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Revenge -Let it Go!

Leana Kreil Spiritualists International MagazineSo what is internal peace, and how do you even get there. Well, I think it is a journey, and quite honestly, it is a daily thing. I think you have to take each moment at a time, and deal with that moment before you can take on the next.

            My thought for this month is slightly more sinister, as the discussion is focused more on revenge. How on earth do we move from Inner peace to revenge? In order to move into you space of peace, you need to first be able to release all that is taking up space within you. Usually there is quite a bit taking up space. When we look at revenge, it does seem to look so sweet, especially when we sit and create or formulate our revenge in our mind.

            I know that we can find ourselves in situations that make us feel so helpless, and sometimes they can incapacitate us somewhat. What do we do when we feel powerless….we imagine how nice it would be to get back at another person. In some instances, we even convince ourselves that it is just getting back to that person for hurting harmless or innocent counter parts. We all know a person that we look at and think… ”If only”…. The problem with these thoughts is that they sooner or later can become stronger than what you are, and once that happens, the thoughts and their negative result on your life will become over powering and consume your space.


 Leana Kreil Spiritual            Please note the highlighted part. I note this because you need to understand that all you wish upon another person will first affect your space three fold, before it can ever move to another space. Therefore, you will first destroy yourself and your own space before it even comes near to destroying anyone else’s life.  Get out of the dark hole you are in! I promise you nothing good can come of it. Tried and tested by yours truly! The thing is, when we get hurt, we inherently want the other person to feel that same hurt, just worse. But be clear, revenge only ever destroys the avenger, and rarely the party it is directed to.

            So your next thought may be, does that mean the other person can just go on and never get their share for destruction or payback for their wrong doing? Well, your idea of right and wrong are not necessarily the same as the person next to you, so the question might be trickier than you think. When it comes to universal laws, they apply in the same for us all. So if you do A, then B is usually the result. Thus, the short answer is, of course they too will have to account for their actions. The difference is, that it may just not be in the way you dreamed it up.

Leana Kriel Spiritualists International magazine            Here is a truth you need to understand, and the sooner you get it, the better off you will be. Firstly, realize that you cannot fathom in your mind that which Karma can create. Secondly, we cannot see the future, which I happen to think is a very good thing. You do not know what will come for others in the future, or the challenges they may have to face during a later period in their life. And most of us will, in all likelihood, not whish some of those happenings on anyone. No matter how angry or hurt you may be at the time, here is just a little thought. Have you ever look at people later in their lives, and you feel sorry for the trails they are going through? Now have you ever pondered that it is only their Karma making the rounds? You see, very often, what we do today only returns to us some years later. (I am only referring to current Karma.) Which is a terrifying thought, don’t you think?

            Another thing about revenge is that it drains the life force from your body. You will find you are more tired than usual, you rarely smile, you have little good to say, and will complain most of the time. You are snappish and easily irritated, which off course you take out on everyone around you. Another fact is that you no longer appreciate anything, and you forget to be thankful. The result is that you cannot receive, and very little stays around. The cycle is perpetuated in your own personal space, because you want something bad to happen to another person.

  Leana Kriel 2 Spiritualists International Magazine          You need to move past whatever hurts you so much, and sometimes the best way to do that, is to just remove yourself from engaging in the situation. Take a deep breath, acknowledge it for what it is, and disengage. The best thing about negative energy, is that once you no longer feed it, it moves on all by itself. One of the only prayers I have learned to pray is this “Thank you for adding to that individual or situation three fold that which it has given.” Don’t add you opinion to the prayer, the universe actually knows what it is doing. FYI, as part of your daily prayers, please send love and healing to each child, every day, for they are the future, and need to carry a message of love and salvation.

            So once you have learned to let go and moved on - be vigilant. Revenge interestingly loves to pop up every now and again, just to make sure it can’t entice you to jump in and join the party again. I recently went through a few years’ worth of documents that had to be destroyed. As I perused each document before it was destroyed, I can honestly admit revenge and I had a bit of a Pow-wow! I can also tell you that in the same breath, I had a laugh. I laughed because I went there for a second, and that was also ok. I laughed because I made it out, and all things are truly ok. I even laughed because I have no attachment anymore.  Leana Kriel Spiritualists INternational Magazine 3I must tell you that I had an over whelming feeling that one or two of the documents had to be burned, and not shredded. When you get messages like these, please honor them. I have learned that it is one of the ways the universe severs a link. It has been true for me over the years. We can often believe we have moved on, and that all ties are severed. Until we have to shred our old filling! Use your angels, they will always assist, especially in the spaces you cannot see, or are not aware you can see.

Let go of that which darkens your heart and mind, for in the center of you’re being, resides your God, which illuminates your way and gives you life.

You are blessed and loved every second of every day.

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Absolutely love this message today. Just catching up on my reading here, and found this very inspirational. Thank you:)

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