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With Joseph Kenneth (Viña Del Mar, Chile)

Creating Creation -A Philosophical Think Piece

Creativity Spiritualists International magazine Since its beginnings, the human mind has labored tirelessly to both understand, and rationalize, its origins of creation.  But to what degree has humanities creativity itself, taken an active role in creating creation, through mythologies, religion, and legend. It’s been mentioned repeatedly this month, that we often overlook just how closely our creativity actually manifests the details of our personal reality. And having touched on this concept, I wanted to take the opportunity to dive deeper into the actual human capacity to create creation through creativity. That’s no doubt an entertaining phrase to say, but allow me to demonstrate, just how humankind has actually created its own creation.

             Regardless of your comprehension, and comfort level, with ancient creation myths and religion, these are in fact the origins of creation that the collective human psyche still subscribes to in the present paradigm.  Eastern and western traditions, as well as ancient indigenous tribal teachings, all acknowledge a divine presence of ascended masters, who either instructed humanity, or incarnated, into our current human form. There is no shortage of titles and mythologies around the world, which illustrate the creation of humanity through some form of divine intervention.

            So without getting too far ahead, I ask you, why do you think this is? Undeniable parallels between both Matriarchal and Patriarchal paths of worship, serve to prove that humanity, throughout its entire timeline of consciousness, has literally taken an active role in creating creation. Now, this statement may not be crystal clear to everyone reading, so allow me to take you on a brief journey through your own conscious manifestation, to better realize just how all of us, collectively, create, and collectively subscribe to, our own creation.

            As we move into this exploration of spiritual history and philosophy, please insert your own religious understandings into my references and examples. There are no doubt far more commonalities, than discrepancies among all spiritual paths, and I feel confident that all who read this and uphold a certain level of universal awareness, will comfortably benefit through the following mini study. 

            It can be assumed that most of our readers here at SIM are of western spiritual upbringings, although Eastern philosophy had been abundantly available to seekers around the world for decades now. Having said that, I’ve chosen to base our examination here, in Kabbalah, heavily drawing upon the tree of life imagery to demonstrate the act of human consciousness literally creating creation. For our Judeo/Christian (Patriarch) readers, you will know this symbolism as a visual guide through the story of Genesis in the Old Testament, as well as Jacobs’s ladder. And for our Gnostic readers, (Matriarch) Eastern based spiritualists, you will be familiar with how accurately the polarities of Yin and Yang, the Pingala and Ida Nadis, Ren and Du Channels, as well as the Chakra system and Elements, are embedded into the tree of life.

            The first thing to keep close in mind, is that the tree of life itself, is not only a map of the Macrocosmic/Universal manifestation, but also reflects the Microcosmic/Human manifestation. It seems fitting to quote here the age-old Hermetic axiom, ‘As above, So Below,’ which holds profound value throughout virtually all spiritual traditions created by humanity.

rising Ruach 2 copy            So lets begin by conceptualizing what is known in Kabbalah as Eni Sof. Ein Sof, or Ayn Sof  (Hebrew: אין סוף.) IIn Kabbalah, its understood as God prior to its self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm. This is the unknowable void, outside of all space and time, unborn, without form, and unknowable through human awareness alone. This field of vibration is independent of the tree, perfectly maintaining its non-existence prior to the phrase, ‘let there be light.’ We can liken this phrase from the book of Genesis, let there be light, to the crown of our tree, Kether. This point in creation, Kether, establishes the light, or Ein Sof taking conscious form, while still a non-polarized entity/frequency, having yet to slow into a dualistic nature of electric/magnetic, proton/electron, male/female, and solar/lunar, even good/evil. Kether is the divine/neutral point, just beyond creation, divine and pure, independent of all dualities, and therefore beyond judgment.

            As Kether descends in frequency, we can observe the discord of energies into our two following Sephiroth, Chokmah and Binah. We can now establish a clear dualistic nature in creation, as both male and female through the flame of Chokmah (Male) and the cup, or chalice of Binah, (Female). Bear in mind that this supernal triad may be conveniently associated with our divine trinity of creative forces. (Male, Female, and Divinity, spawn’s conscious incarnation) No doubt the timeless formula of all creation in any spiritual understanding.

  Wave forms of creation          To speak to all of our readers clearly here, I need to address two key points here. Firstly, when we look scientifically at the slowing of any single vibratory frequency, we begin to observe a division of waveforms. The divided waves of vibration naturally take a spiraling pattern/effect as they resonate outward from their higher frequency, or original source. Creation myths from both ends of the spectrum, Matriarch, and Patriarch alike, denote heavy references to the spiraling serpent of knowledge. (Descending frequencies of a polarized nature, or creation itself)

            To bridge our mythologies throughout time, with sheer scientific principle, we can recognize pure vibration, as the means of creation. We understand that all things within the known universe are in a constant state of vibration, and that they are dualistic in nature. Creation itself has spawned through the division of a previously unified source. (Ein Sof) And this coiling/spiraling division of energy, which provides conciousness and knowledge to humanity, has been personified around the world through many spiritual paths and religions.

Garden of Eden            Regardless of weather the serpent spiraling down a tree in a Garden of Eden is perceived as the Gnostic’s Goddess Sophia, The Hindu’s Skanda-Murugan, the Greeks Dionysus, the Sumerians Enki, the Egyptians Thoth Hermes, the Atlantis’s Neptune Volcan, the middle Americas Quetzlcoatl, or the Christian’s Satan, what each tradition holds in extreme equivalence, is that this coiling, descending figure, possessed, and distributed knowledge to its newly incarnated male/female counterparts. Its important to remember, that regardless of your perception of the “fall,” or removal, of humanity from its divine beginnings, the transmutation of knowledge through the “serpent” postulates the human experience that we have become familiar with as incarnated beings.

