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With Cindy Paulos (Wailuku, Hawaii)

The Gift of Creativity

Creativity Spiritualists International MagazineWe are all part of God ‘s Creation, alive here in this moment in time, to experience life on Earth and learn a little more with each birth.From the Creator, we are given the gift to create. There are infinite ways to be creative.


    What a miracle this is.A vision, a dream, a muse that carries the breath of inspiration for us to use in so mays. For creativity is limitless, and is always waiting to be called upon.

Yet, harnessing and controlling creativity can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it seems like it just isn’t there when you want it. There are many workshops and wonderful books that can help direct you in ways to create an environment for creativity. To me, it seems it does help to have a format to follow. You can have a method that makes it easy to put on your “getting creative attitude on.”

Here are a few tools to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Listen to inspirational music

2. Read affirmations, or inspirational poetry

3. Meditate

4. Take a walk in nature

5. Watch a sunrise or sunset

6. Stand out under the stars.


Yes, there are many tools, but it always comes down to “just doing it.”

Creativity Spiritualists International Magazine CindyWhen we are children, we are given crayons, or maybe now, computers to do artwork. You can see children get in the flow of creativity with total focus, perhaps seeing something in their minds that is just waiting to be brought to life.


I find the practice of meditation open the doors to the soul. The soul is the faucet from which Spirit can come through and speak to you. I get up before dawn at around 4 or 4:30 and meditate for an hour. This is a time that I can have peace and quiet with no interruptions. When I’m through meditating, I write down whatever comes to me.


Now, sometimes nothing seems to come. But if you just pick up a pen and you’ll find something will come through. In the book “Writing down the Bones” Natalie Goldberg suggests doing just that. Just writing every day, no mater what. Don’t stop and judge it, just get in the flow and write. I have found if a word or thought comes to me, and I don’t write it down, it can just slip away.

I also like going outside and looking at the sunrise and clouds. The beauty of God’s creation truly inspires me to try to capture a little of the magnificence of God’s creation.

There is always some reflection you can experience when you decide to try.


I always wanted to be an artist.I didn’t have the patience to take a lot of classes, but with all the apps and great ways to take photos, I now create about 4 pictures every morning. In five to ten minutes I have a picture that looks like it took days to create.

I find travel inspires me to write and take thousands of pictures. The hard part is trying to organize and figure out a way to share what comes through me. There is Instagram andFacebook, and all the social media outlets. There are many ways to easily do a blog with apps available now.

I often write whatever comes to me on my notes app on my IPhone, and put it up on Blogger or Weebly add a picture and share with followers.

One thing I've found, is that the more you follow the process, the more you can do. The creative energy feeds your awareness and appreciation for life.


True inspiration that touches ones soul, and is a very precious thing. Some of the greatest composers and writers have experienced enlightenment. The works of Wagner, Beethoven, Rachmoninoff, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and writers such as Shakespeare, Whitman, Thoreau, countless others masters, tapped into the one true source of all Creation to bring us the master pieces we still treasure today, The Gift of creativity is one of the greatest gifts we are given by God to use.

Take the time to go within and connect with your soul, which can lead you to the true source of all creation, God.

-Cindy Paulos


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Creativity, A Spiritual Matter!
Your Creativity!

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Absolutely awesome article!! I could not agree more. ythanks for the creative inspirations.

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Absolutely love this! Great article to inspire! Thank you Condy

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