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Gnostic Horoscope -June

Pinkham astrologyDuring the month of June the Sun will first transit through the Zodiacal sign of Gemini, and then Cancer. While it's in Gemini the focus will be on the objective intellect, short journeys, siblings and communication of ideas, and when it moves to Cancer the focus will switch to the subjective mind, the home, family and the communication of feelings.


One of my favorite lunation’s, the Sagittarius Full Moon, will occur on the June 2nd. This lunation has been called the Christ Full Moon because of its potential for spiritual revelations and philosophical insights. This is an excellent time to engage in any kind of spiritual work, and it is especially good for receiving guidance from the inner and/or outer guru.    



While the Sun is in Gemini your intellectual mind is likely to be restless. To occupy your mind with new sensory input plan some short journeys, either locally or to another state. Also consider working on those intellectual projects that require more finesse, such as figuring out a puzzle, writing an essay or book, and either giving a lecture or attending one. Your intellect will be especially sharp and creative with ideas when the Sun sextiles Jupiter in Leo on the 8th, and you are likely to have more fun with siblings then. Your mind is likely to bring forth and/or attach itself to some new and innovative ideas when the Sun trines Uranus on the 10th. Consider acquiring or learning about some new technology that day. And on the 16th consider embarking upon a new intellectual venture, short journey and/or spending some quality time with siblings during the New Moon.    

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st. This is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year, when initiations traditionally occur at sacred sites worldwide. The facilitator of these rites is a representative of the Goddess, because Cancer is Her time of the year. Commune with Her on the Solstice; feel Her within you and around you. And pray to Her for the well being of yourself, your family, the Earth, and all humanity. The loving Goddess will always provide.  

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