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SIM Nature 2016How deeply is the human being really connected to the natural world? Why do we instinctively gravitate to the great outdoors when we seek clarity and inspiration? What forces are actually present within the vast oceans, and unspoiled lands on this earth? It could be said, that many human beings spend a lifetime, never quite realizing their connection with the energies of mother earth, and the cosmic influences of the greater Universe.

            As we enter the month of August 2016, we wanted to take this opportunity to share just how nature shapes not only our thought patterns, but also how it’s energies can actually influence our entire existence. Why is it that the closer we become to the natural world, the more connected we feel with our spirituality? Countless examples of great thinkers throughout our history demonstrate that the natural world has a way of clearing the mind, and nourishing the soul.

            It’s our mission this month to bring you an entirely new and unique understanding of the power of nature.  Many of us understand why we need to be outdoors for our spiritual health, but cannot always find time to get out of the house and into the wild so to speak. For this reason, we will also be bringing you some awesome ways bring nature into your daily life, while still maintaining your busy schedule.

            When we begin to discover just how powerful the forces of nature actually are, we begin to understand our spiritual/energetic connection to it. The planet we walk and sleep upon is an immensely complicated living organism with an energetic body similar to human beings. The earth, just like us, contains an energetic Chakra system, located at various points upon the globe, and operates under the same solar and lunar currents as we do. When we understand how to plug into these energies through outdoor meditations and prayers, we become far more in tune with ourselves, and our purpose upon this earth. Those who have experienced awakening through the forces of nature, have shown us that there is nothing short of a miracle waiting to be discovered out there.

            Join us all month, as we take you deep into nature, and examine just how the natural world can unlock your spiritual growth. Our authors will be providing their insights from all over the world, to help you discover the absolute value of spending time in nature.


-William May


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Wow. That's just so amazing. Good to read the stuff.

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