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Mind Body and Spirit Wellness

With Velvet Star Chong (Florida,USA)

The Recipe for Success

Velvet spiritual 1Have you ever noticed that some people are successful with positive personal change and some are not? What makes these people so special? Did their parents raise them a certain way, or did they grew up in a certain part of the world? Over my career in empowering people to shift away from unhealthy habits, I have found that there are three essential factors, that when in alignment, can make the difference between personal success and stagnation. Once you integrate them into your healing journey, you will find how easy it is to succeed.


            Awareness is the first key to achievement. Personal change is hard because you have to admit that there is something to change. No one is perfect, and in order to grow into a healthy adult, you must really look inside and see what is not right and be ready to be better. Whether you dive deep into yourself on your own, or you have a friend or therapist help you, identifying your issues early on is an integral part of the process. Once aware of your issues, you can discover ways to overcome them. It is quite liberating to finally have yourself exposed. You can go on escaping your issues for a little longer, but I promise, it will feel so much better to take off the mask and begin to reveal your true authentic self.

Velvet spiritual 2            To be successful, you must believe.  I love the statement by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Your cells carry your beliefs around with you, so if you feel stuck and you are not achieving your goals, you most likely have old limiting patterns that are hindering your growth. Some old patterns have been subconsciously programmed from childhood, including blaming others or society for our issues, and releasing responsibility from ourselves. Or you may think you just have a big body type, or there is just not enough time to work out or spend time with the family. You can create your own reality by the law of attraction and manifestation, so if you think that it’s impossible, or you don’t deserve it, that will be so. The power of belief can help you overcome anything. Trust in this process. Have faith in yourself. I believe that God is within each of us, and knowing that is enough to help you succeed.

            The last ingredient would be a strong support system. Find out who also believes in you and the change you want to make. It may be one special family member, or a group of co-workers. Spend time with them and surround yourself with other positive people. With the power of entrainment, you can raise yourself up to their frequency and use this momentum to thrust forward. Your friends may be inspired by your motivation to change, and you may have the opportunity to support them as well. I love how entrainment works!

            Once you have succeeded in one personal change, you can maintain it by being mindful in your daily actions. When you are present, it is much easier to make better choices. If you released unnecessary weight from your body, and you hit a bump in the road, such as a bad week at work or a fight with your spouse, you may be tempted to soothe yourself with food. These times are the toughest, but if you truly practice being present and you identify your thoughts and emotions, before suppressing them, things will get easier every day. Short-term solutions are just that. Believe that you can make a different choice in these situations and call your support. God is always listening.  Remember, YOU have abundant potential and only YOU are getting in the way of yourself. Move over and get ready to shine! I recently heard Marianne Williamson say that we are sometimes more afraid of our light than our darkness, and that is why it is so easy to continue on the path of disappointment and failure. It is comfortable and familiar there, as you’ve been there for years. But, now is your time to open your heart and align yourself with God so you can advance yourself and others. I believe in you. Now, it’s YOUR turn! Namaste!

In love and light,

Velvet Star


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This was fantastic! thank you.:(:(

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You're welcome! Make today happy and healthy!

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Thank you for this Velvet. I have actually been working on some harder personal challenges letely and this seems to be what i needed to hear. Timing is no coincidence i realize, but am very thankful for this message. Namaste:)

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You're welcome! Be ready for more "coincidences," as you become more aware. Have a beautiful journey!

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thank you for another great article velvet.

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You're welcome, Casey! I'm so happy you enjoy them!

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