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Founder of Soul Evolution center and LBT co founder, Katy Simmone brings us her advanced spiritual gifts and insights . "Live your life from the inside out" has become her well known message, and she shows us how to do just this, and evolve into our best possible life.

Death and Rebirth- Reincarnation

Katy Reincarnation spiritualThe following information is based on my learning’s in the spiritual and metaphysical fields of study from a variety of sources on this topic.  In addition, know what I present may be unique, because it is also based on my personal experiences since my spiritual awakening in 2009.  It also comes from the telepathic information I have received to date from many Light Beings who exist in other dimensional frequencies. My hope is that you find my firsthand experiences helpful to you in believing in, and understanding better, the concepts of human reincarnation and our divine nature.

            I am an advanced channeler of Light Beings. To date, I have channeled messages from over forty-two different Light Beings. They impart information to help move humanity forth.  Telepathically, I am able to receive these messages in my thought voice inside my head.  I transcribe their messages as I hear them. 

            I have shared their inspirational messages on many social media platforms, including in a free eBook “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings.” The numerous channelings I have received on the topic of our divinity, has been definitive proof to me of the existence of our Divine Nature, which is an essential component in understanding reincarnation.


What is Reincarnation?

            The word “reincarnation” means the embodiment of a soul or spirit in a new body. after it has transmigrated from the old one upon physical passing. The purpose of which, is for the soul’s highest evolution, of realizing and fully expressing its True Divinity.  

            Through human existence, the soul develops, and has experiences for its overall growth & expansion of consciousness. More and more aspects of the soul’s Divine Nature is awakened, revealed & developed with each reincarnation.  

            Some of the major evolutionary aspects of our Divine Nature include being able to love unconditionally, compassionateness, joyfulness, peacefulness, abundance, creativity and unity awareness on all levels.  When the soul has reached these high levels of thought and emotional mastery, the reincarnation wheel is halted; Reincarnation then is no longer “mandatory” but “voluntary” for the soul.

Each of our reincarnations in human lifetimes is uniquely and individually expressed.  Each covers a broad exposure to a variety of life experiences.  We may have reincarnations, both as male or female, in different races, ethnicities and cultures and across various economic sectors and status levels.  All of these are designed to deepen our human consciousness toward divine levels and allow us to move up the human spiral of evolution.

LBT why 2 copyThe Veil

On conscious levels, many people do not remember their past reincarnations.  This is due to the Veil which we are born with. This is a metaphysical term for the mechanism that shrouds us when we incarnate that causes us to forget where we came from, what our soul agreed to do and learn.  You can say that the Veil is a key component of our learning paradigm on Earth.

As we transcend the lower aspects of our personality and become more of the Divine Being that we naturally are in our day to day life, the Veil begins to lift or becomes more transparent.  This allows you access on conscious levels to your past reincarnations and even parallel existences.  The extent of this visibility is dependent on the level of your transcendence.   

Our Divine Nature (Higher Self)

The concept of reincarnation cannot be fully understood without embracing the basic, defining principle that we are eternal, immortal spiritual beings who are evolving to realize our divineness within.  Our True Essence is one of divineness.  Our Divine Self can be referred to as our Higher Self. 

The concepts of reincarnation and human beings as Divine Beings are familiar ones in many spiritual, metaphysical & some religious teachings. Some people innately have faith and an intuitive knowingness of the relevance of these concepts and application to their lives. 

Our Divine Nature (Higher Self) vs. Our Personality (Lower Self)

We are not only our personalities.  To assume that is erroneous.  We are so much more than that. The reincarnation process is a mechanism that serves to transcend the human egoic based personality and to fully radiate our divineness. We can refer to our personality in many terms including our Lower Self, False Self or Transactional Self.

The term that I have heard telepathically to refer to our personality is “mask.”  As part of the reincarnation process for growth, the spiritual being within the human form takes on a specific personality to project or a “mask” to wear for each reincarnation.  Each personality is different and is based on a myriad of factors.  Some of these factors include what specific life lessons the spirit being was to learn during a specific lifetime, all of its past lifetimes, its unique life purpose and its energetic blueprint.

Katy reincarnation 2Questioning Our Divine Nature

Some people would question the existence of the inherent divine attributes that all human beings possess. This may be especially hard to believe in the following circumstances that we see daily in the world today: when there is violence, war and physical aggression displayed by one against another, when there is unbalanced and unequitable distribution of wealth and when a percentage of the world population does not have access to the basic necessities to sustain human life like clean drinking water, adequate shelter and food. 

These type of perceptions can make one doubt our divineness; However, know these examples illustrate the human egoic based personalities of our Lower Self in play and exertion of our free will.

My Personal Experiences with Reincarnation

Numerous times I have heard telepathically that I have had seventy-five lifetimes on Earth. I do sense that this number of lifetimes is on the higher side for human beings. Also, I have had clairvoyant visions, levels of knowingness and received telepathic communications of some of my past lifetimes. They have run the gamut of being a black handicapped male, a female in a mental institution and a prophet.   

In addition, I have been able to tune into or catch glimpses clairvoyantly of some people’s past lives during psychic readings or direct interactions. These personal experiences have validated to me evidence of the reincarnation concept.

Déjà Vus & Past Life Meditations

Perhaps, some of you have had déjà vu type experiences where you had familiarity with unknown places.  These déjà vus may be memories and recall from a past lifetime.  By participating in past life meditations or regressions, you may be able to learn of your past reincarnation.

Katy Reincarnation 3Earth as a Learning Paradigm & Karma

Our reincarnation onto the Earth in human form is the process of rediscovering and revealing more and deeper levels of our innate divine core. The Earth is a learning paradigm for this and governed by the Universal Laws.  Telepathically, I have heard Earth referred to as an “incubator.”

All that we experience in our lives is attracted to us by the Universal Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect. These laws govern the Law of Karma as well.  Many spiritual studies espouse the principle that if low vibrational karma is created on the Earthly plane in a human lifetime or lifetime(s), that it can only be rebalanced by that soul reincarnating on the Earthly plane again and again until the karmic situation is resolved in a high vibrational manner.  This is a common reason why many spirits reincarnate back as humans, to balance their “karma checkbook.”

Indeed, based on this principle, a strong case is made for us to “learn our life lessons” in a timely efficient way. A perfect analogy would be to compare our human sojourn to a classroom setting.  Who wants to be kept back at a grade level and not “pass” or graduate to the next grade?

The Big Takeaway on Reincarnation

It is in our best interests to become more aware of our thoughts, actions and relationships in order to alleviate, eliminate or rebalance possible karmic ramifications. Through mindfulness we can make better choices in our daily lives when we interact with others and how we respond to our life situations. In doing so, we contribute to and enhance the quality and speed of our evolution.  

Practical Exercise to Discover Your Reincarnation Karma

Take some time to be still and look at your life now with gentleness.  Find those situations, including people, where you have had constant conflict, discord or challenge with, or you have difficulty balancing or are out of control in. These are the primary indicators of what needs to resolve karmically in this lifetime.  It can be with certain people or in specific sectors of your life i.e. money, career, relationships or health.  

Work on achieving resolution in these areas through awareness and mindfulness so that peace, harmony and balance is reached. This clears the karma.  Use the higher qualities of love, self-love, gratitude, forgiveness of oneself and others and acceptance to shift these situations, accelerate your spiritual growth and minimize the number of your reincarnation revolutions. 

-Katy Simmone


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