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Dr. Leana Kriel PhD. specializes in guiding humanity to accept the challenges in life, and use them to authentically evolve into higher states of consciousness. Through her own experiences, as well as her psychology and spiritual degrees, she shows us just how to evolve and exist as our own higher self.

Art- Being Picasso

Spiritualists International Magazine Leana 1Being me, is a very busy space to find yourself in, and honestly, can be quite exhausting at the best of times! No joke, my mind mostly does not switch off, and I cannot always sit still or keep my hands idle. Multi-tasking is a constant in my space, together with planning and preparation, which is at the top of the list. Now doesn’t that sound somewhat obsessive? JSpiritualists International Magazine Leana 2

                                 My mind on a good day

            In knowing my ego, and what it needs to survive, I learned a long time ago that I would have to find alternative ways to nourish my soul. I remember when I first started my journey years ago, that meditating was almost impossible for me.  I could not clear my mind for one minute, let alone longer. Believe me, I tried envisioning, music, focused intention, nature, and everything else that I was recommended to do, and nothing was able to keep this busy mind occupied.


 Spirtualists International Magazine Leana 3           Later, all I was able to do was focus on my breathing, and this assisted my meditation. I was however, not reaching the level of mediation I believed that I needed, and wanted to reach.

            A few years ago, I went through a rather testy time.  One day, I was in a bookstore, and what caught my eye was a puzzle, which I ended up purchasing. When I started to work on the puzzle, I realized that my mind is completely clear, and it was fully focused on finding the correct pieces, and absolutely nothing else. Imagine my surprise when I “accidently” stumbled upon the perfect cure! (You are aware nothing is accidental…right?)

            During this process, I found that I was able to control my mind through different art mediums. Now look, I am no Picasso what so ever, but I like to create easy things that give me pleasure, like coloring mandalas, (even the little ones coloring books if nothing else is available), painting on fabric, sewing, anything else that is creative, and of course writing. So let me clarify, when I focus my mind on these beautiful and creative things, the gateway opens for the light to come in. This is the best time for alignment, or to receive resolutions, and to find answers and healing where needed. I have also learned that once I start a project, to ask that all the necessary work be done wherever needed within my soul. I have also found that once I break from the activity, the information rushes toward my conscious, and I will have the information I needed, and even sometimes information I did not request. I always giggle at the “useless information,” and remind myself that all things are connected.

            Remember, these creative wonders you spend your time on, do not have to consume all of your time. We all have households, and things to keep us busy with, but it is important to take a time out every now and again. My Coloring book of Mandalas are actually in one of my kitchen cupboards, so when I wait for something to cook, or just have n few minutes, I hall it out and color. Believe me when I say, I am in an instant mediation, and best of all, I enjoy it.

            Personally, I believe there is a tiny little bit of Picasso in all of us. Perhaps this is the year for you to start something creative, and see how you are guided through the process, you may be pleasantly surprised.  And just for the record, my husband finds it very funny when I color my children’s projects. So when anyone in your space laughs at you for attempting anything creative, you know what, laugh with them and carry on being creative. The benefit is actually for everyone, because believe it or not, being creative manages your stress as well.

            FYI, if you are so very blessed to have a talent in the Arts, please pursue your talent. It will connect you to your core self, and will align you with your calling and blessing within. I personally believe it is our responsibility to use the gifts we were given. For me, there are fewer things that make me as warm and fuzzy as viewing someone else’s Art. This is a drawing I found on facebook earlier this week.Spiritualists International Magazine Leana 4 by Duane Venter, an absolutely amazing Wildlife Artist!

            So creativity through the arts is my way of meditation. And in closing, please remember that you are able to do anything and be anyone. Know that you are WORTHY and WORTH IT always and forever.

With love and blessings,

Spiritual Leana 5Dr Leana Kriel.


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I just love your words Leana. This article is so spot on. And I agree, there is an artist in all of us. ;);)

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