Living Your Divinity

With Cindy Paulos (Wailuku, Hawaii)

The Heart of Service


On any spiritual path, we come to a point when we discover how important service is. There is this still, small, voice that whispers within all of us, asking us to share and give back what we can. There are millions of ways to share our gifts with others.  Some choose to give a tithe, some start non-profits, some go to third world countries to work with those in need.

            The path of service is based on an understanding of the true heart of compassion. We all are in truth one. When we really grasp that, we see when we give to others, we are giving to ourselves.

            When I was in my teens I had an experience with God that changed my life.  I reached a place and a great unconditional love that is alive within all of creation. When you experience the love and light of God, it is so powerful that all you can do is wish to serve and give back some of that love you receive. God's love and light tends to change everything.


            In the beginning you just want to be with your beloved. The bliss is so intoxicating that it becomes addictive. You want to spend all of your time in the sacred silence and just stay high. But you know in time you have to go back to the earth plane and do what you can do to help others here. I always allow myself time in the morning to meditate. I almost always write down what comes to after I’ve finished meditating.

            For me, writing has been my form of service. I to try to share and inspire with the words I give, but no matter how hard I try to write all the words and capture of what God is, it seems to always fall short. I have written three books about the light and love of God.

            The first was Put A Little Light in Your Life, which shared ways of sending and receiving energy. Then I wrote The Travel Angel Handbook, a guide to reduce the Stress of Air Travel. The last book I wrote was Angel Blessings, Messages from Heaven.

            I realized somewhere along the way, that people do not read a lot of poetry or, as I like to call my work, messages. I found that if you add music to words, that it could be more inspiring and easier to listen to. So I have released three CD’s. The first was There is a Forever, inspired by messages and music channeled by my mother after her passing. The next CD was Practicing Aloha. It featured music about the wonderful Aloha Spirit and had some of Maui’s best musicians signing my words and songs. The last I did was Angel Blessings, Benefitting Hospice.

 cindy 2           I have begun to also be aware you need to serve people where the greatest need is. There is such great need in the world, and there are many choices about what you can do. I had experienced domestic violence and abuse in my early years, so I want to give hope to those who are suffering with fear. So now I'm writing and publishing words about domestic violence and abuse, called Arise Above Abuse, Artists Speak out for Women. It will be released this year and will be talking about real experiences with domestic Violence and abuse. This CD has brought out a different voice, and I have been guided to speak my truth fearlessly. Many of the poems I wrote for it are autobiographical. I found that as I reached out to other women to help on the project, they had also been through similar experiences.

            I’m finding that telling our story can relate in a different way than just sharing inspirational messages. It may be hard to do, but we are all going through a lot of the same challenges. If we can survive, we can help others to survive and have hope as well. That is why I hope and pray each day I can continue to serve in the best way possible.

            It has occurred to me in time, that the real beauty of service is being able to live with kindness and love. This is the hardest form of service, and probably also the most important thing we can learn.  You can reach up and touch heaven, but if you can’t live with love on Earth, you will find you may have missed the greatest reason for being alive.

-Cindy Paulos

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Thanks for this Cindy. Your story sounds like so many other women I know. Bless you for reaching out to bring hope to those suffering domestic abuse. This is one of those issues that is almost silent sometimes, and its awesome that your involved!...

Thanks for this Cindy. Your story sounds like so many other women I know. Bless you for reaching out to bring hope to those suffering domestic abuse. This is one of those issues that is almost silent sometimes, and its awesome that your involved! This was a great wat to start my sunday readng your words. Thank you!!!

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