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Founder of Soul Evolution center and LBT co founder, Katy Simmone brings us her advanced spiritual gifts and insights . "Live your life from the inside out" has become her well known message, and she shows us how to do just this, and evolve into our best possible life.

Change -The Great Shift

Change in the New Age of Aquarius

 SIM cover November “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

Change, an intimidating topic for some who fear what it will bring, that which is unknown.  Change is the one thing in life that is permanent.  In fact, it has defined and shaped human history since the beginning of time. 

            Without change, each one of us cannot spiritually mature. We are all divine, evolving souls, who have chosen to incarnate on the planet Earth, to realize our divinity, and to become fully this.  This process of realizing our divinity is an unfolding that occurs through change within us. 

            Sometimes, these changes are rapid and volatile. Sometimes, they are more measured and consistent.  Know that in whatever form these changes take place for you, it is the right form for you.  It is in the form, and at the pace that your Higher Self has acquiesced to.

            You’re Higher Self is that part of you that is All-Knowing, and has your Life Plan.  Take reassurance that there is a Divine Order, a Divine Flow, and definitive organizing pattern behind your life and the seeming chaos.


       New Age Spiritual     Humanity is now in the astrological age of Aquarius. All of the Earth’s inhabitants will shift as well, including the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms. The planet will be shifting from Third Dimension, otherwise known as 3D consciousness, to the 4D, and then to the 5D consciousness of enlightenment. This age will be one of a harmonious world, unified in peace, and well balanced.  

            However, as part of this process, many are experiencing tumultuous transitions in their lives.  Some may feel that their lives have gone topsy-turvy, or that their world has turned upside down. That which you have accepted or been comfortable with all of your life may have changed.  You may be experiencing dramatic shifts in your perception of reality and how you perceive the world. You may be questioning your place in the world and what it is you are meant to do.

          In fact, many are entering a new paradigm of major shifts. Know that you are not alone, and many are having similar, seemingly disruptive changes.  These are new beginnings, marking the ends of one’s life stages and the important start of others. Again, this is not just occurring for many individuals, but for the Earth at large, as part of its growth process. Presently, we are experiencing a massive, major transition of spiritual transformation and healing on a planetary level.

            These fluxes are a realignment and recalibration for you to align with your True Purpose and Special Function.  If you are experiencing such change, it means that you are answering and heeding your soul’s yearning at this present moment.

            Understanding, accepting and then embracing this will provide you with hope, trust, and faith that you are indeed, being well guided.  Surrendering, and not resisting these necessary changes, will help you navigate your life better.  Learning to relinquish the old, and embrace the new, will be a giant step forward in your development.

          The following is a message, excerpted, that I channeled from Aristotle, the famous philosopher in-spirit, in April 2015.  I shared it in my eBook Aristotles Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings, which is available as a free download to all:

“…All human beings should realize the climactic changes taking place currently on the planet Earth as of this time, many new changes to help many. Understand it is part of all of your awakenings. A New Time! A New Era! A New Dawning in human history! It has all been planned for, this acceleration at fast speeds to take place. This is a good thing and a necessary requirement for advancement to the New Age.

Each and every one of you is important for each person’s development allows others to follow. It is a ripple effect of high design. Trust in us, the fine Beings, who are helping to usher in this New Age of Equanimity. ‘Tis a grand time of opportunity and aligning with your life purposes, which each of you has been designed for, individually.”

Here are three techniques which I channeled in June 2015 from Asgard, a Light Being existing in another dimensional frequency, to help you flow through these challenging times.  These are also excerpted from my eBook.

Katy new age 1“1. The Power of the Moment

Teach people how important this moment is. This specific moment in time is yours. Be present. Know each moment is precious. In each moment you have the potential to create. You can shift your emotions from despair to joy, all in a single moment.

2. Listening to Mind and the Power of Gratitude

Each moment is to be savored with gratitude. Learn to listen to your mind. You shall overcome its insistent talk.

Be grateful for all you have. Know it has been gifted to you. When you doubt, you disrupt the Universal Flow and Timing, which allows you to receive with abundance and grace.

In gratitude, all is achievable and available to you. With gratitude, you can accomplish what is in your heart’s true desire. Gratitude is a prerequisite to mastery and transcendence. Gratitude allows nature to grow, the sun to rise and to set, and the stars to twinkle. Gratitude is how the Universe was created.

A Practical Exercise in Gratitude

Be in the vibration of gratitude, and watch your life change. Your Angels work with you consistently to remind you of what you have to be grateful for. It is all around and within you. It is in your sound, your internal vibration, your very being, and your prime essence.

Be grateful. In the quietness of this simplicity, you will fully acknowledge the beauty in which you have been created. Gratitude is a valuable tool for enlightenment.

Gratitude will help carry you safely to shore in the storms of your turmoil. It is always available to you and only a thought a way. Reach for this in your moments of distress and despair. This is your lifeline. Gratitude helps you to balance your conflicting ideas. Gratitude brings you back to home. You all have this ability to feel this, even in your moods of disruption.

3. The Power of Breath

A simple breath of release will bring you here, to this place of peace, tranquility, and knowingness of who you are. The breath, a singular powerful act, to help yourself to find solace! Into this you can exist.”

The following are some additional inspirational words from Aristotle that I channeled in May 2015 to further help guide you through the times we are in:

katy new age 2Understand Yourselves

Understand yourselves. This is important. In understanding yourselves, you create more empathy for others. In developing an understanding of who you are and what makes you tick, you become more aware. In your awareness, you can create change for your betterment and well-being.

Practical Exercise: Become More Aware to Understand Yourself

Learn to become more aware of your emotions, how they arise, and why they surface. What are the circumstances leading to the disruption of your emotional state and loss of balance? These will reveal those aspects of yourself you have hidden, suppressed, and are not ready to acknowledge consciously and willingly.

Practical Exercise: Learn About Yourself

These are the times to learn about yourself, how your upbringing affected you and your perceptions, and how your mind created your belief systems. All this is important to you in understanding who you are and what you carrying around inside of you, which is your personality and projection to the world.

Your Powerful Mind

Your mind is very powerful. At times, it does you a disservice and creates unrest within yourself with its distorted perceptions, ambiguities, and inconsistencies. Become more aware of your mind, how it engages, and how it interacts with your thought systems. Be observant. This shall give you the capabilities to withdraw from those interactions, which are not conducive to your overall well-being.

Your Mind is a Ladder

Your mind is a ladder. If you can learn to use it productively and fruitfully, you will be able to climb to higher levels of thought forms and evolution. This is part of the Plan, to learn these teachings and then to integrate them into your life. In doing so, you shall help create change and demonstrate to others the availability of such growth.”

            The preceding channeled messages are based on timeless esoteric principles, which are still relevant today.  The daily, consistent application of these will help to minimize and alleviate your emotional turmoil to balance and restabilize you.  These valuable practices will enable you to maintain inner emotional control during this Age of Aquarius we are in.

-Katy Simmone


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Amazing message here!Each moment is to be savored with gratitude. Learn to listen to your mind. You shall overcome its insistent talk.

'Be grateful for all you have. Know it has been gifted to you. When you doubt, you disrupt the Universal Flow...

Amazing message here!Each moment is to be savored with gratitude. Learn to listen to your mind. You shall overcome its insistent talk.

'Be grateful for all you have. Know it has been gifted to you. When you doubt, you disrupt the Universal Flow and Timing, which allows you to receive with abundance and grace."

if we could only live this to the fullest each day with sincere dedicaction. Thank you Katy Simmone! :p:p

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