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Death and Rebirth, Spiritual Beings On a Human Journey

Spiritualists International magazine simon00You have a body. I have a body. We all have a body. We live, work, play, and love in this body. When this body hurts, we feel its pain. Sometimes we abuse our body. Sometimes it abuses us. Everything else in our lives comes and goes, but we always have our body. Its form alters over the years, but it is always there, providing shelter and a means of mobility while allowing us to experience the world. It becomes our faithful companion at birth, and then it dies. Well that’s a bummer. So what happens next? Is there a next?

“Please do all you can to help our readers understand the connected cycle of death and rebirth. Our goal this month is to ‘take a bite out of fear.’” -SIM

This was my task for the month as I set to writing the March article. It took some time for me to think about the best way to share what I have learned and remember. How do I show you, dear readers, that there is nothing to fear about our body’s death? How do I convey my knowledge in a way that will show you that what happens next is not unknown, and since it is not unknown, there is nothing to fear?

Let me start by talking about the one experience we all desire: Love.


           We all know what love is, even if we have never been loved by someone, there is something in this universe that we love. It could be as simple as our morning beverage or as complex as loving our family. Whatever it may be, we know love. We are designed to love. It is the driving force behind everything we do. We either want to love or want to be loved…usually both. There must be a reason for this. Why is this our main goal when there are so many other aspects of existence to pursue? The answer is simple: the most important thing in the universe is Love.

            From a physical standpoint, the universe is a cold, inanimate place, with no concern about whether we live or die, to say nothing of our happiness. Time marches on, while the laws of physics interact relentlessly. Any one of us comes and goes from this world without so much as a nod of acknowledgment from nature. It makes us feel unimportant, insignificant…unloved. Do we really matter? Do we make a difference? What is the point of it all?

Spiritual magazine 1 It makes sense that we would fear death. If we are unimportant while alive, and then we die, it can seem hopeless. We want to mean something. We want to be important. We want to make a difference. And because most of us don’t remember what happens after death, we feel we must accomplish all we can now, because if we do nothing, we are nothing. But we are not nothing, we are Love, and Love is what turns us into something more than an unfeeling collection of atoms and energy.

            Pause from your reading for a moment to ponder your hands. They are an interesting design, are they not? But they are not you. How about your arms? Your legs? Your head? Your brain? They all compose an intricate and complex organic machine…but they are not you. So what is you?

            To answer that, you’ll want to think about how it feels when you feel love, and when you feel hurt. On your body, where is center of these two opposing emotions? Your finger? Your ankle? Your ear? Where do you feel intense love and intense hurt? Could it be…your heart? There is a reason for that, and now I finally come to the part of this month’s message that explains why none of us need fear death.

            You are not your body. You work with your body. You manipulate it. But you are not it. Spiritual SimonThink of it this way: Your body is a giant organic robot that you operate from a central location: the area near the heart (specifically, behind the sternum). This robot allows you, a being of higher energy, to interact with the physical realm, a place of lower energy. What you are is energy and consciousness. You have no form. You are an eternal thought temporarily existing within a physical construct so that you can learn while on Earth. And when your body dies, you leave it to share your lessons with the rest of us.

            So our body (robot) dies and we leave it to return…where? Why, to return Home, of course!

            We all know the tales of people coming close to death and what they experience: rising up out of their body, a tunnel of light, seeing loved ones. This is true. But then they are sent back to their body because their lessons on Earth are not finished. What happens when we don’t come back?

            When we finish our journey through the tunnel, we experience a review of the life we lived on Earth. This review is not for punishment; there is no judgment of what we have and have not done. It is a review that accomplishes two things:

1. To teach all of us (because we are all connected) about the experiences we had.

2. To answer whether or not we finished what we came to Earth to do.

spiritualists international magazine simon2As we review every moment, we will feel what other people felt when we interacted with them, for better or worse. When we made them happy, we will feel their happiness. When we hurt them, we will feel their pain. Again, this is not punishment. It is a lesson on how our actions affect others, a lesson that we will hopefully keep with us as we move on to our next task.

            Usually there is a guide with us that helps us transition from the physical to the Astral, but not always (that’s a topic for another article). Either way, what happens next depends partially on our level of development and partially on what we decide. For some of us, there is much to be learned before we can remain non-corporeal beings. These people will return to live another life in another body. For others, there will be the option of either returning to the physical or remaining in our original state of energy. This option to remain formless without constraint brings us back to the topic of Love.

            We are all beings of Love. It is the core of who we are as spiritual beings because it is the core of the Source. The Source is Love, and we are the Source. This is why the drive to love is so strong while we are here: we are trying to return to our original state. So what happens if we choose to remain in our true form after we are finished here? There are limitless options, too numerous to share. Ultimately, when we have returned to our state of pure Love, we will take our knowledge and teach it to others so that they will teach it to others, until one day we will have the option of merging with the Source again, and beyond.


“How do you know all of this?”

“Why don’t I know any of this?”

“Where is the proof?”

“Why can’t I see the soul?”

I know this because I have been there. We all have. Every one of us existed before we set up residence in our body. And every one of us will exist after we move out. The difference is only a minority retains our memories of life before life. Most of us have forgotten. This is not an accident, nor a punishment. We forget so that our learning process in this life will not be skewed by memories from the past.

Spiritual Magazine chakraThink about it this way: When you make a decision to act, are you influenced by experiences from your past? Of course you are. But what would you do if you had no memories? Would you be more likely to make an unfettered choice? This is why we forget when we come here: to learn without previous prejudice or assumptions. To learn in a pure state of ignorance, uninfluenced by what came before.

            As for proof, if you need scientific evidence to back up my claims, just wait. It will come. The human race is advancing quickly. Already technology exists to capture limited evidence of existence beyond the physical. This technology is necessary because our physical eyes are not designed to see higher states of energy. And this technology is getting better. Or, you can wait until it is time to move on and then you will see for yourself!

            In sharing what I know about our true Home, I hope it helps alleviate the fears some of us have about death. There is nothing to fear because, for us, there is no death. We are eternal. Our time on Earth is merely the latest adventure in a never-ending series of adventures. You and I have been there before. And we will return there again.

All is Love. There is no punishment, only lessons. We are the Source learning about itself. And we will never end. We are all, every one of us, immortal.

-Simon Skiles


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Death and Rebirth, There is a Forever
Death and Rebirth

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Ok so, another perfect article here. If I may,;..It makes sense that we would fear death. If we are unimportant while alive, and then we die, it can seem hopeless. We want to mean something. We want to be important." I think this is why more...

Ok so, another perfect article here. If I may,;..It makes sense that we would fear death. If we are unimportant while alive, and then we die, it can seem hopeless. We want to mean something. We want to be important." I think this is why more spiritually advanced people not only fear death less, but actually elevate to higher planes once transitioned. Where would you go energetically if you felt like nothing in life, if you existed feeling un important?? To a rather unimportant place of consciousness, or a lower place of being. I think no matter what people "believe" they should understand their true value, and focus on their spiritual path from a place of pride and not humility. Two thumbs up on the article here:o:o

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Thank you for the delightful comments, Tara. This came at the perfect time when I had recently read a mean-spirited comment on my spiritual blog. You made me smile.

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This is just beautiful! A pleasure reading this today. Can I ask, have you lost a loved one recently? And if so, do you have and suggestions on how to honor them and still release them?

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I absolutely love your articles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :o:o There are a few authors here that I really connect with, and you are one.

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