Living Your Divinity

With Cindy Paulos (Wailuku, Hawaii)

Understanding Forgiveness

Spiritualists International forgiveness 1To err is human, to forgive divine.

~Alexander Pope

Seed thoughts for this chapter


Forgiveness becomes our teacher at some point in our lives, and if we live long enough, we will experience many things to forgive. Christ was a great teacher who practiced and spoke about forgiveness. Much of the world then was lost in darkness, practicing an eye-for-an-eye retribution. So when Christ suggested loving our enemies and turning the other cheek, he was offering a revolutionary teaching for humanity. Even now, 2,000 years later, we find forgiveness one of the hardest lessons to learn.

One of the hardest things about forgiveness is that we must learn to forgive ourselves so that we may forgive others. We may feel that we have not lived up to what we wished to be. Or we may regret some of our actions and be remorseful about them. Sometimes we blame ourselves far more than we blame others for what did to us. In such cases self-forgiveness is very important.

If we could see an overview of many lifetimes of our existence we may see that karma plays a role in what can happen to hurt us here. Of course, not knowing the whole picture, it is easy to slip into “Why me?” or victim consciousness. The hard thing to see is that when we think like a victim we actually draw more of the same to us.

We never really know how long we have to live here, so it is a good practice to clean the slate and do some conscious forgiveness for ourselves and others. In doing this we become more God-like and less driven by our ego. If we ask Christ or God for forgiveness, we may feel the grace of compassion come to lighten the load of anger and disappointment.

          Read some of these poems on forgiveness. You may be inspired to meditate or pray to find a way to forgive yourself for any hurt you have caused and to forgive anyone who has hurt you. Many blessings come with forgiveness.


Spiritualists Interational Dalai LamaForgive

Deep, so deep is the well of forgiveness,

Deep is the hidden pain and fear.

Trust that the light of love calls you

To restore and heal you, so you may regain

The power to serve yourself and others here.

 Be attuned to the truth,

And go to the Source and the heart of all.

Offer yourself the option of choosing

To let go of the past so you can be free and clear.

Extend yourself to reach for the olive branch

That the Holy Dove offers you to release your fear,

For there is great peace that is present,

When you forgive yourself and love others everywhere.

You can be free of what is holding you back

From happiness and purpose in your life.

Deep, so deep the well of forgiveness,

So go to the well of love and find what is right.

Go to the well of love and forgiveness,

Release yourself from pain and fear,

Pour the waters of healing over you

To find the solution needed for you here.

Lord, Heal this Weary Heart


Lord, heal this tired and weary heart,

Let redemption come to me,

Let the light you carry

Show me how to be.

All that I have longed for,

Was to know a love Divine.

All that I’ve been searching for,

Was to let your presence be with mine.

Here in the sweet hush of dawn,

I try to come to terms with reality,

And the truth is that I’m

Afraid to face the darkness

That keeps me from being free.

Let me make some sense

Of what this world is all about,

Why there is such violence here.

When it’s just forgiveness

And acceptance that counts.

I know that there’s such glory

In Heaven’s sacred land,

Yet here on Earth,

It seems that money’s the rule,

And power is in command.

Let there be some way for light

To shine down upon this place,

And see that good is winning,

And we all can see the Way.

May this long, long journey

Be a pilgrimage to peace,

And all of the world’s nations

Join as one to find relief.


Forgiveness Prayer


Lord, thank you for teaching me

How to live with your love eternally,

So I can find the way I wish to be,

A refection of your compassion

And your forgiving grace.

Pour you blessings through my soul,

So I can share these words you give,

So I can share through your love

How precious this life really is,

And the great opportunity you give

To live and love and learn each day.

Lord, help me release the negative energy

That comes when I judge others and what they do,

Which sometimes leads me into darkness,

‘Til I see how I am judging myself too.

When I can see the light in another’s soul,

Then I can find the compassion

I need on this journey,

Until I reach home.

For this planet is such a learning place,

With lessons taught us every day,

It takes remembering that forgiveness is the key,

So we may understand how we can be free

To walk life’s path with love as our teacher eternally.

So Lord, let me forgive any

Who I feel have hurt me here,

And let me forgive myself

For any harm I may have caused

By my attitude or fear.

And if we are stubborn

And caught up in our ego or fear,

It may take a little more time

To learn to let kindness be our state of mind.

I thank you, Lord, for the blessings you bring,

I thank you, Lord, for the love you bring.

And whenever I feel need or am in despair,

I know, Lord, that you are always there.

God’s Forgiveness


All of the secrets

That live in the shadows,

Bring them out to be free.

Don’t let them wallow

In the light of the new day,

They can be taken away.

So let go of them now, here today.

You can be free to smile,

And free to laugh,

Free of the ancient dramas,

And the chains you’ve

Carried and cursed.

Allow all the burdens you have carried

To be given to God,

And with forgiveness be married.

All of those distractions,

All the crutches you’ve used,

No longer are needed,

Just say no to them and refuse.

Refuse the negative anger,

So you can enjoy your brief time on Earth.

And let the beauty of the cosmos

Live in your rebirth.

There is a progression that‘s taking place,

So have faith, my friend, in a better way.

Pray to the Lord,

Raise up your hands

And open the door to a greater Plan.

If you believe the Lord’s

Listening right now,

Know that indeed,

He will show you how

To let the shadows flee.

With God’s forgiveness, it’s a brand new day.

-Cindy Paulos


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