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Founder of Soul Evolution center and LBT co founder, Katy Simmone brings us her advanced spiritual gifts and insights . "Live your life from the inside out" has become her well known message, and she shows us how to do just this, and evolve into our best possible life.

Empowerment Through Emotional Self-Healing

Healing SIM KatyEmpowerment Through Emotional Self- Healing

One of the most challenging lessons for many human beings is to let go of the past, then learn to move forward from loss, guilt, regret and grudges in an empowered way.  Many times, this is easier said than done.  Many times, it is easier to dispense this advice to others than apply it in our own lives.

Why is that? Why is it almost impossible for some people to detach and move on from certain emotional upsetting events? Why are there are so many people who carry around their grievances from the long ago past for years and years?  Why is it so hard for us to relinquish these old, tired emotions?


Understanding Human Nature

Let us dig a little deeper by understanding human nature.  At the core of this is that we are sentient beings.  As a result, many tend to react to their life’s experiences in an emotional way, rather than from a logical, objective perspective.  Many times, we just take things too emotionally, personally and defensively.  We impulsively react rather than rationally respond.

As a Tarot reader and teacher, that type of energy associated with feelings, emotions, reactiveness and the heart is known as the Tarot suite of Cups.  In astrology, this is associated with the water element and the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.  In Tarot, the suite of Swords is associated with logic, intellect, rationality and objectivity.  In astrology, this is associated with the element of air and the air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.  The differentiation of these two types of energy is a key to understanding yourself, in what manner you are reacting and why you may be burdened with long standing, emotional issues from the past.  Of course, the optimal balance, that is often a challenge to achieve, is that of the higher heart combined with the mind.

Why Heal & Release Some Types of Emotional Energy?

Emotions are energy.  They exist in another dimensional frequency.  Those with developed clairvoyant sight may be able to view these energies.  Those that are empaths feel this emotional energy.

Emotions vibrate, like all matter, at a certain frequency and vibration.  Those that are low vibrational (LV) can detrimentally affect your energy systems like your chakras and aura.  Some examples of LV emotional energy are:

  • Fear
  • Hate
  • Anger
  • Arrogance
  • Envy
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Judgement
  • Regret
  • Resentment
  • Shame

The following critical disruptions may occur in your human energy system because of these LV emotional energies:

  • Energy blockages
  • Less energetic flow or Life Chi
  • Imbalanced energetic flow
  • Energetic gaps, tears & detachments
  • Chakra misalignment
  • Unbalanced chakras
  • Undersized chakras
  • Oversized chakras

It is believed that emotional stress from LV energy causes the majority of disease and illness.  Over a sustained time, these energetic impediments can harm your physical health.  Who wants or needs that?  Therefore, it makes sense on many levels, energetically and physically, to be able to move through your life situations with ease and not get emotionally “stuck.”

Healing SIM Katy 2Empowering Emotional Self-Healing Exercises

I have created two simple techniques in my spiritual practice to empower my clients to release nonbeneficial situations and/or people in their lives.  I have integrated these personally into my own life.  Regularly, I apply these to free myself from emotional, almost compulsive type reactions that may result in emotional languishment.  These techniques have helped me tremendously. I hope they will help you as well.

Importance of Awareness

First and foremost, it is important to be AWARE that you are even carrying around these toxic, limiting emotions.  Not everyone is tuned into themselves this way.  With awareness, comes acknowledgement that there is problem to be resolved.

Seven Ways to Increase Your Self-Awareness

1. Daily meditation:  Even short durations of 5-10 minutes will be fruitful.  Choose those mediation types and times that are suitable to you.

2. A daily practice of awareness and mindfulness of your emotional state

 The level of comfort of your physical body is a great indicator of your emotional health.  If you are constantly holding LV emotional energy, you will feel it in your such common stress areas as the neck, back, jaw or as headaches and migraines.

3. Quieten or lessen your monkey mind, i.e. self-talk, mind chatter:  Learn to listen to your thoughts instead of creating more of them.  This can be quite revelatory! This practice helps to still the mind.

4. Ask for help telepathically:  This can be with your Higher Self, Source, etheric Guides and/or Angels.  Pray for for guidance and understanding.  These are powerful channels of communication.

5. Dream analysis:  Our subconscious mind speaks to us through our dream time.  Many times, this is through pictures, symbols and images.  Our sleep state is a fertile time to expose key learnings for ourselves.  

6. Specific meditations or regressions for your current life or past life (lives):  This may help to bring powerful understandings to your current emotional life experiences.

7. Psychic readings from a reputable professional:  One type of reading is an Akashic records readings. 

Emotional Self-Healing

The following exercise should help to create a more balanced view & “reality” of your life situations or relationships.  This exercise frames the situation at hand from three different angles. This shifts it from an erratic, emotional reaction to a more rational, neutral response.  This process promotes an emotional release to move on in your life.

A 7 Step Emotional Self-Healing Technique

1) Notice immediately when you feel at dis-ease or when your peace has been disrupted.

2) Label exactly what you are feeling.  Be specific.  Make a list and write it down.

3) Put your feelings aside. You may have to calm down first.

4) See it from the other party’s perspective.

5) Label exactly what they may be feeling.  Be specific and fair.  Make a list and write it down.  This helps you to see it from their point of view and can help to create empathy toward the other party.

6) See it from the eyes of your Higher Self, Source or your Angels.  How would a highly evolved being view this situation? 

7) Describe how they would view the situation.  Make a list and write it down.  Be impartial and fair.  This will help to reveal the deeper lessons for you to learn about yourself and/or the other party for your highest evolution. 

Each one of us incarnates on the Earth with specific, unique lessons to learn for our soul’s growth.  Many times, it is not readily evident what these are.  It is the iteration of our life interactions and life experiences that slowly reveal this over time.

When you understand what it is that your soul wants to learn, this dynamic creates powerful shifts within yourself for emotional self-healing and release.

Your Willingness

An important caveat to all of this is that you must WANT to let go, to move on, for your well-being.  It takes some initiative and intention on your part to help yourself.  If you are not willing to do this, you will stay “stuck” and wallow.

Why You May Not Emotionally Heal

1. The Human Ego:  It acts as a deterrent to self-healing.  It may want to be righteous, prideful and not forgive.  Remember, you practice forgiveness for yourself, as part of your self-care.  It is not necessarily done for the other party involved.  

Becoming more aware of your ego and when it is in play is important.  The earlier exercise I shared on self-awareness will be help you to transcend the harmful aspects of your ego.

2. Playing the “victim” role:  Some people play the “victim” because it gives them a sense of identity.  This may be a role they have assumed for years.  It acts like crutch and puts the blame outside of our self.  It prevents us from taking control of our lives and making other important soul-searching decisions.  

Some people have legitimate life trauma they have experienced.  This is not to discount valid, real life happenings; However, at some point, we need to pull up our britches and let go!

In Conclusion

Remember, anytime you are “stuck” emotionally, this impedes your energetic health and consequentially your physical health.  In addition, it stunts your spiritual growth and evolution.  It affects the quality of your life.  It prevents you from being the best you!  We are on this Earth to live lives of love, health, peace and joy.  We are not here to suffer throughout our entire life. 

Take the initial steps now to liberate yourself from these harmful emotions that you created.  You have this power to shift this and release.  The sooner the better!  Lastly, when you emotionally heal yourself, you help to heal the world because all is interconnected. 




Detach, Awaken!

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