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Forgiving, -The Most Revolutionary Thing You Can Do!

Forgiveness BoyerMy mid-twenties were some of the most destructive years of my life. My son’s mother and I had separated after years in a difficult relationship, our mutual friends were choosing sides, and I was severely depressed. Years have passed, and now people wonder how we remain so civil with one other. The answer is that we made the choice to forgive.

            Forgiveness is a revolutionary act with the power to move mountains. Most of the samskaras we carry around can be usurped by simply choosing to forgive ourselves and others. Many of the vices that plague individuals and humanity can be resolved with this act. When we forgive, we unburden ourselves from the thoughts that keep us in perpetual cycles of suffering. Like Neo stopping bullets in The Matrix, forgiveness has an almost supernatural ability to effect radical change.

            Forgiveness begins with acceptance. If we believe that we are all part of God - then nothing can be wrong in its essence. The fact that something exists at all makes it a valid expression of the Creator. Every potential experience is allowed as an opportunity for growth. This is hard for some to accept, but the wealth of near death experience reports suggest that we choose our life path before birth - knowing full well what will likely play out. NDEers say that in the pre-birth Spirit world, our upcoming life experiences - no matter how difficult - are agreed upon. They may be ugly, destructive, or selfish, but they are perfect for our spiritual growth. Rather than wage war on the darkness, we need to look it the eye, study it, accept it, and learn from it.

            The wars on poverty, crime, drugs, and terrorism have something in common: they all create more of what they oppose. This is not by accident - it’s a universal law. Thoughts are things. The more you focus on the thing you hate, the more energy you give it and the more powerful it becomes. When we fight against another aspect of Infinite Consciousness, we are only fighting ourselves. Forgiveness of self and others ends the cycle.

            In a time of political and social upheaval, our natural reaction is to resist ideas that we don’t agree with. Protests in the streets may be well intentioned, but they will never solve the foundational issues. These will only be overcome when we try to understand the perspective of our enemies. What kind of history and programming is leading to their perspective? Understand that they could easily have been you, and you them. From a higher perspective, there is no separation.

            Forgiveness can be the most difficult, yet most rewarding experience. You owe it to yourself to shed that spiritual weight and be free. This holiday season, give the gift of forgiveness.

-Joe Boyer


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totally awesome article! truly inspirational.

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Such a beautiful article.

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good article

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