Expanding Consciousness

With Mat Wood (Derbyshire, United Kingdom)

Detach, Awaken!

           Detach Awaken  Detachment, in it’s many forms, has always been a big inspiration for thought trains and a core 
principle through which I try to orient decision making, which subsequently influences the
 life that follows.

                        Taking a moment to detach from objects, people, and scenarios, can be an incredibly 
useful tool for everyday stress relief and really looking at the big picture, often times 
giving us the answer we’re looking for.
Today I’d like to share with you a few notes from one of those thought trains relating to 
the detachment of identification.


                There's a popular idea that goes ‘If the environment’s favorable the organism will 
reproduce, if not it will choose immortality’ In the scientific sense, it relates to the 
reproduction or self-sustenance of cells depending on environmental conditions.

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Pop Culture- Spiritual Tools of Global Transformation

Mat Spiritual LBTSo, Pop culture. As an ‘alternative’ kind of kid I never took too much interest within it. In truth, I always thought of it as a mirror of what not to become, lol… But the older I get, the more it fascinates me, especially in terms of its value throughout the course of human evolution as a tool for education and personal development.

            The umbrella of pop culture is essentially an overview of modern day popular phenomena, and we can look at this as a reflection of global opportunity, showing us where our ideas could be relevant in order to be beneficial in our actions.  It shows us how significant a particular thing is within a certain area of society, and gives us a guide towards asserting ourselves in a particular situation such as making lifestyle choices.

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Art- Foundations of Creativity

Spiritualists International Magazine Universal flowSpiritualists International Magazine had the chance to sit down with Mat Wood last week to talk about the foundations of artistic creation. As usual, Mat brings his advanced insights and charm into this delightful conversation. Sharing his own artistic journey in the development of his tattoo business, while giving us a universal perspective of just how creativity manifests through our minds to give us our artistic expression in this dimension, Mat delivers a deep and comprehensive overview of art.

There’s quite a bit of spiritual information packed into this short video, so be sure to watch it a few times to absorb all that mat is passing along to us here.

You may leave your comments with mat directly below.

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Religion and the Sacred Ceremony

Mat spiritual 1For this months topic of Religion, in it’s many forms, I’d like to look at it’s roots, and ask why it seems to be so taboo, while looking at the qualities and benefits that these ancient practices have to offer.

            I was once within a meditation after watching a video on YouTube of Ethno botanist Terrence McKenna’s ‘stoned ape theory’; a theory, which postulates the motion from Ape to Man, was influenced by the use of psychoactive compounds found in nature.
The experiences with these extraordinary compounds could be a major contributor in all we think we know today.

            In the meditation, a concept was presented to me which displayed the psychedelic experience that an Ape might have, and how he might communicate this to other members of his troop.  Many of us are familiar with the famous words of Danish Economist Ester Boserup “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, and these words fit quite nicely with this example. 
                Should an Ape have such a mind-altering experience, it’s probable that there would be a desire to communicate it, and as the balance between having these experiences and the ability to express them outweighs, there becomes a necessity for language to develop further.

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Music- The Language of the Universe

Mat Spiritual 1Music is referred to by many as the language of the universe, and quite rightly so! 

  • Personally I think we often take for granted the power of sound and how it influences the experiences of our daily lives. We know too well the concepts of vibration and how they construct our physical universe, but how often do we remember that we actually exist as an instrument in part of the universal song? 

           The music we listen to on a daily basis can be seen as a microscopic reflection of the macrocosmic universe, a fractal of the whole, and for this reason ‘The language of the universe’ seems quite appropriate.

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The Positive Aspects of Media

Everything has its positive and negatives. The media has a tendency to be painted in a particularly bad light, and so I’d like to focus on its potentials in the development of human consciousness.

Mat Spiritual1            A part of modern day media that I’d like to speak about is the influential contenders, which really blossomed on social networking sites. Alternative news contenders like collective evolution, spirit science, mind unleashed, and so forth, are groups that saw an opportunity to be really effective in making a difference to the way we receive daily influence through scrolling our Facebook newsfeeds, and made a significant move closer to the change we’re all pointing towards.

            And for this I salute them! They continue to provide a daily dose of inspiration in what could be seen as one of the most important media aspects of the generation. After all, most of us today periodically attend to our devices to absorb information which serves as an influential contributor to which we conduct our days activities; lives, and accordingly usher in the next age of the planet for the rest of us. 

