Living Your Divinity

With Cindy Paulos (Wailuku, Hawaii)

Your Relationship With God


What is your relationship with God?

To answer that question you would also need to ask yourself

What God is to you

What is your relationship with yourself?

And what is your relationship with others?

For me God is the source of all. For all of life is animated with a single source from creation. Every atom that we are is alive because of that energy.

And since God is alive in everyone and everything we realize that we have that resource in us to connect to the God within us.

Take a moment to ponder the power that is right there within us to tap into.

We have access to an unlimited supply of light and love. So it is natural to wish to use this light and this love to feed our heart and soul. To merge with it to become one with it.

I have found it is a blissful way to start everyday to be bathed in this pure energy that we can tap into through by connecting to our soul as we look within the silence.

So every morning before dawn I get up and go into meditation. There are always teachings or a message I find there. So I write down whatever message comes to me after meditation.

Here’s the interesting part of this relationship with God.

We have been asked to not just love God, but if we are to love God we were asked by the Master to love others as He loves us.

This is the hard part! To love others unconditionally. How do we to get past our judgments, our hurts and disappointments. Perhaps by having that example of unconditional love to inspire us.

To make it even more interesting we really can’t love others unless we can love ourselves. So when we see all of our weaknesses, all those parts of us that have been living in the shadows within, we must shine a light on them and free them to love.

When you have been sitting in meditation you see all of who you are, all of the foibles, all of the insecurities, all of the fears surface when you are still in the soul.

So these glaring parts of yourself cannot hide in the darkness when the clear light of God shines upon you.

So there is this process of purification, forgiveness, understanding and compassion that you find you must embrace to really love your self. This in itself can be a lifelong process.

To help you along this path is your experiences in life and all of the pure reflections you see there to teach you what you need to learn. So if perchance you have not seen the issues within that need work, your life will most definitely bring those issues forth in your relationship with others.

Thank God you can always go within and find the light, love and resource to give you the power you need to so that you can find comfort when life’s lessons get difficult.

So after all of this learning it comes to that by loving God, you then must learn to love your self and serve others and love the God in them too.

This process has been going on with me for fifty years in this lifetime, and I have no idea of how long it might have been going on in the other life’s I’ve had. I am sure there have been quite few. For it is a very long and winding road that we walk upon.

And always we have this inner connection we can call upon. This God within us that is there for us to learn from so that we may continue to grow. So we may continue to love and to see the infinite power of light at work here on Earth.

There are so many blessings that come from this path we are on. So we say thank you God. And we do what we can do to serve with light and love.

I have always used writing as a way to share the messages that come to me in meditation. Here are a few I wish to share with you.

Our Real relationship with God

Our relationship with God is perhaps the most intimate relationship

We can possibly have.

For God is alive there deep within us.

God is there in in every breath we take

God is the living energy that blesses us

With unconditional love that accepts us

and forgives all of our mistakes we make.

How is this possible? How can it be so?

We might not even wish this power to be known

because we might not want to reveal what’s in our souls.

Yet if we turn away from God

we turn away from the love we need to find

how to live our live and learn

what we need to accomplish our goals.

And if we are to serve the Master

we’re told, and I believe this is true

Then we really must learn to love others as He did

And see the Good within their souls too.

For it’s pretty easy to love God

For he gives us each breathe of life

Yet when life brings us challenges

It seems we always question if God is right.

Yet this is our playing field that we created to share

And God was never meant to be the one

Who referees what we built to learn from here.

So we seek the spirit to give us courage and Faith

And we seek love and understanding

To do the best we can do in this life

And though it may be hard to let the ego go

There are such rewards when we serve love

And use forgiveness to learn and grow.

And we can always remember

Those words that were said so long ago

“I am there with you til the end of time”

and I’m sure glad s that was promise made

so I can embrace that love given

when I go inside and to find

the comfort, peace and love and light inside


Experience God 



Experience God

In this precious time

you’ve been given here on earth.

Experience God’s gifts

That allow you to ask to

Understand All of the Mysteries of the Universe.

And Gives you the Key.

The door is there for you to Unlock with Christ’s Love.

For the earthly senses are limited

And Christ’s love holds a universal vibration

that allows you to Experience God.

In an Infinite Dimension of Light.

It is a Universe that is so beyond the Conscious mind

That only God’s Consciousness could Comprehend its meaning.

So come to me and open your Heart to Love.

And experience God through my love.

Come and open your Mind

To a universe that is ancient beyond words

And eternally radiating the force

 that God’s Energy carries.

Experience the Absolute,

The perfect birth of the infinite at work.

And bring this experience with a humble

heart to your life, to your breath, to your being.

To your dedication and devotion

Understanding how far we have come to the Birth of a new dimension

Of being that can be brought to life

Through the experience of God.

And if you understand you may see

how we are all part of the evolution of the Way.

And if you allow me to open the door for you to this Love

God has given you and to the Light I am

You may experience God.

A prayer to be a channel of Light and Love


Father Mother God

And Master who is the source of the one light

Allow me to be a channel

To bring words of wisdom to this life

Let me clearly hear

What is the truth so I may be

Able to share the love and inspiration

That is present when I am in tune with thee

May the visions that are  so exquisite

Be expressed in ways that people can see

The absolute beauty of Creation in the cosmos

available when we Go within and just be

Holy of Holies, speak to me

And let your voice be heard

in all the sounds that uplifts us

with the echoes of the music of the spheres

Let me be a chalice

Of that sweet nectar so divine

to bring forth the essence of the love

that holds such a grace to find

and may the inspiration that comes

guide me to live the way

to walk my talk in my life

and live as a reflection of you love each day

Master and beloved

You hold the sacred key

To open up my heart and soul

To the power of your blessed energy

May your love be present,

And may my words ring true

So I reach the God in all

And fulfill my purpose I came to do

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