            Secondly, from this point forward, let us recognize that upon the tree of life, as well as within our own consciousness, existence is dualistic. The male/female polarity within the microcosm of the human form contains a truly intricate combination of energetic forces. On the tree of life, the divided frequencies establish the left and right pillars of Mercy (creation) and Severity, (Destruction) both balancing upon the presence of the other as a necessary counterpart. There is of course a third, central pillar on the tree, which can be likened to mindless harmony, or unity. (Note) To be human, is experience a dualistic world.  To achieve enlightenment in human form, is to attain a perfect balance and connection to these polarized forces within each of us. The center pillar of harmony is where the energy body holds its primary Chakra system in tack along the human spine/column. As each Chakra below Ajna, (the brow) is directly associated with one of the five elemental properties, we clearly see how creation/manifestation moves through our human form to connect us directly with our physical experience on earth.  It’s also worth noting, that entire tree of life contains 22 interlinking paths between all Sephiroth, and ten individual Sephirot, making a total number of 32. The human being typically contains 32 teeth, and 32 total vertebras along the spine.  

            The right and left pillars of Severity and Mercy are commonly recognized in eastern traditions as the Yin and Yang energies, as well as the Ida and Pingala Nadis, both of which can be associated to our sympathetic and Para-sympathetic nervous systems. The interplay of both these energies maintain an internal clock to provide both active and passive thought patterns that keep us balanced in daily activities.           

Ruach CTT Continuing our journey of conscious manifestation creating creation, we enter the center region of the tree. Here, we find the five Sepherioth of Geburah, (Strength) Chesed, (Mercy) Tiphareth, (Harmoney) Netzach, (Victory) and Hod, (Splender). Each of these, except Tiphareth, maintains a polarized position upon the tree, and can literally be associated with one of the five aspects of our human consciousness. Rabbi Azariel Benaham observed this central body of the tree in his ancient Hebrew writing as the Ruach. The Ruach can be understood as the body created by consciousness to explore and experience the nature of the Universe. This is done through the five human facets of consciousness that include our desire, intellect, memory, will, and imagination. Are your picking up a pattern here in the concept of consciousness creating creation? Begin to recognize that through this human body, we have manifested as a fraction of the supernal trinity found at the head of the tree.

            To complete our mini examination of human creation within the tree of life, we come to the lowest regions. These include Yesod (Foundation) and Malkuth (Kingdom). It’s important to look closely at these two remaining positions on the tree, as they are the point at which we consciously reside by day and night as human beings. By day, in physical form, we almost fully inhabit Malkuth, the physical kingdom. The human experience is based in a dense third dimensional reality, abiding by the laws of physics, observable sciences, and comprehendible spiritual perspectives. By night, when the body sleeps, consciousness is then extended further into Yesod, the lunar realms, also recognized as the bulk of the astral realms. Vast and endless dreamscapes rooted in our physical experience, reflect our earth experience to give our consciousness freedom, as our bodies rejuvenate by night. As the foundation of the physical realm, Yesod closely resembles the physical world, and is largely based on the collective thought patterns and archetypes of all conscious beings within Makluth (Earth). 

I highly recommend clicking here reading this piece. 

            It’s worth including here that each individual Sephirot, along with each of the 22 paths upon the tree, are in fact spiritual planes and gateways. As mentioned previously, this knowledge is represented in the Old Testament through Jacobs ladder.

Jacob left Beersheba, and went toward Haran. He came to the place and stayed there that night, because the sun had set. Takingone of the stones of the place, he put it under his head and lay down in that place to sleep. And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! And behold, the Lord stood above it [or "beside him"] and said, "I am the Lord, the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac; the land on which you lie I will give to you and to your descendants; and your descendants shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south; and by you and your descendants shall all the families of the earth bless themselves.”


            From the Earth to the Heavens, and every realm in between, the entirety of the Universal manifestation process has been personified through the tree of life. In further understanding the significance of each Sephirot and path, we begin to unlock a map, or ladder, to our personal ascension. This is of course the returning direction from where we exist in our current, dissension, or fall, commonly known as incarnation.


For a complete course in ascending upon the tree of life, and a study of each path and Sephirot, please click here .:


            Having completed the dissension of polarized energies within the human microcosm, we can understand, at least in theory, how we are a reflection of something greater than our human self. We can also begin to understand how our own conscious awareness, throughout time, has literally created the mythologies, legends, and archetypes associated with our creation. As we study our creation from any given spiritual path, we re-establish, and further solidify its origins. Its worth noting that even Kabbalah, with its perfectly balanced tree of life, had been rationalized by the human consciousness, and created within the thought patterns of the human psyche.

            The theological question of this entire “think piece” I’m delivering today, is, has humanity in fact created itself through its creative facets? Having bridged the gaps between human and divine, and the micro and macrocosms, (the entire universe reflected within the human body) one might begin to see themselves as the creators, using the totality of their creativity to create their own unique existence. Admittedly, this is not a concept within most of our comfort zones, nor is it a topic of huge interest to the average individual. Nonetheless, it is my hope, that having digested this information at your own personal level of comprehension, you might understand yourself, and your creative power in a new light.

-Dr. Joseph Kenneth


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