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Spiritualists International Magazine

At Spiritualists International Magazine we are dedicated to function as a central hub for advanced, interactive, spiritual learning. We are a destination where reliable and creditable wisdom is shared from expert spiritual teachers and masters from around the world.

Empowerment Through Emotional Self-Healing

Healing SIM KatyEmpowerment Through Emotional Self- Healing

One of the most challenging lessons for many human beings is to let go of the past, then learn to move forward from loss, guilt, regret and grudges in an empowered way.  Many times, this is easier said than done.  Many times, it is easier to dispense this advice to others than apply it in our own lives.

Why is that? Why is it almost impossible for some people to detach and move on from certain emotional upsetting events? Why are there are so many people who carry around their grievances from the long ago past for years and years?  Why is it so hard for us to relinquish these old, tired emotions?

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Detach, Awaken!

           Detach Awaken  Detachment, in it’s many forms, has always been a big inspiration for thought trains and a core 
principle through which I try to orient decision making, which subsequently influences the
 life that follows.

                        Taking a moment to detach from objects, people, and scenarios, can be an incredibly 
useful tool for everyday stress relief and really looking at the big picture, often times 
giving us the answer we’re looking for.
Today I’d like to share with you a few notes from one of those thought trains relating to 
the detachment of identification.


                There's a popular idea that goes ‘If the environment’s favorable the organism will 
reproduce, if not it will choose immortality’ In the scientific sense, it relates to the 
reproduction or self-sustenance of cells depending on environmental conditions.

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Using Light to Free Attachments


Cindy Paulos Detachment Spiritualists Interntional MagazineOn the material plane, we create bonds and attachments to things that we need in our life. Attachments are all right if they are not our complete support system. When we hold on tightly to our attachments, we invest our heart and soul and our identity in them. We can be attached to many things like our loved ones, our pets, our car, our lifestyle, our homeand our career. The ego can get very possessive of things that support our sense of importance.

            If you take an intensive retreat, you can get an idea of what your life would be away from attachments. Attachments make us feel secure, yet they are always in danger of being taken from us at any time. In every life there comes a time when we experience a loss of a loved one. We can lose our nice things if our financial situation changes. We will all come face to face with the ultimate experience of having to let go of our attachments when we face death.

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SIM Cover Feb 2017To really address the concept and practice of detachment, we must fist honestly identify our attachments. Detachment has almost become a cliché, or type of catch phrase from Buddhism in new age circles. There seems to be a fundamental understanding of it, but it is rarely taken to the level needed to experience personal freedom from the world and life, as we know it.

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Forgiveness Meditation -With Cindy Paulos

Forgiveness meditation Spiritualists International MagazineForgiveness is the key to inner peace. While we are aware of this fact, we ironically continue to suffer with the act of forgiveness both towards others and ourselves. What is it about the life experience that seems so deeply real that we cannot let go of, and forgive? Have we become so deeply rooted in this temporary journey called life to see beyond the trials and tribulations that cause us to resent?

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