Living Your Divinity

With Cindy Paulos (Wailuku, Hawaii)

A World Peace Meditation

world peace meditation As we happily extend our inner peace issue into July, Cindy Paulos brings yet another beautifully guided meditation for world peace. One of the continuous messages throughout this inner peace issue is that of the importance of the morning meditation. We invite you to make this beautifully delivered world peace meditation a part of your morning ritual this month. Help create world peace by balancing your inner world before you begin each day of your life. You will come to find that this really works.

            Be certain, that world peace begins at the individual level, and when we begin to feel anger or frustration towards our environment, we inevitable discover a reflecting frustration toward our self. Strive to maintain inner balance and acceptance of self. And through this, bring a new radiating peace into your home and community.

            Be sure to leave your comments directly below with Cindy, as well as check out here personal website for so much more amazing information. 


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Rising Above Hate And Frustration
Radiating Peace

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Seriously one of the est meditations ive heard. What a powerful message and peaceful delivery! Thanx all.:o
Sharing this one for sure.

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o LOVE this meditation. absolutely spectacular stuff her guys. Thanx

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I cant imagine a better message to share with the world today! this was terrific guys. I love the message and the calm delivery.

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Ive heard this so many times now and feel a little guilty for not giving proper thanks. Wonderful work here guys! Always a pleasure sharing your stuff however i can. What a beautiful message for us all. Really

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