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Youth Culture in the UK -With Mat Wood

JuneSIMbanner Spiritualists International Magazine had a chance to speak with one of our favorite authors last week about youth culture in the UK. Mat Wood, from Derbyshire United Kingdom, gives us the truth of matters regarding modern lifestyles of western European youth, their global influences and impacts, as well as share his brilliant spiritual insights with us in this special interview. As a highly spiritually advanced young adult, Mat’s influence within his social circles is constantly expressed. His work both personally and professionally are sure to impress, and we invite you to enjoy his charm and wisdom right here.

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Living to make a Difference -A Conscious Shift

mat 1In realizing the greater nature of our reality, and wanting to pertain more towards it, we naturally gravitate toward ways that we can experience this kind of reality with a greater sense of ease, and stronger sense of accomplishment. 
In the same way we move towards and away from certain kinds of music, people and situations, because they effect us in certain ways, so to do the other influences in our lives. Being in a position of being more able to consciously control these, puts us in a greater state of effectively predicting our own future through having greater control over the experiences we receive.

      If we choose the experiences of our lives, such as deciding to go to the shop, we see how it is possible to cultivate an ability to make a conscious choice in deciding the way we respond to experiences we didn’t choose to receive; experiences such as confrontation that are not particularly favored. In this way, we develop a catalyst that refines the nature of the experiences we receive, in a similar manner that deciding to shop at certain places determines the nature of the products we receive.

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Understanding Money


Mat banner april2Ahhh money, what an epic conundrum.

On one side of the proverbial coin we have the qualities that align with our ego, and on the other, we have qualities that align with our purer nature. 

The conventions of which the monetary system operates can cause a tendency to look at it as somewhat evil; we’ve all heard the saying ‘more money more problems’.

The question posed here would be - Is the invention of money itself a bad thing? Or is it the conditions within which it operates?

We know quite well that money serves as a blockade to the things we need, rather than a means of access to them. The resources we pay for come from the Earth, which possesses an abundance of these materials.

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Science and Spirituality



It could be said that one of the most exciting developments of our time is the union between spirit and science. These two aspects of the human experience, while being seemingly disconnected share more connections than they do differences, being more like counterparts than conflicts. Many discoveries within modern science are coming to document the songs that the spiritual wisdoms of ancient cultures have been singing for millennia, broadening the scope of general human understanding as a result of this union. 

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Love and Romance

mat Feb Banner


          When thinking about Valentine’s Day, my mind naturally becomes focused upon questions regarding the nature of our relationships with others.  Over the years of a life, we all find ourselves involved in relationships, some platonic, others romantic in nature.  No matter the tenor of a relationship, there are certain qualities that seem to be reflected between all of them.  For example, in all relationships, a reciprocal influence is exchanged that integrates both conscious and subconscious characteristics from each party in the interaction; whether it be a conscious evolution of the belief system or a subconscious absorption of mannerisms, without realizing it, we adopt numerous aspects of those with whom we have a relationship, and, equally, transmit characteristics and qualities which they adopt from us.

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Relative Harmony

relative harmony post Mat Wood


This article hopes to illuminate the principles of harmony and how we use them in everyday life. The intention is to address examples of harmony and disharmony within everyday life and in music, merging them together to create further holistic balance so that it might benefit our modern day lifestyle.

Harmony is a principle that has been used for eons. Whether we’re looking in terms of music or a journey toward world peace, harmonious balance is a recurring constant that highlights ways of progressive ascension in the most relevant manners possible.

As is with everything in reality, harmony is relative to the observer. Just as we create our own realities based upon what is relevant to us at the time of doing so, various harmonious compositions will be more attractive at some times than others.

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Conversation With The Sun

When I think of your presence, I am reminded of what I am and what I am to become. 

mat 1     When you migrate for the winter, the energy I experience whilst within your magnificent presence I must then reproduce, providing the internal fire to serve throughout the winter months, proceeding through spring back into summer again in order to realize a more accurate portrayal of your divine presence, radiating outwardly the god presence within.

 Accordingly, this information gave me further understandings on the methodologies behind the preservations of body heat exhibited throughout the animal kingdom and I thank you for such wisdoms.

 I understand more accurately now how we truly must BE the change we wish to see as teaching these methods alone will not quite work, a leader leads by example, exactly like you do.

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