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Dr. Leana Kriel PhD. specializes in guiding humanity to accept the challenges in life, and use them to authentically evolve into higher states of consciousness. Through her own experiences, as well as her psychology and spiritual degrees, she shows us just how to evolve and exist as our own higher self.

A Time For Change

Leana spiritual change 1Do you know when your being is telling you it is time? Telling you its time for a change in small ways and in big ways? Have you learned to listen to what your being needs from you in order for you to live a good and positive life?

            We can all be somewhat hard of hearing when it comes to change. Scary is not even the word, depending on the change. Fear is usually at the forefront of events, and we have the most peculiar way of talking ourselves out of the most wonderful changes. You see with changes, all most of us see is the “change” part, and not what the future holds or the benefits of the change. So what we have to do is take a risk. Risk taking is not an event most people are comfortable with, and when you have to take them in your own space…well that becomes a challenge. 


Never regret any choice you make!!!

 Spiritual change 2           My learning has been that changes come around every few years for me in particular. These changes are usually some of the bigger changes in my space like relocating, new ventures, and even marriage or divorce.  The thing is, that if I do not make the changes required by my being, I start to suffer from it. Either on an emotional level or physically, I am not in top form. My experience has been that the changes required run in cycles, which vary for each of us. The changes also come around as the lessons are learned in that particular space. The things that no longer serve have to leave your space, or you have to leave it’s space, either way …change!

            Personally, I have been very fortunate to get to know who I am and understand that I am comprised of many different levels of consciousness. In terms of change, this means that I will wake up one morning and my first thought would be, it is time – time for changes irrespective of the area of change. It might be that I have to apply for a new position, or buy a new car or house. Sometimes the changes are shuttle; and my being just needs a change from the everyday. This will be going away for a weekend, or simply doing something out of the norm that makes you happy. 

 Leana Spiritual change          Sometimes we have a tendency only to focus on the big things, while the little things that actually keep us in tact are discarded. The big changes are always the ones that take the most consideration, and in many cases, scare us half to death, or make us exhilaratingly happy. The little things should never be forgotten, because those little changes that take almost no consideration are the ones that keep us in love for a lifetime with others and ourselves. For my birthday this year, my husband bought me the most beautiful wine glasses that I have wanted since forever. The moment I opened them I felt so valued and loved and my instant decision was, I wanted to feel like this all of the time. Instead of packing them away for only special occasions like most of us do with our beautiful and precious things, I placed these glasses front and center. They have become my “daily use” glasses. So every time I take them out for use, I catch myself with a big smile knowing I am worth it and valued. Keep in mind that my husband gave them to me, so by feeling so good when I use them, I automatically reflect that same energy back to him, which in turn makes him feel valued and loved. 

           Spiritual change3The rest of my learnings have been that the only constant in life is change. In the minuets it took you to read my story, the world has changed a hundred times over, and millions of decisions have been made that will have an impact on another. So here is my thought, when you make any kind of choice or decision that will bring about change, make sure it is done with a loving and kind heart. Make sure your choice of change benefits all parties involved, and I promise you, all will be well for you even if you are slightly scared or unsure, JUMP! 

With love and Blessings

Dr Leana Kriel.


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Great article! I like the example of the wine glasses . I think any small changes we decide to make like this can brighten up our whole life. It is TOTALLY the small things that make the biggest changes I feel.

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