Radiating Peace Within and Without

Spiritualists International Magazine Inner PeaceWhat does it take to be a true light worker in a modern world? So many of us misunderstand this very important point when we begin our journey of spiritual awakening.  Quite often, people think it is their mission to wake everybody up around them, overwhelming a sleeping crowd with a downpour of New Age information. And even though you may have good intentions to do so, do not expect them to respond to your message with full acceptance. You will be disappointed if you do. This new amazing world that you are becoming aware of, is demanding your attention in the first place. It is your activation that is taking place now, and it is an awesome journey that is full of exciting experiences and discoveries. Yet, it is not without challenges.


            Since we are all connected, there is no need to go out and preach about this new reality to everyone on the street.  People’s ignorance and rejection will only hurt your feelings and make you feel lonely and depressed.  What you can do instead, is work on yourself first, primarily on your own presence. As Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga said, “If your presence does not work, neither will your word.”

            Yes, it is fantastic that you have peeked behind the vail and had an experience of expansion and Divine bliss, but don’t forget to face your shadow as well, because it won’t forget about you, and will take any opportunity to remind you of it. A lot of “spiritual” people make this mistake:  they read lots of channelings that only inflate their spiritual ego that say, “you are so powerful and amazing as you are already, no need to do anything about yourself, just accept your grandeur, blah blah blah.” Indeed, it is great to know, but it is not doing you any favor, and is absolutely not helping you to evolve. Why? Because first of all, you have incarnated to learn, and you have this physical body for a reason.  It is very appealing to know that you are perfect already, and do not need to change anything.  But we all know that everything out there must evolve, and needs to change. There is no evolution without change. And you are waking up to your spiritual heritage during this Shift of the Ages for a reason: to raise your vibes and then to integrate that perfection into daily life connecting the two worlds, physical and spiritual. It takes a lot of work: training yourself not to judge others, forgiving, letting go of attachment to things and people, etc. that will ultimately teach you to love and accept all unconditionally.

            We are here to live in this reality, and be a part of it. And we can be incredibly effective if we can stay grounded and balanced while anchoring the highest divine light, even in the most intense environments. For you will be tested where you are sometimes, and how you respond to it is very important. Also remember, that is okay if you fail here and there, because this is how we learn here in this school of earthly life. Keep trying – there is always room for improvement!

            Now you may wonder how you can this philosophy actually work in your real life. For starters,  literally begin each day with a feeling gratitude for everything you have in your life. We all have a million things to be grateful for: even your breath, your heart beat – you would not be reading this without them keeping you alive.

SIM Inner Peace            The fact is, that peace is not something that can be forced, or bought for money.  It has to come from within. Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s words: “Be the change you want to see in the world”?  Accept yourself first, with all your glory and flaws.  Accepting yourself, allows you to have more compassion for others. To do it, you need to meditate daily, and observe what your environment is reflecting for you. Realize that it will provide you with a load of material to work on. When things get intense, breathe, and do not try to rationalize when emotions are raging. Instead, this simple meditation will help you get out of an emotional ditch by raising your vibes.

Daily Stress Release Meditation

            Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let go, and simply breathe, allowing each breath to be deeper than the one before. Visualize that you are a bubble of air in the depth of the ocean, rising upward. Relax with each breath, and allow this bubble to go up to the light. You are not running away, but simply shifting your perspective. Relax, breathe, and notice how you feel when you reach the surface and emerge into light. Breathe deeply, and open your eyes when you are ready. Once your vibrations rise, things that bothered you a lot will most likely not matter as much. Remember that you are not a victim, at any given moment, and take responsibility for your life. Guilt and blame don’t bring peace. Forgive and accept, and you will see it reflecting in your world as well.

            Many years ago, I worked in a very busy restaurant in New York City. I had to multitask doing a million things at the same time, with a smile on my face – so easy to lose balance and get overwhelmed.  And I did sometimes.  Nevertheless, it was amazing when I did not react from the ego when provoked, but was able to stay in my heart, and I witness people’s anger dissolve right there. All of it would not be possible without meditation practice in my life.

            The thing is, that if you react when someone pushes your buttons and provoking  – you will inevitably feed your energy to it, and as a result, you may feel weak afterwards. But becoming aware of what is going on, and not reacting, enables you to transmute that energy and thus bring peace into this situation. That is being a true light worker, and a peacemaker.  Your awareness and presence is what makes a huge difference in your environment. A strong spiritual practice opens your heart and gives you radiance, affecting people around you even if you never say a word to them. Yet if you do talk to them, then it will be the right words at the right time, because you have created a fertile soil with your presence. 

An elder of the Arhuaco tribe of Colombia says, “You can learn from any situation if your heart is open.”
With an open, loving heart, you radiate peace with ease and joy. You become peace.


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