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sedona1Soaring in the vastness of infinite blue sky of Arizona you feel streams of fragrant air caressing your body. This sweet aroma of pine needles, butterscotch of ponderosa and wild flowers is so relaxing and soothing. It makes you want to inhale deeper to make sure you enjoy every aspect of it. Breathe. The birds are singing, celebrating a happy beginning of a new sunny day. Feel their joy spinning in cheerful chirping all around you. Magic is everywhere: faces of red rocks, spectacular views, vibrant greenery of various cactus plants, diverse and fascinating flora of high desert. Ahh, Welcome to Sedona, the spiritual Mecca of North America!

This beautiful jewel is so dear to millions of visitors and truly has a special place in their hearts. You may wonder, why? Without a question, Sedona can easily win anyone's heart with its beauty alone but it is not just about breathtaking views. It has much more to offer. What is it then?

If you look into nearest history, you will find many legends about this special land. Significant for many Native American tribes, Sedona has been a sacred ceremonial ground. Itwas recognized for its powerful energy and greatly revered as a place to connect deeper to the wisdom of the Earth, our dear Gaia. Even Edgar Casey mentioned that Sedona was once a place where priests of Lemuria and Atlantis came together to do special ceremonies and to deeper connect to their hearts.  They chose this part of our planet for a reason. Back then people were more attuned to subtle energies and could see them easily, especially when it came to priesthood. Indeed, the land that shelters our beloved town of Sedona is so abundant in powerful vortexes – healing energy currents that come in and out of the ground. These currents or EMFs have different qualities that can be utilized for various purposes. Interestingly enough, our physical bodies are the best tools to measure their potency so far. 

sedona44Thousands of people visiting Sedona have amazing spiritual experiences of different kinds. Some subconsciously come here to heal wounds of the heart while others come to recall and integrate knowledge of the past, "accidentally" visiting ancient ceremonial cites. You simply recognize a certain place and it may be as familiar as a street where you grew up. It can be a bit confusing at first but, as you tune in into it more, it begins to make sense.

This is exactly what happened to me when I first visited Sedona. I recalled a past life when I was a Native American woman living in this area. It came as a complete surprise – I had not expected that at all. I visited a place in Sedona where I had lived long ago; every rock was my friend there. Can you imagine discovering such a place where you can sit and integrate your past and present? That experience filled my heart with so much sweetness and love – it felt like I returned home after a long journey. Gladly, we had a guide who could help me understand what was going on. 

Sedona's power spots are all over the area. Some of them are well-known while others are not, and yet they are not any less powerful.

Sedona 3Back in the days shamans practiced space traveling on a regular basis. Star gates and portals they used are still here. Today they are guarded by native spirits. Some of them are willing to share their wisdom with those whose intentions are based on love and deep respect for Great Spirit, ever present in everything. I find it really fascinating about this land that it truly helps you step beyond your limiting beliefs and ideas, see and feel Divine presence everywhere, have your whole being fill up with deep gratitude and appreciation – the more I get to know it, the more I fall in love with Sedona!

Our company, One Tribe Tours, offers spiritual tours in and around Sedona.  We love to combine Native American wisdom with Kundalini Yoga technology, other metaphysical modalities, and latest scientific information. Every tour is tailored to our clients’ interests to ensure they gain the most benefit out of it and will be able to integrate the powerful energies. We humbly rely on our inner guidance when deciding which places our guests should be taken to and hold space for our clients to help them relax, let go, heal, surrender into their experience, and dissolve in the infinite love of Great Spirit. We see over and over that Sedona is a great place for new beginnings, new chapters in people’s lives that have more meaning, more awareness, and more oneness. She is a place where everything helps you integrate spiritual and physical, bridging the gap between realities. Our goal and true passion is helping people connect with our Mother Earth more intimately and open up their hearts to Divine presence within themselves and everywhere around.


-Irina Litvin


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Love you passion for Sedona.. Hope to meet you there or here in Hawaii!

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