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Who Am I, Really?

Jack OBE Banner SeptOut of body has shown me so many things over the decades, and it has taught me so much as well. I have been excited beyond belief, and astounded beyond belief.

            There is one thing that has changed my life much greater than most, and that is in the identity of who I am. This has grown now to the point that I look into everyone’s faces, and I don’t see them as they look, but only as they are in their personalities. Sound weird? Let me explain.

            When I started getting out, I discovered my astral body, at that time a glowing white and blue. It did not look anything like Jack. Then when I found out about some of my past lives, by commanding my self to see them; I learned I was many different, people who had different lives, in different time eras. None of them looked like Jack either.

            Then when I found out that I have been living in the other side for eons of time, I went to see what I looked like in that situation.

I have seen Connie, my wife; in her real form as well, as some of my sons, etc. They look nothing like they do here in the physical.

            So finally, many years ago, I got up one morning, and I went to the bathroom sink to wash my face. As I did, I looked up at myself and saw Jack looking back in the mirror. Who was I, really? I really did not know. I had actually lost connection with myself, who I was. I then also realized I had lost a certain connection with who Connie was, who my children are, as well as my parents, friends and other family members.

            For a long time after that I grew depressed, very depressed. I had no identity. In time I grew out of my depression, and then made the choice that the real me was the person on the other side, the one who I was before I ever came to the physical, and who I will return to being after Jack passes on.

            This set well with me for many years. But you know something? As I continued to grow older and more educated in out of body travel, and the ways of the spirit, I once again changed who I thought I was.

            You see, if you want the straight talk, I am not Jack, nor any of my past lives, nor the person I am on the other side. I am as you and you are as me. Scaring you? A little? We all are only spirit, a glowing spec of conscious, living energy. You see, there is no real body for us. We are all part of Father’s (God’s) body, we are a single cell within it. Got you all confused? Good!

            If two spirits, two specs of living, conscious, living energy floated across from one another and wanted to communicate, they can through telepathy. But they really can’t see each other, hear each other’s words, or feel each other’s touch. It’s pretty boring at best. This is where the body comes in.

            We don’t need eyes on the other side to see, but we have them. Nor do we need ears to hear, or a mouth to speak. But all these things give us, over there, as here; we develop a personality, as well as closeness to each other.

            We don’t need a hand to pick something up over there, but we have hands. The physical type body is sort of the universal body that in general, is used for our self-expression to one another, and not for actual use.

            So when I look at myself in the mirror, I see the “meat suit” I am in for the moment. When I look in the mirror on the other side I see another face, still not me. When I look at my past lives, still not me. When I look at my lovely wife Connie, I do not see her as Connie any longer.

            I see no male or female, as I have been both. I see no fat man or skinny man. I only know what I truly am.

            As I command myself to fly at uncountable speed, as I fly through a wall, as I join Father in His body for a visit, I then know and feel the real me. I see no body, no man or girl, no hands, no feet, mouth, only the real me. That which you are, your spouse is, your children are, a happy, powerful, glowing spec of living, conscious energy.




After death, you go back to being the being you have always been, the one you were before, and the one you will return to, even though you do not remember. When you take your last breath, and it flows back out your body, you will float upward, out of your physical body. As you ascend upwards, you will feel your mind from before come back to you. You will know quickly who you were, and where you are going to return.

            Confusion will fade away rather quickly, and you might feel sad for a time, knowing of the loved ones who are left behind to weep over you.

            Within moments, you will be mentally complete, and you might look back to say goodbye to the body laying behind you, the one you called home for so many years. Your heart may be saddened.

            The fog will come around you and go. Where will you be? Well some say different things in regards to this.

            In the end, you shall be back in the home you left behind to become the person you were back before your physical life.

            You shall do what you do there, and you shall exist there as you always had. But as your memories of the physical fade away, so will many of the memories you had there, especially the bad ones, but the lessons you learned there will always be with you, forever.

            As you raise your glass, and your minds wandering off, you might then somehow think back and remember the life you had here and those you loved.

            And as you do this, you will smile and know that as you, they too had their lives to live here. You might wonder if they are living another life in the physical now, or maybe in another place, learning what they will learn and experiencing what they will experience.

            You see it is all a circle, a circle of learning to be better, the best you can be, a circle that never stops, for there is always a new adventure awaiting you, somewhere.




This method I have done for years and years. I have had extremely good success with this method and it is my third favorite obe technique. This technique is a lot different in many ways than other methods. I have written in the past, and it could be just what some of you maybe looking for.

            There are a number of upsides to this method. One being that you do not need to usually go through the major muscle relaxation, and the heart rate reduction and breathing control that usually has to be done before your actual technique starts. Also, for you who have a lot of trouble finding a peaceful, quiet place to do your obe technique, this could be of help. And also for those of you who finish your muscle relaxation, and then have trouble getting tired enough to doze off to let your spirit free, this could help you too.

            There is a possible negative side to it though. You have to wake up in the middle of your nightly sleep cycle to do this. This is trouble for those of you who need to get to work early and can’t afford any lack of sleep. (In this case, maybe try this method on your days off, etc.)

            Got your interest? Good deal! Let’s go. When you go to bed, set your alarm clock to go off about 4 hours into your sleep cycle. Example, if you go to bed at 9 P.M. set your clock for around 1 A.M. Now if you’re an old person like me, and get up a few times a night anyway, you can scrap the alarm.

            So, if you need to go to the bathroom, get up slowly and quietly, trying not to wake yourself up anymore than need be. Do your business, keeping your mind as blank as possible and your body as relaxed as possible also. Get back into bed slowly. Then simply get into your most comfortable sleeping position. (Which is most likely the position you woke up in) Check your body for tightness, also making sure your breathing and heart rate is slow. If they need attention, do a quick muscle, heart, breathing technique and when your body is ready, simply go right into the obe technique you want to try. (Target method, affirmative method, object method, etc.)

            The reason this is such a good method is that since you have been fast asleep for 4 hours, your body is already relaxed and your heart and breathing is where it needs to be, or at least close, in this way excluding the relaxation process usually needed. Also, your body needs more than 4 hours of sleep, so hopefully without to much trouble, it should fall asleep, setting your spirit free.


-Jack Seccombe


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As always a beautiful message today jack. Im working with the new exit technique this week. Also wanted to say that your words on the final exit were magnificent here. Thanks as always.:p

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Hi Emily, Thank you for your wonderful words and I hope you will have great success with your out of body techniques. This column was my last writing for Sims and I thank you again for all your nice comments and your great input. You can still...

Hi Emily, Thank you for your wonderful words and I hope you will have great success with your out of body techniques. This column was my last writing for Sims and I thank you again for all your nice comments and your great input. You can still contact me if you wish at [email protected]
Again, thank you so much, will miss you all. Jack.

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Jack, i just read your comment. Sorry to see that. I wanted to say that your description of leaving the body for the last time was absolutely beautiful. You are a perfect illistrator of words

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Hi Tara and thanks for the nice words. I hope your obe future will be very rewarding and fun as well. Thank you for all your past comments also. I wish you and yours all the best, Jack.

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