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Music -The Editor's Column

SIM Cover OctSince the dawn of time, humankind has used music as a fundamental form of expression. Through the most primitive forms of tribal rhythm to drive the dance, to the elaborate explosions in composition recognized in the Baroque and the Romantic periods, the use of tone and rhythm have remained as close and necessary to the human spirit, as air to it’s body.

            And why is this, we may ask? Why has this vital aspect of our existence called music remained such an integral aspect of our existence throughout time? We might begin to answer this question by looking at the original works of the man still called the father of music, Pythagoras, who was the first man to ever prescribe music, and it healing aspects of frequency, as actual medicine. We may also discover the absolute fundamentals of music when reviewing such spiritual traditions as the Kabbalah, in which music, with its tonal qualities is said to manifest the entirety of creation through “the word” of God.

     In our modern times, there is little doubt that music, and the tonal frequency it carries, creates a direct response both within our physical, and spiritual bodies. So how do we, as modern humans, utilize the power of music in our time? Why is it so important to understand this tool that we use so frequently in all aspects of our lives? Why does the human soul remain so closely connected to the beauty and emotion created by music?

            While its possible that there is more to be discovered about this phenomenon of music than can ever be written in words, we, at SIM have dedicated our entire issue this month to revealing as much as we possibly can, to uncover the true magic of music. As an undeniably powerful property in universal rhythms, music, and the frequency it carries, could be acknowledged as the very fabric of formation. As the entirety of creation calmly resonates in perfect harmony at every level of the microcosm to the macrocosm, each planet, every star, every cell tissue and organ, every proton and electron, and every last quantum particle connecting the invisible threads of creation, we realize there is a truly magnificent universal symphony in constant motion. Simply by entertaining this notion, we appreciate that music, is literally all around us.

            Join us all month, as our spiritual writers and teachers from around the world explore a wide range of musical topics to help uncover new ideas, recap the vital history, and unlock the finest methods of spiritual growth, through understanding the true value and presence of music in our existence.

-William May


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Music -Meditational Tools
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Awesome! A seriously perfect spiritual topic her guys. Looking forward to this one.:o:o

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I personally am really excited about this issue and topic. As a musician myself, Im lookng forward to covering some deep topics, as well as reading what everyone else is bringing to the issue.

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What a great issue this will be.
looking forward:o

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