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SIM Cover Feb 2017To really address the concept and practice of detachment, we must fist honestly identify our attachments. Detachment has almost become a cliché, or type of catch phrase from Buddhism in new age circles. There seems to be a fundamental understanding of it, but it is rarely taken to the level needed to experience personal freedom from the world and life, as we know it.

            This month, as Spiritualists International Magazine, we invite you to go further, to plunge deeper, and initiate a fresh new year with a new clarity of who you are and how the world keeps you attached to it. Weather we care to admit it or not, we all carry attachments that affect our spiritual growth, as well as our ability to make decisions based on balanced living patterns. Perhaps the greatest attachment of all is to our body and identity itself. We rise from sleep each day to function as the person we have come to establish through our memories and emotional patterns. We naturally become so immersed in our lives and physical needs, that we hardly remember the universal truth of being a soul in a human experience.

            As we examine the practice of detachment like never before this month, we ask that you keep an open mind, and an open heart. It is not our intention to provoke guilt or resentment in anyone. Rather, we simply wish to open a doorway to better understand who we are, and what keeps our minds infused with the sufferings we seem to experience here on earth. We will be presenting methods of overcoming our emotional defenses that cause inner and outer dramas, as well as some fantastic ways to kick unnecessary habits, re-define unhealthy relationships, and how to celebrate the simplicity of a detached existence.

            Our authors have put together some of the most effective methods to practice detachment, while igniting your spiritual path this year. There has never been a better time in your life than the present moment to define yourself, and understand the attachments that cause suffering. Even the practice of detaching from past grudges and resentments can reduce stress levels and decrease the risk of cancers and premature illness. Ultimately, we must come to terms with our attachment to life and our human character, and then take the meaningful steps upon our spiritual path to one day detach from its responsibilities and sufferings.

            It’s far easier said than done of course, but stick with us all month to discover just how powerful the practice of detachment can be in your spiritual journey. On behalf of all of us at Spiritualists International Magazine, happy 2017, and let this literally be the best year of your current life.

-William May

Using Light to Free Attachments
Forgiveness Meditation -With Cindy Paulos

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