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Inner Peace

SIM Spiritual Inner Peace LBTWhat does inner peace mean to you? How do you feel that balancing your inner and outer existence can bring peace to your being? The human being has sought to achieve inner peace for centuries, as a means of avoiding pain and frustration. We all see the examples of Buddhist monks who renounce worldly possessions, appearing to be in a perfect state on inner peace. But what separates us from this experience? How has our perception of the world, somehow impaired our natural state of inner peace? Why are we still outraged by worldly events? Why are we sometimes unable to control thoughts and words of anger, even towards the ones we love at times?


            Achieving true inner peace is, of course, the work of the master, and a major step in any authentic spiritual journey. This month, in Spiritualist International Magazine, we are dedicated to sharing the most effective methods and approaches to actually achieving this stare of inner peace. Our authors and special guests have developed an esteemed degree of information for us to take into our own lives, and possibly for the first time, experience what it is to know inner peace on a most real level.

            So without getting too far ahead here, it’s worth noting that truly achieving this state of being may not a reality for all. If we are not prepared to take the journey inward to accept and heal the deepest core of our beings, then we are nowhere near this spiritual state of inner peace. Join us all month as our authors take you on a journey of self-exploration, to know a place of forgiveness, leading to a destination of inner peace. It is our promise to you this month to deliver the actual recipe for you to integrate into your own life, to find a place of spiritual tranquility.

            Before leaving this website today, I highly encourage you to look at the daily spiritual practices found here, or under our Spiritual awakening menu, and choose one to exercise each week of this month. Don’t just imagine, but actually realize that you, and hundreds of other people who read these words this month will be exercising a daily spiritual practice, making a meaningful impact in their lives and the lives of those around them.

I leave you with one of my absolute favorite quotes to inspire as you finish your day.

“Peace is not a destination, it is the path”

-William May


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This sounds like quite a topic. cant wait.

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Looking forward to this with anticipation!! Also, i didint realize how deep the daily spiritual practices here were. Totally awesome stuff. Ill be working with seeing myself in others this week fyi. lol:p:p

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