontaneously. 

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Healing From Mother Nature


     After taking several courses in pharmacology and not feeling “right” with the information, I researched other forms of healing. Our bodies were not deficient in these chemicals, so why take them to find balance? Western medicine primarily treats symptoms rather than healing the original cause of disease. Our bodies are designed in perfect divine order and naturally have a defense system lined up to prevent illness. Symptoms are the body’s way of alerting us to a malfunction, such as the little light in your car going on when your tires are low. When we quiet these alerts by suppressing with medications, our bodies stop alerting us when new imbalances occur and we go on feeling “okay” for a while or accept that this is how you feel when you age.

Since pharmaceuticals contain active and inactive ingredients, the additional chemicals that are not absorbed can be stored over time in the muscles, joints and fat. Your liver has to detoxify everything you encounter so this organ often becomes overworked and allows more chemicals to slip by. This can lead to chronic illness, which is much more difficult to treat. Plus, to add more fuel to the fire, you will most likely experience a number of side effects or adverse reactions with each medication. Common effects from medications are headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, hair loss and impotence. When you return to the doctor with this new list of symptoms, you may leave with a new list of medications to suppress these so you can feel “okay” again.

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Conventional Nurse to Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Nurse

-Velvet Star Chong 

b2ap3_thumbnail_nurseImages1.jpgI have been a Registered Nurse for almost 10 years now and have shifted from conventional medicine to a more complementary and alternative approach over the latter part. I had exposure to natural home remedies as a child, but being of a science mind, I looked for “proof” of such remedies.

I trusted what my nursing books said and the studies the pharmaceutical companies did because they sounded very valid. However, over time, I learned that there is more to a human than a physical body and that there were missing pieces to the puzzles that were presented at these medical institutions. Many times, I would hear the doctors saying to patients statements that did not seem right, but were easier than explaining that we were all different and that we didn’t all fit in the same square box that the studies said we should.

I also learned that many of these books and studies were funded by companies that were benefiting financially by the information they were “selling” to us. Things were no longer as black and white as they once seemed. For example, I remember one solution that the doctors would inject in a body part that would sometimes result in a side effect that was not listed on the label. The doctor would just say their adverse reaction had nothing to do with “his shot” and send them home. However, the patient was certain it did, as they did nothing else out of the ordinary. I finally inspected the tiny insert that came with the medication (that no one ever seems to look at and comes with all medications), only to find that they had only studied roughly 700 patients with this solution.

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