Evolving to Your Higher Self

Dr. Leana Kriel PhD. specializes in guiding humanity to accept the challenges in life, and use them to authentically evolve into higher states of consciousness. Through her own experiences, as well as her psychology and spiritual degrees, she shows us just how to evolve and exist as our own higher self.

Finding Ways To Nurture Your Creativity

Leana CreativityI think before we can nurture our gifts, we first need to believe we have gifts, and once we believe it, we need to establish what they are.

            Quite the comment right? I have noticed that most of us do not believe we are worth very much, and that leads to a belief that we have no gifts that are worth anything. And even if we think we might be good at something, we do not always believe that our little bit is worth it. This is so very sad to me. Each one of us is created with such splendour and magnificence, yet we do not believe it.

Creativity Gift Spiritualists International Magazine            Perhaps the remainder of this year can challenge you into a space where you find something that you are good at, and that you enjoy doing. If you don’t know what that something is, then start to do one thing that looks like you might enjoy, and see what happens. Also think about things that you have always wanted to do or try or learn, and try your hand at one. I believe that our gifts are part of our DNA, and you will always have an inkling as to what you may enjoy. So please try one of them, who knows, it might end up becoming your passion and a brand new life may evolve from there.

            Now that you have found something that makes you smile, you will also notice that it sooths the soul and calms the mind. You become one with the now, it is usually only when you stop, that you notice the difference. It is blissful by the way.

            If you have found your gifts, and already know what they are, then you may also find that you are rather stuck in your ways. I think it is a good idea to see how others utilise the same or similar gift, and where they draw their inspiration from. By being open to try new things in new ways, you learn and evolve. Nature is a magnificent teacher, use her wisdom. Next thing you know, you discovered another gift. Oh, you do know we all have plenty of gifts? If you did not know, then it is time to open up the box and get to know the rest of your beautiful gifts. There is no reason in allowing them to slumber. 

  Creativity Giving Spiritualists International Magazine          You know, some spiritual gifts present themselves in day to day activities without us even realising they are extraordinary gifts. I know there are little things I do that mostly puts a smile on the face of another person, very much the same effect as giving someone a present. So if you do something that has the same effect on people, perhaps your chocolate cake makes them smile, you might be onto something. Whatever makes another person smile had to have made you happy in doing it, otherwise it would not have made them smile. Gifts are not always the biggest events and things. They can be small and look insignificant, however, they can greatly change your world. Please take your gifts and give them a life, they will change yours forever, and for the better. Learn and explore all you can about your gift, but most importantly GIVE IT AWAY. Gifts are given to you to share with others. There is a reason they are called GIFTS.

May you be blessed always.




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